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Superpowers are ranked based on their usefulness and capability to overpower a villain or an enemy. A support superhero can have a higher rank if his superpower really helps out in team fights. For example, a healer, or a superpower that buffs other superheroes. Whichever it is, its usefulness will enable it to get a higher rank in the SAO. Then there"s the capability to overpower. No matter how strong an opponent is, if a superhero has the "capability to overpower" him no matter the costs, then his rank will rise greatly.

For many years, this ranking was implemented to let the other support superheroes get the same spotlight as the attackers... but what if a superhero had the potential to do both? One that can easily support and attack at any given situation?

Of course, he will be regarded as a talented superhero. It"s not every day one would encounter such an overpowering figure.

That"s exactly what Tayokama Hiroshi is. Despite his shabby and normal appearance befitting a normal kid, everyone knows that he"s one of the most talented high schoolers out there. Ever since his debut at the age of six, he was regarded as the superhero that would change how superheroes are viewed.

And yet, for some reason, he was put in a match against one of the weakest high schoolers in the world— Midoriyama Satoshi, an insult to the world of superheroes.

"How could the son of the two most powerful superheroes not have any superpowers? If I were him, I would"ve killed myself a long time ago." Hiroshi clicked his tongue in contempt in disgust. Just thinking about breathing the same air as this trash was enough to make him feel terrible.

"Midoriyama Satoshi! Son of the Midoriyama duo and an insult to them, why don"t you tap out? It would leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth if I were to mess you up real bad in front of your parents." He called out.

Growing up with one of the most powerful superpowers affected his arrogance as well. Even though he doesn"t really go as far as to bully anyone, he still feels a great sense of pride when seeing someone weaker than him. But deep inside, he really didn"t want to beat Satoshi up, especially not in front of his parents. After all, just like any other aspiring superheroes out there, Hiroshi is a die-hard fan of the Midoriyama duo.

"Sorry, but I"m going to change things up a little bit today." Satoshi lifted his hands up without clenching his fists. If one were to look at him, one would assume that he has a superpower that could shoot out at any time.

"Well, if you really want to go at it, then I guess I won"t mind." Hiroshi brought his arms like Satoshi and braced his legs. "You have all the time to tap out, please don"t make this hard for me. I wouldn"t want your parents seeing you in an injured state."

It all comes down to who strikes who first.

"You a fan? I can get you an autograph if you fervently ask me."

"Gladly, we can arrange that after the match. Or, do you want to tap out right now and get it going right away?"

"BEGIN!" The commentator suddenly shouted as two referees appeared out of nowhere and stood on two sides of the square where the fight will be held.

For the first time in his life, Satoshi felt a sense of thrill and excitement overcoming him. In the previous years, Satoshi would feel like praying in the waiting room before his opponent was announced. Because no matter how physically fit he was, he stood no chance against an indomitable superpower. But now, even though he"s fighting one of the strongest high schooler superheroes, he felt like he stood a chance at winning.

"Magma burst!" Hiroshi shouted.

Suddenly, the entire arena turned into a frightening shade of orange. The ground liquefied and the light tint of orange turned a deep red color. Satoshi could tell that the arena is slowly turning into a mouth of a volcano. If he were to get caught up in it, he would melt in no time.

"You have at least five seconds before you start melting into this domain of magma. Please tap out now, Satoshi, you don"t stand a chance." Hiroshi taunted, but Satoshi just wouldn"t budge.

"Oh, I"m going to tap out, all right. But first, I want you to step on the edge of the arena. Then I"ll do what you ask." Satoshi calmly asked.

"And why would I do that? I don"t know what kind of cards you have up your sleeves but I"m not taking my chances. I"m the only one who can do the negotiations. So? You got two seconds." Hiroshi continued.

The commentator and the audience didn"t even cheer nor shout as they watched the fight. All of them just held their breaths as they keenly watched the accident that would soon follow. As for Satoshi"s parents, they tensed their muscles, ready to jump in the fray the moment something bad happens.

