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Justin froze for a couple of seconds, not believing what was appearing in his perception.

After a couple of seconds, he recovered from his initial shock. He dropped his backpack and dashed toward the one-sided battle.

"What the hell happened?" He shouted.


Bang! Bang!

It turned hundreds of zombies into smitten. The two rings revolve around him, entering the horde of zombies.

Seeing Chloe and Nasir barely breathing, he was stunned. Without further ado, he picked both of them and dashed out of the zombie encampment.

In a couple of seconds, Justin appeared at the top of the adjacent building. Chloe and Nasir had various injuries on their bodies.

Their hair disheveled, blood leaking out from the corner of their mouths. There, low breathing was erratic.

After looking at the two for a couple of seconds, he shook his head and turned to Nika's battle.

"Where the hell do these thingse from?" He murmured, raising his brow. "Hmm, some of them also use weapons! What the fuck! "

Instantly, Justin jumps down from the 6-story building, landing with a boom. He groaned slightly and dashed into the zombies.

Justin released his weapon, sweeping everything in its path. The rings flashed past the zombies like phantoms, turning them into piles of flesh.

In half a minute, all the zombies surrounding Nika were nothing but a pile of bones. Witnessing this, Nika exhaled, bending a little to catch his breath.

A deep cut in his stomach and some flesh wounds on his arms and legs. He raised his head and looked at the killing machine, killing the zombies like they were nothing.

"I guess following him was the right choice." He whispered, wiping out the sweat from his forehead.

"What happened?" Justin asked. However, this doesn't stop him from massacring the zombies. He alone had pushed the zombies a couple of meters while the zombie population was dwindling.

"Everything was going smoothly at the beginning. But that changed a couple of minutes later when some dry zombies appeared.

They were difficult to kill, and also, they don't throw themselves aimlessly at us anymore. They attack collectively, trying to choke the air out of our lungs." Nika paused, taking a deep breath and straightening his back.

"And later, we discover some of them use weapons. More so, killing them has be increasingly difficult. I'm barely able to defend myself against their onslaught. If those freaking zombies are in a large population like the normal zombies, I guess we will be gone before you arrive. "

Hearing this, Justin didn't utter a word. He concentrated on killing the zombies, lost in thought.

After a couple of minutes, he killed the last zombies with a bead of sweat on his forehead. He sighed and said,

"That's why I told you we needed to get stronger as soon as possible. These zombies are evolving. "

Nika gripped his kitchen tightly, clenching his teeth. "Don't worry. We will try our best to get stronger."

"Alright. There are some drugs in the backpack. Go find some that will help Chloe and Nasir—"

Clank! Clank! Clank!

A metal sound echoed in the still environment, sending a chill deep into the bone. A sudden gust of wind blew, and rustling and tingling echoed from everywhere.

Nika shivered. His leg almost turned to jelly. Justin's hair stood straight, his calm expression turning serious.

He released his perception to the limit, listening to the soundsing from the surroundings. While the two rings oscillated over his head.

,m "Nika! Leave now!"

"Y-y-yes," Nika said, nodding his head. He turned and picked after Justin's back, and escaped with his greatest speed.


Clank! Clank! Clank!

From the north of Justin, a being appeared from the back of a building. It was two meters tall, with long dark hair and hollow eyes with red pupils.

It covered its body in torn clothes, showing its bones. Its bones have little to no muscles. Two of the arms in it were two long swords. The sword was crudely made, nothing like the normal sword.

Seeing this, Justin took a deep breath. He brought his weapons to the front, taking a fighting stance.

"A black zombie."

He thought. 'First Circle ready to evolve into the Second Circle'. His left ear stood straight, twitching every few seconds.

The two beings looked at each other for a split second before the black zombies made a strange sound.


At once, the black zombies dashed toward Justin, raising their two weapons in the air.

"Hump!" Justin snorted.

He dashed toward the black zombie. They covered the distance of a couple of tens of meters in a split of seconds.


The two attacks collided together, sending shock waves everywhere and raising a cloud of dust in the sky.

While the rumbling of the building collapsing echoed loudly. Amid the destruction, Justin and the Black zombie took a couple of steps backward.

The Black zombie pupil rolled in its socket. While Justin's hands trembled slightly,

'What the fuck! ' Justin exclaimed in his mind. He took a deep breath and controlled the rings, increasing their oscillating speed.


The rings hum, not visible to the naked eyes anymore. Only the yellowish afterimage could be seen.

Discerning that something was not right. The Black zombie's pupils glowed a fiery red while its bones became darker.


The two pounced on each other furiously.


They were sent flying backward, but none of them rested a second before they started attacking each other. The continuous clash of attacks echoed with great momentum.

Nika, who was a couple of hundred meters from the battlefield, trembled. His mouth was unconsciously ajar, not believing the magnitude of the battle.

Meanwhile, the head collision between Justin and the black zombies bes more deadly as the battle continues.

Justin's clothes were torn while the black zombies had no clothes on their bodies. However, none of them care. They attack each other, destroying everything in their path.


Justin and the Black Zombie flew backward. A red liquid escapes from the corner of Justin's lips.

He licked his lips, tearing the tattered clothes from his body, leaving his upper body bare. The corner of his lips raised a slight bit. He shook his arm, resuming his fighting pose.

"It was either you die or die." He clicked his tongue. "Let's see who will break first."


The black zombie dashed toward Justin at an extreme speed, leaving an afterimage, raising his weapon, ready to hack Justin into two.

Just then, Justin did something unexpected.


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