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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 1 The Beginning And The End

"Do you think they can subdue these legendary beasts?" A young man with a large spectacle hanging at the tip of his nose asked. While trying to adjust his spectacle, he looked at the person beside him.

"You're new. Watch and learn how mighty these people are." A female voice said confidently.

The air brings the conversation to my hearing. Everything in 1 km from me is under my sound power, noticing the slight buzz from the bees. I looked in the direction of the sound and a light chuckle escaped from my mouth.

How far have wee? I wondered, shaking my head. The cold chilly winds blew to my face, sipping into the pores of my skin, trying to freeze my blood. I exhale a turbid cold air and looked at the colossal beast in front of me. They are the legendary beast hiding in the depth of earth. Now, they are out.

Gra! Gra!

I ignore the howling of the beast and looked around. I reminisce about where I met the young and old people of valor. One of the colossal beasts attacked me with one of its huge legs. The single swings of arms generated a tornado of wind, trying to crush me into mincemeat. I look like an ant in front of the enormous attack. Yet…

I click my tongue. "I wasn't here by mistake."

I wave my hands and ten medium-size golden rings whistle through the battlefield, leaving a golden trail. Imand the rings with the waves of my hands. And the rings form a shield around.


The strong colossal hand hit the rings and bounce back, creating enormous shock waves. The shock waves spread throughout the battlefield, forcing other battles to be on hold. I sense the various gaze on my body like an x-ray sensor. I shrugged; I'm used to it. Perhaps, I somewhat like it.

The Klemon took a step back. Its skeletal head with a medium-length horn on the forehead, twoplex vivid green eyes, no ears, no nose, and a short snort. It has a thick neck, and its shoulders are narrow. It has a tubular torso.

Four strong legs that end in pincers and no tail. The Klemon's body was covered in a strong overbearing skin, dark blue, dark gray, deep red, dull blue, and straw.

It makes an enormous cry. All the lesser beasts coward in fear. The color on its body glowed. While the other four colossal beasts looked at the Klemon in disdain.


An enormous pressure pressed on me from nowhere. My blood boiled. The heavy dark armor on my body shook vehemently, but that's all. This little vibration means nothing to me.

I raised my head and looked at the Klemon. But I can barely see its head. It was just too big. Suddenly, the Klemon attacked me with it his horn. The air vibrate and the land trembled. Cracks appeared on the surface of the earth.

"Commander, the path has been cleared." An excited voice came from the radio, hanging on my shoulder.

"Oh! So fast." I muttered. "Boys, let's end the show."

I rush toward the Klemon's attack with the ten rings oscillating around me. I jumped forward, high enough to see its skeletal head. Furthermore, I send one of my rings toward its head. A whistling sound echoed on the battlefield, proclaiming my battle has begun.


The Klemon retreated. Its enormous body shook. I won't let you go. I swing my hand and four rings flew toward the enemy. They surrounded the colossal beast from all sides.

"Sound Annihilation - Fatality," I shouted.


The five rings drilled into the Klemon skin like it was nothing. Blood fell like an open dam. The Klemon skin flayed every second. The Klemon cried in agony. Its cries reverberated in the skull of other people like a sledgehammer. But it did not affect me. It struggles for a moment, hitting its enormous body on the ground, rolling, trying to force out the rings.


After a couple of seconds, the Klemon lay in a pool of blood and flesh, leaving only its skeletons. I snorted and waves my hand. The five rings return with no traces of blood. I landed on the ground and stared at the four other colossal beasts.

"We'vee so far. Nothing is going to stop us."

The four colossal beasts stared at me for a moment. One of the colossal beasts makes a cry in the air and took off into the air. The other looked at each other and makes an indistinct sound. The three turn their back and retreated into the large expanse of ice planes.


I let out a sigh of relief. A smile appeared on my face. 'We won.' I turned and looked at the thousands of brave men and women, shouting for joy. 'I know this is not the end. More ising. But we have nothing to fear.'

"What are you thinking." An enchanting voice came from my right.

I don't need to turn to know who it was. Imanded my weapons, and they returned to my arm. I turn to face her. Her deep blue eyes captivated my soul. My heart miss a beat. I laughed and approached her.

"Nothing much. Just happy" I snaked around her slim succulent waist. Gush! I can't have enough of these.

"Do you realize we are outside? Besides, have you forgotten about the others.?" She asked with a gorgeous smile on her beautiful small purple lips, not pushing my arms away.

"I know. But seeing you hypnotize my soul. If I don't touch you—"

"If you two are done. We can leave, right?" Another female pouted.

Hmm! Hmm!

I cleared my throat and turned. I saw four young ladies, dressed in light shiny armor, glaring at me. The armor adds beauty and charm to their slim enchanting body. Dang it! How could I forget they are still on the battlefield.

"Where are the others. Has everyone retreated?" I asked with a wry smile.

"Yes. Everyone is inside"

"Let go?" I said with a straight face.

I heard a chuckle behind. I wanted to pounce on this witch. But I calm my boiling blood and walked toward the long metal beast. It was our ark. The only safe zone on earth. It was 2 km long, containing 1000 cars.

I stop at the entrance of the ark and allow all my wives to enter. I touch the ark, feeling the cold hard steel, and I looked at the sky, and reminisce.

"How did we get here?"


AN: Thank you for reading my book. English is not my first language, probably the third. So, any grammatical mistakes please do inform me. :D

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