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Nasir opened his mouth to say his usual monologue when he was interrupted by themotioning from his left.

"Who dares to stand in the way of this daddy, expressing his feelings about this piece of shit?" He turned his head. And behold, his jaw dropped.

A long elongated, flowing brown hair and deep-set green eyes. Long eyelashes, an oval face, and small round lips.

In a brown V-neck top and tight-fitting jeans, an enchanting smile spread all over her face, making everything pale inparison to it.

Two young attractive men with charismatic faces stood beside her. The young man on the right was holding two short daggers, while the one on the left held a broad sword.

Behind them were a couple of people holding different weapons with varying degrees of injuries.

"T-The-R-Royals," Nasir stuttered, dropping the poles in his hand, trembling.

Nasir wasn't the only one who was taken aback. Chloe and Nika had their mouths ajar.

Nika and Nasir's eyes were glued to the fairy in front of them, forgetting to close their mouths, while Chloe's eyes reddened, looking at the two handsome young men in awe.

,m Meanwhile, Justin didn't have any expression on his face. He was lost in thought. No one could guess what he was thinking.

His left ear twitched slightly. He clenched his fist, ready to punch the door.

"Why did you close the door?" A melodious voice echoed.

A hypnotic fragrance drifted into Justin's nose. His nose twitched slightly, but he had no expression on his face.

His gaze was fixed on the window, waiting patiently for the people to open the door, while his patient was already running dry. Ready to explode.

Standing a couple of feet from Justin, Isla glanced at Justin before turning to face the student inside the cafeteria with a beautiful smile on her enchanting face.

A voice echoed arrogantly, behind Isla before he came closer to her.

"What are they doing? Did they think this school belonged to them? Hmm?"

The people outside moved closer to the entrance and began to murmur.

However, the students were petrified of seeing the Royals.

Three Royals! At once!

The students knew that things were not as simple as before since the royals had appeared. If they opened the door, they would have to answer to the Royals.

Thus, who is going to bear the wrath of the three Royals?


The entrance shook vehemently. Everywhere was quiet. Everyone took a deep breath while only the ball in their socket moved in a particular direction.

They rolled their eyes... Is this guy insane!? They all thought.


Another powerful punch resounded through the surrounding area.

The door shook vehemently. However, only a slight crack appeared on the wall, and the door stood intact.

"If you destroy the door, then we have no place to hide. And I believe you don't want it? " Isla's charming voice echoed.

The dreamy smile never left her face, looking at a particular young man.

However, the young man didn't show any expression on his face. This young man was Justin.

He positioned himself for another round of punches, while his gaze was firmly fixed on the door.

'You think you can still be selfish in these trying times? I have enough of that.'

A young man with a haughty look stepped forward, trying to stop the insane young man from destroying the entrance, but was stopped by Isla.

Meanwhile, the people inside were already terrified. They looked at each other's faces for a split second before a young man rushed toward the door, shouting.

"Hell! Better let them in and then, we can sort everything out after that. "


Just as Justin wanted to send the third punch. The big entrance door opened.

There stood a young man with an awkward smile on his face. Seeing this, Justin entered the cafeteria without uttering a word.

Justin didn't care about the gaze directed at him. He went directly to the kitchen on the first floor.

A slight frown appeared on his face. He searched the kitchen for a few seconds, but couldn't see what he was looking for.


Justin's lip twitched. He rubbed his belly and increased his pace. He left the first floor and walked toward the second floor.

The decoration on the second floor was top-notchpared to the first floor. Besides, the seating arrangement was different.

Seeing this, he shook his head and entered the kitchen. Upon noticing the kitchen was still somehow intact, only slight destruction appeared on the table and the wall.

He opened an inner room and found a lot of food. He noticed human activity in the room and sighed lightly. 'I guess I'm not the only one hungry. '

Without further ado, he pounced on the food in earnest. After eating his fill, he rubbed his tummy and left the kitchen.


His ears twitched, but his face had no expression. Now, I need to find a secluded place. He raised his fist and shook his head.

His hand had been injured. All the outer layer of skin peeled off. He saw the bone ligament and whispered.

"I don't know why I haven't fainted or something. But... ah! It was painful as hell. " He exhaled, getting to the top floor.

"Wow! I guess this is for the special students. " He shakes his head for the umpteenth time.

"Am I really a student?" He wondered aloud.

The third floor was not an open floor. There are many cubicles with sophisticated chairs and tables.

The interior decoration and the materials used on the third floor could make a student like Justin regreting to school.

At the extreme end of the building, an isolated door caught his attention. Quickly, he walked toward the room in a large stride.


He opened the door and behold, he froze. Everything in the room glitters. From the floor to the biggest thing, it was far ahead from those outsides.

The airing from the room was refreshing, with some special fragrance. After a couple of minutes, Justin exhaled slowly.

"This wealthy student knew how to enjoy their lives."

"Now, this would be my abode." He grinned and sat down on the soft cushion at the center.

This change may not be bad after all! His eyes twitched, blinked twice, and everything descended into darkness.

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