"Two— " Hiroshi continued with the countdown.

"So that didn"t work, huh." Satoshi sighed as he leaped into the air. "I"m sorry, Hiroshi, but I"ll be taking this victory off your feet."

The moment he jumped, countless projectiles launched themselves towards Hiroshi, making him instinctively jump and somersault just so he could avoid the projectiles. However, the projectiles were considerably small that some of them managed to nullify his maneuvers. When Hiroshi paused to take a breath, he saw that most of his appendages were perforated with some sharp object.

And to add to the mental damage, he could see that Satoshi was floating in the air!

"Y-you, were you hiding your superpower all along?" Hiroshi was dumbfounded. Here he was, expecting to snag an easy win from this guy without a superpower, but now, it seemed like he was being overpowered by him.

"Not really, I just had plenty of time to train it." Satoshi bluffed. "I got the higher ground, if you want to leave this arena unscathed, you can tap out at any time. You"re basically a sitting duck while I"m in mid-air. I mean, you can use your fireballs but they won"t hit."

"As if I"d do that!" Hiroshi snapped. "You underestimate my power!"

With the desperation of a raged bull, Hiroshi continuously fired at Satoshi with the accuracy of a sniper. But no matter how much he pinpointed where Satoshi was, he could still dodge the fireballs with ease. Even with the power to change the terrain and the power to deal a lot of damage with his fireballs, he was still outmatched by a floating person who uses some sort of wind superpower that could puncture through his skin.

Even the commentator— who stopped speaking ever since the fight started— had no idea what Satoshi"s superpower is. He just stood idly there, open-mouthedly when he was supposed to be doing his sole job of commentating on the whole scene.

From time to time, the audience would glance at the general direction of where the Midoriyama duo was sitting. No one could describe just how proud they were of their one and only son. Right when they had braced themselves for the worst, their son displayed something that they"ve been wishing for ever since they gave birth to him.

"Honey, can you see it?" Midoriyama Tatsuki exclaimed as he grabbed her wife by the shoulders. "Look!"

"What is it?"

"Under our son"s feet, look at them! Do you see it now? For a moment, I thought our son has a wind-type superpower, but as it turns out, he"s got th power to control metal!"

"My— " Midoriyama Ayumu leaned on her husband"s shoulder as she bawled her eyes out. She didn"t care what her son"s superpower was as long as he had one. Right now, he finally discovered what it is, and she could not get any happier.

The barrage of fireballs relentlessly shot at Satoshi and as seconds passed, he could finally feel the heat of the entire magma-filled arena and the fireballs shooting past him. He was sweating bullets and his breathing turned ragged.

"That all you got, wind boy?" Hiroshi was already running out of air because of the intense magma heat of the surroundings. However, he could tell that he"s close to winning— or not. Every time he shot fireballs at Satoshi, he"d miss. On the other hand, Satoshi"s projectiles were always spot-on.

It didn"t take long before he was already kneeling on the ground with dozens of wounds on his appendages. Apparently, Satoshi was merciful enough to not puncture any of his organs, otherwise, he would"ve been dead.

The reason why Satoshi could float was that he was stepping on the upgraded nailgun. For some reason, he had full control over the nail guns and their "bullets". That"s why he could float all over the place and shoot at 100% accuracy. Satoshi could tell that people were probably thinking about his superpower and he won"t reveal it just yet. Right now, people can conclude that he has some sort of wind superpower, or an ability to control metal— both are still way off-course from his actual superpower.

"I told you to tap out," With a grin, Satoshi called out, provoking his opponent even though he was already close to passing out.

With a swing of his hand, Satoshi fired off a dozen more nails, this time, aiming at the top of Hiroshi"s feet.

The pain of having his feet punctured with a dozen or so nails made him scream in excruciating pain. Adding the agony that came from the wounds that were inflicted by the said nails, Hiroshi couldn"t persist anymore. As his feet crumbled on his weight, he raised his hands and declared his defeat.

"It"s my loss."

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