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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 18 Vacation Is Over

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. Promise yourself, to be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.


Isla had never been this shocked in his life. However, as a lady from a prominent family. And more so, with her innate ability. She recovered from her shock and smiled. She faced the crowd.

This is just the beginning. But I assure you, we'd secure what is ours. " Isla announced confidently. With that, she left the scene.

"What is he? Are we going to allow him to have the third floor for himself?" A voice asked.

"Yes, for now," Isla answered without turning back.

A day later.

The atmosphere in the cafeteria has be gloomy since the previous confrontation between Justin and the Royal. While some tried to start an uprising against the Royals, However, they were instantly beaten into a stupor.

Thus, the people realized that it wasn't that the Royals were amodating or peaceful. It was just that their opponent was extremely powerful. How powerful was Justin? No one knows.

The first floor turned into themon area, the second floor turned into the royal domain, and the third floor was the domain of a single individual.

"Justin, what are we going to do with the issue of food?" Chloe asked.

Justin sat calmly on the couch and looked at the three in front of him with his lips twisted.

Hearing no response from Justin for a few seconds, the three looked at each other with the corners of their eyes. They knew he was lost in thought. And they need not be disturbed.

"When you three decided to follow me, what did you expect? " Justine said after a couple of minutes.

Nika took a deep breath and said slowly. "We expect nothing. But we know following you will give us the tendencies of staying alive longer… And may be more. "

"Now let me be blunt with you..." Justin adjusts his seating position. "Following me means strength determines everything. If you want to sit on my shoulder and enjoy thefort of my labor, Sorry to burst your burble. That won't happen. Perhaps I may kill you myself when the timees. "

Discerning the seriousness in Justin's voice. The three swallow the lumps in their throats. Their backs were drenched in cold when they heard he would kill them.

However, seeing no expression on Justin's face, they knew he was very serious.

"The danger out there is something we can'tprehend. And with every passing day, those beasts, and zombies are getting stronger. While humans are also getting stronger by the minute, you must be ready to face death and escape… Are you ready for it? "

All three took a deep breath. They wipe the ball of sweats off their foreheads. Seeing the slight fear in their eyes. Justin was happy.

The information he wanted to pass across to them was effective. However, he doesn't have the time for them to digest his word. He asked.

"What's your level?" he faced Nika and asked.

Nika didn't show any surprise and answered calmly. "Threads... But I'm unable to awaken my innate abilities. However, if I wanted to proceed without waiting to awaken my abilities, I need 100 threads. "

Hearing this, Chloe and Nasir widen their eyes. They looked at Nika with their mouths ajar. Seeing the expressions of the duo, Justin shook his head. "What about you two?"

Instantly, the two recovered from the initial shock. Chloe answered first.

"6 Thread."

"4 Thread."

Hearing this, Justin squinted his brow and said, "You two need to kill more zombies to level up as fast as possible. Nika, you don't need to wait for your innate ability, you needed to level up quickly."

Justin stood and looked at the three with a smile that wasn't a smile. "Vacation is over. Let's go hunting."


The three gasped, not believing what they had just heard. However, Justin didn't wait for the three. He was already leaving when the three when heard his voice.

"Chloe and Nika find yourselves a weapon. Probably a knife from the kitchen."

Seeing Justin and his group descending from the third floor, every student's eyes were on them. No one dared breathe or talk.

Only their eyes were moving in their sockets. The students made way for Justin and his group.

When they finally left the cafeteria, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The mental pressureing from Justin made the crow fail to breathe.

"So, they finally left the building." Isla said, looking at the young man in front of her, smiling.

"Yes." The young man nodded, smiling foolishly.

"Well done. You can return."

After the young man left, Isla faced the others in the room. "Let's begin."

Meanwhile, Justin and his group were moving quietly between rows of buildings while they were looking at their surroundings with seriousness.

It was early morning, and the dew had yet to dry. However, the cool morning breeze was nowhere to be found. Everywhere was chilly, sending shivers to the bones.


A horde of zombies rushed out of the nearest building, dashing toward Justin. Seeing this, Justin furrowed. 'I knew it. They have be more powerful. I need to level up fast. '

"Chloe, Nasir deals with them. Nika and I will secure the environment."

Chloe and Nasir took a deep breath. Nasir was obviously trembling. While Chloe was a little better. She grinds her teeth and dashes forward toward the zombies. It's either now or never.

Bang! Bang!

Seeing Chloe fighting the zombies. Nasir clenched her fist and dashed forward, not to be outdone by Chloe.

,m Sweat was pouring down from both Chloe and Nasir's foreheads like an open dam. Their breathing was erratic, their chests moving up and down.

On top of a building, Justin released his perception. His ears stood straight, monitoring every sounding from the 100-meter radius.

"Something is there,"

He confirmed as he turned to his east. Without further ado, Justin leaped from the building and dashed to the location at breakneck speed.


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