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Satoshi"s next matches were all one-sided since most of them forfeited the match. They were well aware that they cannot defeat Hiroshi, much less Satoshi, and they figured that forfeiting the match is for the better. After all, the judges would just judge your performance based on the match, if you don"t have any records in the matches, they would then check your background to see if you"re good enough to be in the school or not. Needless to say, these high schoolers have a passable superpower that they didn"t bother getting a bad record by losing against Satoshi.

Because of that, Satoshi gained more popularity as he rose through the ranks. Before he knew it, he was already in the top eight and he"d be fighting against the other high schoolers who already had a name for themselves. It was getting a bit problematic as well since most of the opponents already realized what his superpower is— or rather, what it looks like. A majority of them assumed that Satoshi has the ability to control metal at will, and they were half-right about it.

"And for the quarterfinals match, please welcome, Midoriyama Satoshi!"The commentator screamed at the top of his lungs even though he was already using a mic at full volume. Because of his irresponsibility a while ago (he wasn"t commentating at all), the school personnel decided to call on another commentator to accompany him, giving them more opportunity to talk.

"Midoriyama Satoshi, the kid who made a name for himself for not having a superpower. But now he has one! Isn"t that surprising?"

"Yes! It is indeed very surprising. Do you think he did that to make a successful debut in high school?"

"That may be the case, yes. And now that you mentioned it, a lot of students in the past have tried doing what Satoshi did, but it backfired for them. Satoshi must"ve been planning this debut for years!"

"Yes, but I think this would be his last match. His opponent is none other than Yukino Shiroi, nicknamed the Ice Queen! At such a young age, the people had already given her a name fitting for a superhero. She"s one of the most popular high schoolers out there."

"She has the potential to control the weather or something, right? Just like that famous comic superhero Storm."

"That"s right, but not only that, she mainly controls Ice, making her one of the most powerful high schoolers out there. I heard she got to the top ten rankings of the most promising high schooler superheroes."

"She"ll definitely make it big someday. What a powerful superpower!"

As the commentators started talking about the two, Shiroi and Satoshi met in the middle of the arena. In the past, there were multiple times when Shiroi would be pitted against him in a friendly match and he would always lose. And now, even though he finally discovered what his superpower is, he knew that he doesn"t stand a chance against his childhood friend. Right now, he was shaking, trying hard not to maintain his composure as the countdown draws to a close.

"Congratulations on getting this far, Satoshi. You"ve done well hiding your true abilities until now." Shiroi sneered as she put her guard up. Although the match hasn"t begun, she was already forming some sort of ice in her hands.

"I told you, there"s an explanation for it. I never intended to hide my superpower from everyone. Look, even my parents had no idea about it. Sigh~ I told you I"ll explain everything to you later." Satoshi simply replied.

"I"m not going to take it easy, Satoshi." Shiroi continued.

"Me neither." Satoshi returned.



"I forfeit!"

"I forfeit!"


The audience gasped and not a single breath came out of their mouth after that. It"s as if time stood still as they stared at the two contestants who both conceded the match simultaneously. They couldn"t believe it! Throughout the history of the USA and their yearly event of hosting a match between their new students, this has never happened before.

"Shiroi! What are you doing?!" Satoshi was on the verge of panicking as he approached Shiroi. "Why are you forfeiting the match! Didn"t you want to get first place? You told me that, right?"

"But... this is your first debut, Satoshi! And after watching your fight against Hiroshi, I know I can"t beat you! Even I can"t beat Hiroshi. His superpower is much more dominant than mine! You know I have to forfeit here."

"I"ve never won a single match against you, Shiroi, you know I"m the one who should be forfeiting!"

"No, you never used your superpower against me even when we were kids. You were holding back all this time. You probably thought that all of us are not worth using your superpower for."

"As I said, it wasn"t my intention to hide my superpower." Satoshi sighed.

Everyone watched in anticipation as the two "lovebirds" started arguing. They didn"t know what would happen in the match since both of the contestants forfeited but they couldn"t help but watch them. Even Satoshi"s parents, who were quietly watching at the uppermost corner of the coliseum was trying so hard to suppress their laughter.

"Dear, you see that? He got that from you." Ayumu giggled as she rested her head on top of her husband.

"You mean from you. Look at him blushing." Tatsuki chuckled as well. Just like everyone else, they were enjoying the scene playing out between their son and his childhood friend.

"Shiroi... from what I can remember, he"s her childhood friend, right? I remember her visiting us a couple of times when they were kids."

"Oh, so our son"s going down that route. That"s pretty good." Tatsuki pretended to cough.

Meanwhile, there was quite a commotion in the principal"s office as two school teachers rushed towards the room. There, they found the principal standing by the window, overlooking the match that"s currently undergoing at the Coliseum.

"Principal! What do we do!" One of the teachers exclaimed.

"Heh, I"ll say we expel that Satoshi kid. He just does whatever he wants without respect for others. What"s the point of hiding his superpower when he"ll use it in the near future? What a dreamer." The other teacher commented. Unlike the first instructor, this teacher looked shabby, with black tattered outfits and eyes with the worst eye bags. "Principal, please expel this Satoshi kid."

"I"m sorry, Shoto-san, but we won"t be expelling those in the top ten. That"s what the traditions of the USA state. And also, there"s a simple solution to this type of problem. Even though it has not occurred once throughout the history of this school, we can easily resolve these types of problems."

"How do we do it, Principal?" The first teacher asked, she was worried that maybe the two will both be expelled but judging from the Principal"s expression, such was not the case.

"Simple, by replaying the footage and seeing who forfeited first." The principal grinned.

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