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A mesmerizing aura of gold and white suddenly erupted from Yun Zhe. His raw power leaked out of his body as he screamed. The energy contained within his tamed beasts was running rampant as he finally prepared one last attack to end the match for good.

The same went for White Mist. Joining Yun Zhe's chorus, White Mist's scream filled the grand stage along with Yun Zhe's warcry. Together, the two of them brought all their cards to the table. There was no turning back. Whoever unleashes a more powerful attack will be the one to bag the trophy. That's all there is to it.

Compared to Yun Zhe, White Mist was enveloped with a grayish aura. Right now, he was utilizing everything he had. A defeat awaited him if he couldn't pull this attack off.

White Mist was already in a pinch (he could barely control his Trinity Beast Integration), but he didn't think about his disadvantages at all. Right now, he was just as fixated on his opponent as how the audience was fixated on the match.



A couple of seconds later, the two of them stopped screaming. They locked eyes with each other as they firmly gripped their weapon of choice. On the one hand, Yun Zhe wielded an ominous-looking staff, courtesy of Jurah and its mastery over psychic abilities. On the other hand, Yun Zhe adjusted his grip on the Primordial Excalibur. He dreaded the thought of his hands slipping as he dealt the final blow to White Mist.

The wind pressure emanating from the two created tornado-like gusts that blew right at the audience. It was just harmless wind. That's why the barrier didn't stop it from seeping through and giving the audience a more engaging experience.

"May the force be with you," White Mist muttered under his breath. He was ready to unleash his do-or-die attack.

"You too." Yun Zhe responded, gritting his teeth.

"No, you're supposed to say it back... you know what, never mind." White Mist shook his head before bringing his hand up. The staff on his hand started glowing, and black smoke oozed out from it.

"See you on the other side." Yun Zhe muttered.

"You too." White Mist returned, wondering why Yun Zhe said another punchline when he was the first to express his.

"No, you're supposed to say it back." Yun Zhe sighed.

After their exchange, Yun Zhe put up the Primordial Sword and planted his feet on the ground. The time has come for their attacks to clash.

Yun Zhe was the first one to move. Straining his ankles, he pressed his foot on the ground, creating yet another crater on the grand stage as he accelerated forward. At the last second, he decided to wear his helmet since his face would embarrassingly contort if he didn't.

As for White Mist, he, too, started charging at Yun Zhe even though he didn't need to. He wanted to act flashy for the hype, so he charged at Yun Zhe.

Yun Zhe screamed.

White Mist screamed.

As soon as they clashed in the middle of the grand stage, a 'grand' explosion occurred, comparable to White Mist's explosion during their tag battle on the fourth round.



"Do you want to be my disciple?"

"Um, no? What are you talking about? Why would I be your Disciple?"

"I know it's weird. But I should have asked your parents first. That said, you didn't have any parents. Fortunately, they permitted me to talk to you directly. Usually, it's not allowed."

"Ouch, thanks for reminding me that I don't have any parents."

"I'm not reminding you anything. I'm just stating the fact. In any case, kid, are you in or not?"

"Me? A disciple? Of course, I'm out. You're probably going to sell me off or something."

"I'm in your dream. How could I sell you if I can't meddle directly in your life? Talking to you is already a stretch as it is. Look, if you want in or out, tell me. But just so you know, once you denied my offer, the other Managers would bug you to no end until you accepted one of us."

"What a pain... so I get to suffer in my dreams as well? Wow, can't I get a break?"

"That's why I'm asking you, are you in or not?"

"I... I'm not sure. If you're talking in my dreams, then that means your legit. Are you a superhero? Are you going to open up an agency and recruit me?"

"Well, based on Earthly standards... yeah, something like that. I'm recruiting powerful children like you who's got the potential to change the world. And then I'll be giving you blessings and stuff. It's more like a buff or a power-up, not really a blessing. I'm not a God."

"But I don't have a superpower. How do you know if I have the potential or not?"

"You were chosen. And it's our duty as Managers to look after you."

"Chosen? For what?"

"To change the world? To save the world? In any case, you were chosen to do good with your superpower. If you don't want that, then just say you're out."

"So if I said yes, I'll be stronger in the future and have the power to save the world? If I work really hard, would I be strong enough to protect everyone?"

"It depends on how much effort you put in. But yes, if you say yes, you'll have the strength to protect those you want to protect. With my guidance, you can even be powerful enough to save the world if it falls in danger. Then again, it's not like a kid like you would understand what I'm talking about."

"I'm old enough. I'm in middle school."

"Sure, kid, so you're in, right?"

White Mist nodded.

"All right, you'll be seeing— wait, no— you'll be seeing more of me from now on. Congratulations, you're now officially my Disciple. The name's Bond, James Bond."

"James Bond? Like the spy?"

"No, James Bond, like the spy."

White Mist could've sworn that the Manager, who called himself James Bond, smiled at him. When he woke up the following day, he was greeted by the Director himself. The reason was that he was one of the few children who hadn't awakened any superpower yet. That's why they'd have to undergo physical training in the morning. Those who had already awakened their superpowers were sent to hero schools so they could further their development there.

This was one of those days when White Mist was more motivated than usual. The dream gave him the drive he needed.

A few days later, he would awaken his superpower as expected.


Back to the present,

It was a long-forgotten memory, and somehow it surfaced just when their attacks collided. Yun Zhe's Primordial Excalibur sword slashes against White Mist's overpowered Curse Beam.


Silence soon followed the explosion as the audience peeled their eyes out to be the first ones to witness who the victor would be. The commentator and Luke Skyrunner directed the drones nearer so they'd be the first ones to announce the results before the audience started screaming.

When the smoke finally cleared, everyone saw White Mist and Yun Zhe still standing. Their clothes were reduced to tattered rags, and there was blood all over their body, but they were both standing. Their beast integration was forcefully deleted, and they were on the verge of losing consciousness.

The only reason they were still standing was that the adrenaline coursing through their bodies had peaked. Also, their willpower was giving them the extra push they needed.

"That was a great fight." White Mist didn't say it to Yun Zhe even though it seemed like it. He said to himself, commending his performance. He did not give up until the end and pulled through even when he was immensely disadvantaged. At the end of the day, he deserved the pat on the back, courtesy of him.

"It was." Yun Zhe breathed heavily as he responded.


With a smile plastered on his face, White Mist gloriously fell on the battlefield. His willpower had run out first, and he lost consciousness. This marked the end of the semifinals, granting the trophy to Yun Zhe who was still standing.

A few seconds later, Yun Zhe's knees gave in as well and he felt a little dizzy due to blood loss. He didn't faint but was on the verge of doing so. By the time the medics arrived at the scene, Yun Zhe couldn't walk anymore, and he had to be escorted out of the grand stage.

"That was a great fight, all right." Yun Zhe smiled to himself. Albeit having his hands on the shoulders of two other people, he still had difficulty walking.

Looking back at the audience, who was still dead silent, he raised his fists in the air— the mark of victory.

This snapped the audience back to the present, and they started screaming while the commentators announced the winner.

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