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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 16 Let My Fist Do The Talking

Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirm their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.



The door to the inner room opened slightly, then opened wide. Thus, a young man came out of the room but froze in his step. 'What the fuck! ' he thought.

In front of him, a group of people stared at him with wide eyes. The room was in total silence. No one knew who cleared their throat, waking them from their stupor.

Recovering from their shock, the people look at each other, not understanding what to do. However, before the people could realize what was going on, an excited voice shouted.

"You see… I told you nothing would happen to him... Humph! I know nothing would happen to you." Nasir announced smugly.

Chloe and Nika looked at each other and rolled their eyes at Nasir's shamelessness. When did this idiot tell them he would be OK? He was the one that freaked them out the most.

Nika sighed and looked at the young man by the door with a conflicted expression. Perhaps he wasn't aware of the conflicted expression on his face. While only looking at the young man, and smiled lightly.

"Please, leave. We are having an important discussion. " Robert announced arrogantly. Being one of the Royals. He didn't put anyone in his face.

Immediately, everyone turned their eyes toward the young man. They had witnessed how unreasonable this young man was on the first day.

Isla, with her enchanting smile, looked at the young man with some interest, while William, the third of the Royals, looked at the young man with no expression on his face.

The young man, who was obviously Justin, looked at the group with no expression on his face. At first, the group of people surprised him.

But he quickly realized some things. However, since it doesn't affect him, He didn't care... With that thought, He left the group without uttering a word.

It surprised the people by Justin leaving without uttering a word. Robert snorted. While Nika and his group were astounded at first, they quickly regained theirposure. Without further ado, Chloe chased after Justin. Seeing this it infuriated the Royals and some people.

"Where the hell are you going?" Robert shouted. "If you leave, forget having any access to this building. You can as well leave the building, never to return. " He added boldly.

Nika and Nasir looked at each other with a bitter smile. But they wanted to refute this arrogant prick.

However, his power has been noticed in the past couple of days. No one had the strength to contend with him.

Despite the threatening words from Robert, Chloe didn't falter or look back. She dashed out of the third floor. Despite, Justin was walking with a casual step. Chloe found it difficult to catch up with him.

"Are you following her steps?" Isla smiled.

"Of course. Do you give us a choice in the first place? Humph! " Nasir snorted, turning back and preparing to leave.

"They gave everyone a chance. You just need to contribute to this gathering. " Eli, the professor, said.

"You can keep your hypocritical pep talk to yourself. " With that, Nasir left, not bothering about Nika's decision.

"I guess I will have nothing to talk about." Nika announced, following Nasir.

Isla was shaking her head when Robert opened his mouth to talk. The group looked at the departed Nika like fools. Despite the ever-smiling Isla, the disdain in her eyes couldn't be more obvious.

"We can't let this continue... Other people would join them... And... " Kelly announced it slowly while her gaze shifted from one person to another.

"Who said this was going to continue?" Isla turned to Kelly and showed her bright set of teeth. Despite being a woman, the enchanting smile mesmerized Kelly.

She had to swallow the lumps in her throat, averting her eyes from Isla's bewitching eyes. She panicked. 'How could this lady be this beautiful?'

"So, what are we doing?" Eli asked. Even though he was the oldest and should have had the highest authority in the meeting. But the reality was that he was perhaps the weakest in the room.

"You just watch!"

Meanwhile, Justin was moving toward the kitchen in a long stride. He had long noticed Chloe following him. But he didn't care.

However, when he arrived at the kitchen, He frowned, seeing some people guarding the entrance. Despite this, he didn't stop walking.

"What are you doing here? This is a restricted area. " A robust young man said with a menacing gaze.

Hearing this, Justin halted his step and looked at the ten or so people around him like an idiot. Just then, Chloe caught on to him. "How can you move so quickly?" she asked in a raspy voice.

"Don't tell me it what I'm thinking." Justin inquired, not looking at her.

"Like you've guessed, they've put some type of system in place. We can only eat at a certain time. Also, the quota of our food differs." Chloe responded.

"When did all this start?"

"Two days ago,"

"Hmm, I guess the population of the cafeteria has increased, right?"


"I see." Justin nodded and said, "Make way, let me pass." Though he understood why this system was put in place. That won't stop him from eating.

"Are you deaf or what?" Owen shouted.

'I guess this measly authority has clouded your thinking. ' Without further ado, Justin dashed toward Owen. Owen only saw a flash of afterimage before everything in his surroundings turned upside down. He became dizzy and everything went blank.


He sent Owen flying, crashing into the wall. A slight trace of blood appeared at the edge of his lips. No one knew whether he was dead or alive. The corridor was silent, like a graveyard.

No one dared breath loudly. Their eyes rolled in their sockets, looking at Justin with trepidation. What the fuck? How can you attack someone just like that? They thought.

Just then, Nasir and Nika arrived on the scene and smiled wryly. "As expected of him." Nasir grinned. Chloe glanced at the other two, and a wide smile appeared on their faces.

Without further ado, Justin stepped into the kitchen like a king. While Chloe and the rest follow her, grinning. Meanwhile, the students guarding the entrance didn't let out a sound. Anytime, their eyes caught the unconscious sight of Owen and they shuddered.


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