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"What do you think happen to him." Nasir whispered to Chloe while chewing some dry meats.

Seating across him, Chloe raised her head slightly and looked at the top floor and shook her head slightly. "I don't know." She sighed, and looked at Nika.

Feeling Chloe gaze. Nika avert his gaze from the group of people not too far from them. "I can't say." He looked at Chloe then Nasir and whispered.

"We have more pressing issue than him…" he rolled his eyes, turning to the not too far group staring at them.

"Things are getting moreplicated here. We need to be prepared." He said with some apprehension.

"Prepared for what…" Nasir furrowed, swallowing the last piece of meat.

"Must you be told everything." Chloe snickered. "Food in the cafeteria are diminishing at a rapid rate. Now, The Royals are trying to control people's ration…"

"So, if we don't join them. We won't have any food to eat. Do you get…" Nika concluded, looking straight into Nasir eyes with seriousness.

"Yeah." He nodded, turning his head to looked at the group of students walking back and fort like some guard. "Just two days… and everything had to turn to this." Nasir shook his head.

"That's to be expected." Nika sighed. "Though, I expect something of this to happen. But I didn't expect it would be this quick."

"Since the Royal are involved. What do you think?" Chloe adjusted the rim of her glass. "The question is… should we join them or not."

Hearing this, everyone took a deep breath and became quiet. This a one-million-dollar question.

The three stared at each other before averting their gaze. Everyone was lost in their thought. Suddenly, a cold arrogant echoed behind them.

"You three,e here." A young man with a butcher knife in his right hand stared at the three. Behind him, there were two other students. A lady and a young man. Both had a steel pole in their hands.

Listening to the cold, arrogant voice. Nika frown, he raised his head with some dissatisfaction and stood up. "What do you want?" He asked coldly.

"What do you mean, what do we want.?" The lady snickered. "You have been eaten free food for the pass two days without contributing anything. What are you… a young scion or what?"

"Are you telling me we don't have the right to eat food from the university cafeteria again… Hmm. Are you insane or what?" Nika's voice raised an octave while he clenched the big kitchen knife beside his waist.

"Are you stupid or what?" The cold, arrogant man snorted. "Do you think this is the university you know. Idiot. Look around, everyone is trying to survive. So if you're still thinking, you're still in the university of the old. Man, wake up from your dream. Now…" His eyes darted from Nika to Chloe and Nasir.

"You need to contribute to the survival of this group. Else…"

"Else. What!" Nasir shouted. He stood up, glaring at the young man.

"You would be chased out of the building." The quiet young man behind the arrogant young man said as a matter of fact.

The expression on his face didn't change. He looked at Nasir as if he was a fool.

The conversation had gathered the attention of everyone in the hall. They looked at themotion with some interest.

While some people were slightly surprise, not expecting, Nika and his friend could go against this strong man. More also, these students are acting wantonly. This was under the instruction of the Royals.

"You can try?" Nika retorted, veins protruding from his forehead. While Nasir and Chloe move closer to him, holding their steel pole.

"Oh! Because of your measly strength. You think you're something. Then let me burst your bubble." The cold arrogant brought his butcher knife forward, preparing to attack.

Besides, the two students behind him were also prepared. Just then, a mesmerizing voice echoed from their left.

"What are you trying to do?" Isla asked with a bewitching smile.

Meanwhile, Justine had just wake up from his long sleep. He stretched his body and a light crack echoed in the small room.

He looked at his hand and a satisfying smile appeared on his face. 'I know my healing capability had increased. But I didn't know it would be this fast.' He nodded his head.

"Let see what change in my stat." He relaxed his back on the couch and stared at his stared stats.

Name: Justin GreenLake.

Thread: 200/200 (Upgradeable)

Circle: First (To reach the second Circle. You need è 1.] Kill two First level Circle being. 2.] Kill a single Second Level being.)

-- First Upgrade achieved. (Kill two First Level Circle being. 1/2)

Sound: (Level> Physical.) (Radius: 50 meter)

Rings. 2 (level> Small Success.)

[Skill Unlocked]

- Skills: Sound Annihilation (Level > Novice)

[Hidden Stat Unlocked.]

Endurance: 20.


After staring at his stats for a couple of seconds, a slight frown appeared on his face. 'From ten thread to 200. What the hell!' He shouted in his mind. He took a deep breath, and stared at the Circle.

"So when I level up the thread. Then I level up the Circle." He furrowed and clicked his tongue.

"Shit! This stat is unreasonable. Kill two First Level Circle being." He grumbled, but when he caught sight of Kill Second Level being.

He almost puked out blood. Justin widened his eyes, not blinking for a couple of seconds. Sighed. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

'It good I have killed one out of two.' He nodded.

"So my ring have attained small success. Hmm. Sound Annihilation is now added to my stats."

He chuckled and rubbed his temple and murmured. "Now, endurance." He looked at the ceiling.

Though everything was in total darkness with his eyes. But his innate abilities worked far better than his eyes.

Everything appeared in his mind. He just needed to concentrate to where he wanted to see.

"This is going to be fun." He smiled, twisting his lips.


"What happening."


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