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The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


"In the world of today, science and technology have advanced in such a way that it has changed our lives. Obviously, no one in the twenty-first century could do without technology. Even a hermit uses technology. However, man is a social being. So we won't be able to live without social interaction. That's—" The female professor squinted her brow and looked in a particular direction.

Instantly, everyone in the class turned their eyes in the direction of the professor. And behold, a young man lays his head on the table, snoring soundlessly. Seeing this, the students rolled their eyes.

They were aware of the student's sleeping. This wasn't his first time. However, what they didn't understand was how he got the nerve to sleep in Miss Freya's class.

"He's gone." A lady whispered, not far from the young man sleeping. A slight giggle echoed not far from the girls. They stared at the young man like a fascinating prey.

"Stand up!" Miss Freyamanded, her voice raised by an octave. Her calm demeanor had disappeared. She frowns, her gaze bouncing from the young man sleeping to the rest of the class.

However, after waiting for a couple of seconds, there wasn't any response. Noticing this, an indistinct voice began to spread through the class.

Miss Freya's face reddened. She snorted lightly. With a large stride, she approached the young man sleeping. She closed her small lips, baring her teeth.

The atmosphere in the classroom became heavy. Everyone's eyes were glued to the scene that was about to unfold. No one dared breathe loudly, whilst some found it difficult to hold their laughter.

"How dare you sleep on me in my class!" Miss Freya yelled, her voice echoing throughout the class.

'If I don't teach this jerk a lesson, I'm not going to teach at this school again.'

Suddenly, the young man jumped. The glass on top of his nose fell to the floor. He looked around aimlessly and shouted. "I'ming. Your order will be served shortly. "


The classroom descended into an abrupt silence. Miss Freya widened her eyes. She looked at the young man with a slight drool beside his mouth and didn't know how to react. After a couple of seconds, the class descended into laughter. The students couldn't control their laughter anymore.

Some were rolling on their chairs, while tears hung at the edges of some students' eyes. Miss Freya didn't care about the students' laughter. She squinted her gaze and looked straight into the young man's eyes.

"Why is your face like this? Are you sick or what? Don't worry? I don't discriminate. What is your order? "I'll bring it over shortly."


Miss Freya jacks backward slightly. She blinked her eyes. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. Furthermore, she opened her mouth, but the word stuck in her throat. Meanwhile, the class was in a frenzy.

Previously, some students were still scared of Miss Freya. So they didn't laugh, but only smiled. However, right now, no one cares. Everyone busted laughing.

After a couple of seconds, the young man had recovered from his dream. He looked at the surroundings. 'What the hell is going on?' The young man scratched the back of his head and wondered why everyone was laughing. Shortly, everything dawns on him. He widened his eyes.

"Get out!" Miss Freya shouted. This was the first time this happened to her.

"Ma, hmm... I--"

"I said, get out." She furiously yelled. If a look could kill, the young man would have been struck by Miss Freya's piercing gaze.

Hearing the ear-piercing yell, the young man shuddered and took a couple of steps backward from Miss Freya. Without further ado, he scrambled to the other side, trying to make his way out. However, he barely took three steps before he almost tripped.

Seeing this, the calming class burst into laughter again. "Justin, your glass." A guy whispered, looking at Justine with a stiff smile. Hearing this, Justin froze. Oh, shit! I forgot my glasses. "

He stumbled back quickly, using his hand to search for his glasses. Getting his glasses, he put them on in a jiffy.

Then, he saw the situation in the class. He took a cursory glance at the professor and sighed silently.

"I'm done." He lowered his head and walked out of the class. Reaching the exit, he heard Miss Freya's icy voice. "Don't just go out. I want you at the dean's office. "

Hearing this, Justin sighed and shook his head. 'I guess this will be the end.' He walked lifelessly toward the deacon's office. He tried and tried to stay focused in class. However, his body system wouldn't allow it. He was just too exhausted to listen to any rambling from the lecturer.

"Why must I always have that icy professor on the first day of the week?" Justine grumbled and kicked the nearby waste bin.

"Wait a minute." He gasped and quickly returned the waste bin to its previous position. Without wasting any seconds, he left the corridor in a large stride. After walking for a couple of minutes, he stopped in front of the dean's office.

'Should I knock or not?' He raised his hand to knock, but stopped halfway. "No, I should wait for that cold professor before I enter." After a couple of seconds, he shook his head.

'No. No. If I wait for that professor toe, I will literally be buried by her. Let me enter first, and try to salvage the situation. ' With this thought, a satisfying smile appeared on Justine's face.

Without further ado, Justine knocked on the door. He took a deep breath and waited. He soothed his hair, tapping his foot. Suddenly, a husky voice came from inside.

"Who's that?"

Hearing the voice, Justine took a deep breath, rubbing off the bead of sweat, and said slowly. "Sir, I'm Justin, a social science student from year two. Miss Freya asked me to meet her here. "

Completing his sentence, he adjusted the rim of his glasses.

After a couple of seconds, the husky voice echoed once again. "Is Miss Freya there with you?"

"No, sir."


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