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Noticing the disappearance of Justin. Nika's brow furrowed, but he remained calm. He watched the ongoing battle with a pensive gaze.

"These zombies are getting difficult to deal with." He shook his head. Justin is right if we keep on hiding inside the cafeteria. Sooner or later, we will meet our doom. "

Meanwhile, Justin appeared before a dilapidated 7-story building. His ear twitched, and a slight frown appeared on his face.

He raised his head, after thinking for a momentum. He rushed forward toward the source of the sound. His movement was swift, in a matter of seconds. He arrived at the top floor.


Justin took a couple of steps back. His mouth was ajar. If I don't have this perception ability, I would have been injured by the attack. ' He shook his head and entered the room. Immediately, a black, blurry object attacks Justin.

However, this time around, He was more prepared. He sent out a powerful punch toward the iing object.


The object bounces back, revealing itself. A giant black cat mews, taking a couple of steps backward. Its deep blue eyes looked at Justine with some wariness.

The two entities exchanged glances for a few seconds, making no sound. Swiss! Suddenly, the black cat attacks Justin.


Justin was astounded by the speed of the cat. He could barely capture the path of the cat. Without further ado, Justine quickly sends a powerful punch toward the cat.

Yet, as the punch was about to connect with the cat, It twisted his body, avoiding Justin's punch by an inch.

Its claw grew longer, going for Justin's neck. Justin's hair stood straight, with a thought. The two rings flew out of his arm, defending the claw in the nick of time.


Justin took a couple of steps backward while a bead of sweat dropped from his forehead. He took a deep breath and stared at the black cat with seriousness.

"I almost died there." He exhaled. 'Now, I have learned my lesson. I shouldn't underestimate any beast again.'

The cat walked around Justin like a predator aiming for its prey. It never leaves Justin's body.


A yellowish line appeared in the air, appearing in front of the black in a split of seconds. At the sudden attack, the cat twisted his big body and nimbly avoided the attack.

"What a sharp reflex!"


The cat furiously attacks Justin while the black fur on its body turns into a shade of blue.

Suddenly, three black cats appeared at the same time, attacking Justin on all three sides. Seeing this, Justin raised his eyebrows. Quickly, he created a sound barrier around himself.


The three cats hit the barrier and bounced back. However, before the cats could regain themselves from the rebound from the barrier, A yellowish object appeared before it and...


The big cats hit the wall and turned it into a smitten. He mewed in pain, wriggling on the floor. Its blue eyes looked at Justin with hatred. It turned its eyes from Justin, preparing to escape. But would Justin allow it to escape?

The second ring appeared before the black cats, sending a slight vibration to the surrounding area. The cat's eyes widened in fear. It tried to avoid the attack, but it was nuts.


The ring sends the cat flying, destroying half of the big room. Blood flowed out of its mouth, its forehead split into two, and all the innards flew out. Its big eyes looked at Justin and mewed for the last time. Deader than dead.

Just then, a sound came from the far angle of the room.


Justin shifted his head in the direction of the sound, retrieving his ring and returning it to his arms.

"Come out, I mean no harm."

After a couple of seconds, a haggard lady stumbles out from behind the shelf. A trace of blood hung at the corner of her mouth.

Her clothes were disheveled. Many cuts appeared on her arms and chest. Her face was pale. She stood still, looking at Justin with some wariness.

"How do you kill that cat?" The lady asked with some apprehension. She knew how fearsome that black cat was, but it was easily dealt with by Justin.

"What do you mean by how do I kill it? Do you want to kill me? "He questioned

Hearing this, the lady shook her head vigorously. "I'm just surprised that all. "

"What are you doing here?" Justin inquired, using his perception to search the room.

"I came here for some drugs. But who would have known I would encounter that scary beast? " She grumbled.

"Oh!" Justin raised his brow. since, he didn't venture much around the campus. He only knew his department and the admin section. Every other place was as good as new to him.

"Do you find the drugs?"

"No, but I guess it's behind this door. Due to my injury, I can't use my strength to open the door. "

Without further ado, Justin and I walked toward the door. Noticing the strong steel door, he stopped a couple of meters from the door and sent a powerful punch toward it.


The steel door couldn't withstand the single punch and flew a couple of feet backward.

Seeing this, the lady's jaw dropped. She froze on the spot. Only when she heard the call of Justin did she wake up from her stupor.

She opened her mouth a couple of times to talk, but no word came out. While the girl was not idle, Justin quickly began to place all the various medicines in the room inside his backpack.

'Now, with these drugs, treating some slight injuries won't be a problem.'

"I think we are done here." The lady looks at Justin.

"Yes, It's time for us to go our separate ways. "

"I'm Merab. It was a pleasure meeting you."

When Justin returned to his group, what he saw left his mouth ajar.

"What the hell!"


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