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"Hey! Hey! "Nika shouted.

"What!" Justin snapped.

"I've been calling you for a while, but you never answered. We need to rescue Chloe. Those spiders are only a couple of meters away from her. It's now or never. " Nika announced, nervously.

? Since he couldn't see with his eyes and with the sounding from the surroundings, He could perfectly understand the state of things. Should I save her or not? Shaking his head left and right,

"Fuck it!" He shouted. "Let's save her." He announced, moving swiftly toward Chloe.

Hearing this, Nika sighed in relief. He quickly rushed after Justin, holding his kitchen knife close to his chest.

"Nika! My right flank, Nasir, at the back. " Justinemanded, not looking at the two.

At once, Nasir rushed forward, not daring to waste a moment. Seeing Justin rushing toward her, Chloe exhaled slowly.

However, the enormous tremoring from her back made my heart pound. With the corner of her eyes. She realized the spiders were closer than she imagined.

Watching the sharp legs of the spider rush toward her with breathtaking speed. Each sharp foot of the spider dug deep into the sand. Every dig of the sharp feet was going through Chloe's heart. Perspiration filled her head. Her face was ashen.

"Can they make it?"

She raised her head and noticed quite a distance between her and Justin. She sighed and closed her eyes, expecting her imminent death. Should I have stayed with Esme? A bitter smile appeared on her face.

Hence, when the closest gigantic spider sent it speared like feet toward Chloe's back. Something unimaginable happened.

The spider was in the air, probably wondering what it was doing up in the air. Creak! The body broke into two pieces and all the innards fell to the ground. At once, the atmosphere was still.

The enormous spiders were frozen in their movement. Their big black eyes with a single dot lookup in the sky, wondering what the hell just happened.

Chloe raised her head and opened her eyes wide. Her jaw slackened, shivering. While Nika and Nasir couldn't register what they saw in their brains, they blinked twice, looked at each other, and then turned to Justin.

Yet, it was only to see him rushing toward Chloe like nothing ever happened.

Sweet Heaven!

Momma Me!

"What the hell are you waiting for? Get your ass moving." Justin shouted.


A sudden cry came from the back of the stream of spiders. The cry makes the bones chill, sending shivers to the core of everyone listening to it. The frozen spider woke up from the stupor and rushed toward Justin like a mad bull.

Nika recovered from his initial shock faster than Nasir, holding his kitchen forward while his eyes darted left and right.

Nevertheless, the previous dumbfounded scene still played in his mind. But when he remembers the sudden shriek, He would regain his alertness, waiting for the spider.


Another spider was sent flying in the sky, following its previous predecessors. With a single hand, Justin lifted Chloe upward while it shredded all the webs into pieces. Bang! He sent another spider flying.

Sweats dripped from Justin's head. His breathing was uneven. However, he seems not to care.

After assisting Chloe to escape the flood of spiders, Justin turns to her. "Can you run!?" Though he was asking, he had dropped her, taking a deep breath.

Seeing this, Chloe wryly smiled on her face. Without talking, she nodded. She took a cursory glance at Justin and gripped the steel pole. 'Now, if I die, I don't have any regrets. ' Chloe thought silently in her mind.

"Go for the eyes and then the brain. Avoid their long, sharp legs. " Justin said, not to anyone in particular. He waves his hand in front of his face, creating a circular motion.

Swiftly, a yellow after came from the head of the spider, while a ring of yellow flew out of his hand. The two rings oscillated between each other in front of Justin.

Seeing this, Nika and the others took a deep breath, swallowing the lumps in their throats. They knew Justin was different. But now this is a kind of different.

Nika glances at Justin, but only to see the expressionless face of Justin. He gnashed his teeth. The glow in his eyes glowed.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two rings flew swiftly, leaving an afterimage in the stream of spiders, destroying everything in their path. The destroying capabilities of the rings left the mouths of Nika and rest mouth aghast.

What they witnessed previously was only a single gigantic spider, decimated in a matter of seconds. However, this was another story entirely. In the blink of an eye, it smote tens of spiders.

What kind of power is this?

A single person can only do so-so much. The multitude of gigantic spiders overcrowded Justin from all angles. He dares not let his guard down. This differed from fighting a mindless zombie.

"Something is controlling the spiders." Justin furrowed. Noticing this, without further ado, he made a quick decision. He withdrew a ring, bringing it closer. With this, the defense slackened. The spider rushed toward Nika.

"Here ites," Nika shouted.


Nika avoided the sharp legs of the spider by an inch, sending the kitchen knife straight into the brain of the spider. The spider made an indistinct noise and never stood up again.

On the other hand, Nasir and Chloe were having some difficulty killing their target. Just then... A sudden yell echoed.

"Die." Chloe's long steel pole dug into the eye of the spider.

Meanwhile, all the action happening behind Justin was under his radar. He kept killing the spider while retreating slowly. 'I don't know how far my stats will have increased. I should have checked it in the auditorium. ' He shook his head and sent the nearby spider flying.


Just then, something entered the range of his perception, but it was too fast to capture. Instantly, he responded based on instinct.

The ring guarding him appeared in front of him, oscillating extremely fast, creating a force field. While the ring couldn't be seen anymore, they could see only the slight traces of the yellowish signature.


Justin took a couple of steps backward. His face was pale slightly. He raised his head in the attack's direction and whispered.

"I knew it."


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