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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 198 The Insidious Plan

Chloe nodded and touched the armor, feeling the level of forging. She was a forger and knew the in and out of blacksmithing. Thus, she was shocked by the most complex intricacies of the armor.

'The technique of the book of knowledge is far ahead of human forging.' She sighed in awe.

"I'll inscribe two runes on it. Strengthen runes and deflection runes. Bringing it to withstand a low-level third circle or third-grade attack."

It was not only the forging of the department that was developing at a rapid pace but every aspect of the ark was seeing rapid improvement. The creation of currency boosts the zeal of the people. Meanwhile, a group of people was finding it difficult to blend into the rapid improvement.

At the unmarked zone, Mack, Robert, and other loyal people to them sit around their bunk with unsightly expressions.

"What do you think is going on?" Robert asked, looking at Mack.

"With money, humans tend to bring out their best." Mack sighed and looked at the face of the unmarked. To be fair, they didn't have it easier living on the ark as being unmarked made them ostracized by other marked people. Even the ordinary common with any power look down on the powerful unmarked. Since it was a law that killing and fighting were not tolerated on the ark. Thus, their contribution wasn't up to the normal marked contribution points.

"What should we do?" Robert asked as he couldn't withstand the nepotism going on inside the ark.

"We can do nothing."


The men and women looked at each other with aggrieved expressions. How could they endure such unfairness? They gnashed their teeth and looked at each other when a voice echoed from their makeshift radio station.

"Attention, people of Genesis. We're now entering the Raining Region. All security teams are advised to be on alert. Be well. God bless Genesis." The sweet voice of the announcer came from the speakers.


"I can't take this any longer. We risk our lives to protect the ordinary people but what we do we get in return." A middle-aged man in his late thirties shouted, banging the bed furiously. "This…."

He pointed at the unkempt area in disgust as his chest rose and fell. Everyone in the group was furious as they felt the same way as the middle-aged man.

"We are going to do something about it…. It can't continue like this." Robert's vein twitched on his forehead as he tried to maintain a calm expression while his heart was burning like a raging inferno.

"Where is William?" Mack asked out of the blue.

Robert's eyes turned bloodshot gritting his teeth. "I don't know how he did it but he was now working under that chatterbox – Nasir."

Mack widened his eyes when he heard William was working under Nasir. He looked at the face of the others to confirm Robert wasn't joking. However, when he saw their unsightly expressions. He knew it was true.

"That asshole ditches us and supports them." A woman said in annoyance. "How could he forget what we passed through before we arrived here with Isla? He is such a traitor. When Isla was alive, she was all over her like a loyal dog. But now…."

It took Mack a couple of seconds to recover from his initial shock. 'That idiot has supported Susan in their wicked act. Don't worry, we will make you pay.' Suddenly, a sharp glint appeared deep in his eyes and beckoned the group to move closer. Quickly, he whispered his plan to them with an evil smile crept up his face.

"Do you think this plan would work…" Robert asked with a skeptical look. "A-and I don't think we should go to such lengths because of their…."

"Are you going to chicken out or not? If you want to live like their slaves for the rest of your life. That's good by me." Mack snapped, glaring at the face of others.

"I'm not chickening out. But where would we find all the people required for the plan to succeed?" Robert asked.

"Leave that to me. All of you should be ready when I give you the signal. This ark would be ours if we all play our roles and we will put everything in the right order."

"Alright… We wait for your signal."

The gloomy atmosphere turned bright as a bright smile appeared on their faces as they couldn't wait to start the operation.

"Brother Mac…." A sweet childish voice came from the other side of the room as the door slid open and a kid appeared with a slight frown on her face. "Everyone is waiting for you in the training room. What are you doing here?" Although her voice was childish and her frown expression made cute and adorable, nevertheless, the power radiating under her skin made everyone respect her and dare not look down on her. Besides, everyone knew how the king doted on her.

A fake smile appeared on Mack's face as he stood up and approached Lola. "You don't need to worry. I'm discussing some strategies with Robert. That's why I didn't come on time."

"What strategy? Can you tell me?" She blinked her big bright eyes, waiting for him to tell her the strategy.

"Of course, I will tell my beautiful Lola. Let's return to the training room while I tell you on the way."

"Fine. Fine." She hopped forward happily as she couldn't wait to hear the strategy. Anything that deals with killing the beast and monster piques her interest instantaneously. Suddenly, she halted on her track and turned back.

"What about them? Are they not going to join us?"

The atmosphere inside the room froze as everyone held their breath subconsciously, not knowing what to say. Robert recovered quickly and a forceful smile appeared on his face. "Of course, we are coming. We will be right behind you. We just need to meditate on the powerful strategy shared by Mack with us."


"Yes." 𝒾𝚗𝚗𝐫𝐞𝐚𝗱.co𝚖

"Alright, I'll be waiting for you in the training room with your thoughts on the strategy." With that, she sauntered out of the room with an innocent smile on her face.


The group relieved their pent of breath and wiped the bead of sweat from their forehead. What a troublesome child. They thought.

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