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When you lost sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart. Sometimes, it takes a wrong turn to get to the right place.


Justine gathered the two rings and injected more power into them. While the circle on its head shrinks, it glows brightly.

The rings hummed, vibrating, sending a pulse to the surrounding area. Feeling the dreadful vibrationing from its head. The spider increased its speed.


"Sound Annihilation"

At the sound of Justin's words, the atmosphere became still and soundless. Only the sounding from the rings hums continuously.

The sound echoed deep within every living organism, making their hearts beat. No one knew how the rings traveled.

Only to hear, "BANG!"

The still atmosphere was jotted alive. The land shook, the air trembled.

Waves spread in the atmosphere, shattering everything in their path while animals in the vicinity became dizzy.

The house like spider froze. It blinked its enormous eyes twice, stumbled back and forth. The purple light dimmed. It tried to make another sound.

But the sound was inaudible. Only a whisper came from its mouth.

Thud! It fell.

The shock waves and its long legs destroyed the building in front of it, sending a cloud of dust into the sky.

When the dust settled, a young man with a pale face walked out of it. His clothes had been turned into pieces while his hands were trembling.

Meanwhile, the brain of the spider had turned smitten. All the innards flow out in a yellow liquid.

With a trembling leg, Justin squinted his brow and looked at the stats popping out in front of him.

"This doesn't happen when I kill those zombies. What's now? "

His head was fuzzy. However, he couldn't let down his guard.

He dragged his exhausted body toward the cafeteria, hoping... hoping he wouldn't encounter another beast.


Name: Justin GreenLake.

Thread: 200/200 (Upgradeable)

Circle: First (To reach the Second Circle. You need: 1.] Kill two First level Circle being. 2.] Kill a single Second Level being.)

-- First Upgrade achieved. (Kill two First Level Circle being. 1/2)

Sound: (Level> Physical.) (Radius: 50 meters).

Rings: 2 (level> Small Success.)

[Skill Unlocked]

- Skills: Sound Annihilations (Level > Novice)

[Hidden Stat Unlocked.]

Endurance: 20.


Justine took a cursory look at his stats, but he didn't have the joy of marveling at the new upgrade to his stats.

His left ear twitched slightly. A frown appeared on his face. He took a deep breath, increasing his speed.

"Don't tell me he killed that enormous spider". With his mouth ajar, Nasir whispered to Chloe.

However, Chloe didn't bat an eye at him. She fixed her gaze on Justin. She wanted to rush forward and assist him. However, Nika stopped her.

"We don't know what hides in those buildings. Rushing out like a headless chicken will do more harm than good. " Nika whispered while the shock was written all over his face.

'I knew it. Following him was the right decision.' He twisted his lips, holding his weapon close to his heart.

'Now, I have reached the 10th thread. I need to awaken my innate ability. And if I can't awaken my innate ability, I will go with the second option. But I don't believe I can't wake up with my innate ability. ' He inhaled deeply, not hearing the call from Nasir.

"What's wrong with him?" Nasir raised his brow, looking at Chloe.

"If you ask me, whom would I ask? " Chloe retorted, not looking at the ever-talking Nasir.

His never-stopping mouth had almost talked her to death. She had wondered many times how a guy could talk and not stop for a single moment.

"What are you doing here?" Justin asked, stopping in front of the three. The three hide in the balcony's shadow at the right corner of an almost destroyed building.

Hearing Justin's question, Nika woke from his thoughts and his mouth was ajar. It took him a couple of minutes to recover from his initial shock.

"We need to wait for you. Even though we couldn't help you in that fight. But this is the least we can do. " Nika spoke slowly. Hearing this, Nasir and Chloe nodded.

"If not for the spider being too strong, I would have assisted you. Chopping one or two of its legs won't be a problem for me, right? "

Nasir smiled, looking left and right, asking no one in particular.

Hearing Nasir's shameless words, Nika almost puked out blood. Chloe rolled her eyes and shook her head.

While Justine cast a glance at Nasir and gazed into the distance, their destination.

"Let's go." Without waiting for the others, Justin saunters forward in large steps.

"Can I assist you?" Chloe whispered.

"Don't worry."

Hearing this, Chloe was slightly dejected. However, she quickly put it out of her mind, gripping the steel pole.

Her gaze was fixed on the back of the young man, who looked ordinary while not being ordinary. A splint of glow appeared in her eyes for a few brief seconds before disappearing.

After walking for a couple of minutes, they saw the cafeteria in front of them. A sigh of relief came from Justin.

During the short walk, He had been on guard. He knew something was locked in the darkness, monitoring their every movement.

? But after a few minutes, that feeling disappeared, as if it had never happened. Nevertheless, he didn't feel relaxed.

"Look! Some students areing." A young man inside the cafeteria pointed out.

"What should we do?" A voice asked.

"Of course, we're going to open the door."

"But what if they were already bitten?" A voice asked with concern.

The cafeteria descended into an abrupt silence. The students inside the cafeteria looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Bang! Bang!

"Open the door!" Nika shouted furiously.

Justin stood in front of the door with a slight frown on his face while his thoughts conflicted.

'If they don't open the door in one minute, hmm! I don't mind teaching these fools some lessons. '

Nasir opened his mouth to spew out his usual when he was interrupted by themotioning from their left.

"Who dares to stand in the way of this daddy expressing his feelings about those pieces of shit?" He turned his head. And behold, his jaw dropped.

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