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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 12 Sound Annihilation

I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.


A gigantic spider, five times the size of the other spiders, moved slowly toward Justin. However, every one of its legs covers an enormous distance.

On its head, a purple-striped marking appeared, reaching its bottom. Its big purple eyes and black pupils gaze firmly at Justin.


An indistinct sound came from the enormous spider, and immediately, all the smaller spiders retreated. Watching this, Nika and the others breathe a sigh of relief.

"What do you think? Those scoundrels fear us, right? " Nasir announced, shaking his long steel pole with a confident smile. He looked at the frozen Chloe, wondering why she was shivering.

"Are you that scared of spiders...? Tsk. " patting his chest, raising his chest outward.

"You don't need to be scared. With me here, those mother fuckers will have to face my rod. " He waves his rod, smiling foolishly.

"It sometimes takes me a while to get the hang of it. But I got it after all. My blood is pumping... Why are you not talking? What are you pointing at? More spiders, hmm? I'll kill—"

Nasir follows Chloe's hand directions while the confident smile still hangs on his face.

Behold, when he saw the enormous house like a spider, he shivered, his mouth ajar, swallowing the lumps in his throat. His leg turned to jelly.

"Ancestor spider... Don't mind the ramblings of this foolish one. " He took a couple of steps backward, his back drenched in cold sweats.

"Retreat! " Justinmanded. His two rings oscillated swiftly on top of his head.

Thus, without being told twice, Nika, and the others retreated quickly. Meanwhile, Justin's gaze never left the house like a spider.

The lustering from the shell of the spider was shiny and brilliant. This was the greatest threat he had ever faced since the beginning of the destruction.



Justin only had a slight sounding from his left. His innate ability could not pick up what wasing. But he didn't need to wait to find out.

Swiftly, he responded. He sent one ring toward the iing attack. While the other goes after the giant spider.

Bang! Bang!

The cloud of dust raised in the sky while the tremors from the two attacks rendered the chemistry half destroyed.

The clinking of metals and other objects echoed unceasingly. Meanwhile, Justine and the spider took a couple of steps backward.

"Hmm!" Justin shook his head. He steadied his feet, glaring at the spider. "Bring it on." The glow in his eyes shines brightly.


Two other attacks came rushing toward Justin from both angles. Picking up the vibrationing from the attack, Justin didn't dilly dally; he rushed forward.

Unknown to him, a golden circle appeared right on top of his head.

When the two attacked, he was a couple of inches away. Justine send the rings hitting the ground, while the propelling force sent him up in the sky.

Avoiding the sharp foot of the spider, he appeared in the proximity of the spider. He waves his hand back and forth, generating a swirl of wind.

Bang! Bang!

Tens of rings of attack hit the spider in a blink of seconds. Shriek! The spider cried in agony, retreating quickly.

However, how would Justin allow that? He rushed forward, closing the distance, sending attack after attack.

The purple eyes of the spider be darker while the purple stripe on its body shines brightly. Four of its legs attacked Justin furiously.

Listening to the vibration, a slight frown appeared on his face. Without further ado, he brought the rings to defend both his left and right, dashing forward to meet the iing attack.

Following the sounding from the spider's feet, he jumped upward, twisting his body to avoid the first attack.

While the other assault was aimed at his chest. Still, in the air, Justin rolled twice while the attack scraped past his body. As he landed, beads of sweat fell from his head.

However, it didn't care. Another rain attack wasing. When Justin switched strategies, the two rings appeared around him at an unfathomable speed.

At once, a swirl of wind echoed, raising dust in the sky. He dashed forward under the protection of the force field.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under the torrential attacking from both sides, Justin's face paled. The light in his eyes continued to glow.

A whistle of wind rushed toward the spider at a breath-taking speed, catching the spider off guard.


The spider trembled. It rolled its gigantic eyes, shaking its colossal body from dizziness.


The spider went berserk! It attacked Justin from all sides. Justine defended the attack with the force field. The overwhelming attack did not cease toe.


Justine groaned. A slight trace of blood appeared at the corner of his lips. He licked his lips, looking at the spider for an opening.

"I got you!" Immediately, Justine discards his defense. He attacked two feet of the spider. Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, two of the attacks wereing straight at him. Justine didn't dodge the attack. He sidesteps, punching the spider.

Twisting his body by half, he sent the second punch to the other spider's feet. Bang! Bang! The spider trembled while Justin's skin shed off, blood gushing out from his hand.

However, I didn't notice all this. He rushed forward, controlling his weapon, bringing it to his side.


He hit the ring on the ground, sending him up and reaching halfway through the spider. His feet tap the sides of spider legs, propelling him upward.


Justin landed on top of the spider. Noticing this, the spider shook its body vehemently.

Justin shook but maintained his footing. Without further ado, he attacked the brain of the spider with everything he got.



The spider cried in agony. It shook its body, trying to force him back. But to no avail. Justin continued to attack it.

The spider got dizzy. Its eyes caught the building near the chemistry lab. Without further ado, it rushed forward with its long legs.

"Futile effort," Justin smirked.

Justine gathered the two rings and injected more power into them. While the circle on its head shrinks, it glows brightly.

The rings hummed, vibrating, sending a pulse to the surrounding area. It felt the dreadful vibrationing from its head.

The spider increased its speed. Its long legs dug into the ground at a rapid speed, covering an enormous distance.


"Sound Annihilation"

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