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When he was thrown to the ground, the first opponent thought that that could very well be the worst thing to happen to him. This was the third round, and he was already beaten to the point where he was on the verge of death. He was still conscious though, so he was confident that he'd be able to outlast Satoshi even when they haven't landed a single blow on him.

With renewed energy, the first opponent got even more fired up than usual, going out of his way to cover his ally while attacking Satoshi mercilessly. He didn't care if he fatally hit Satoshi. In fact, he even used his full power which was unleashed by the boosting pill he took a couple of minutes ago.

There he was, on the edge of losing control over his Dual Beast Integration while his energy was recklessly depleted by the first. Despite the obvious advantages he had over Satoshi, however, he still couldn't catch up to him, much to his despair.

And then what he feared the most happened. In that instant, Satoshi disappeared right when they thought that they had him cornered. He then shoved the first opponent's face into the ground before pinning him. "Wha— wait?! TIME! TIME OUT!"

"I guess it's time to wrap things up," Satoshi muttered to himself. He then used his other hand to fire a point-blank dragon beam at his opponent's face, rendering him unconscious in an instant.

"Eek~!' The second opponent exclaimed as he raised his hands in the air. He didn't want to experience such torture so he decided to just forfeit the match.

Satoshi was about to go all in on attacking the second opponent. But when he realized that he had already forfeited the match, he stopped moving, returning back to their side of the grand stage before commanding Sera to wake up the first opponent.

The first opponent's eyes flashed wide open as soon as he was healed by Sera. With fear in his eyes, he returned with his ally to their side of the stage as he quaked in his boots.

"And the winner of the first match of the third round is... Daidai Shoyo and Midoriyama Satoshi!" The commentator announced.

At the same time, the referee who was standing by the mid-sidelines of the grand stage walked to the center. He then pointed his hand towards Satoshi and Shoyo's group before waving his hand in a gesture that the match was officially over. The entire crowd started cheering and screaming their lungs out while they threw some gifts toward the Grand Stage. While this is a somewhat normal occurrence in the Grand Stage, Satoshi couldn't help but feel a little bit embarrassed since this was his first time receiving such gifts after a match.

Before he walked away, he decided to prompt up Shoyo before bowing towards the audience. It was to show his gratitude for the gifts they threw for them and to portray his respect for their patience. After all, he stalled for time in the match, making it somewhat boring in its initial parts.

"It's over... I survived..." Shoyo muttered some reassurance to himself since he knew he botched the match. He averted his gaze from Satoshi as he heaved a sigh. If only he had been a tad bit stronger, he'd have been able to easily deal with their two opponents while receiving minimal help from Satoshi.

"Don't worry about it. You did well." Satoshi said, patting him on the back before the two of them exited the grand stage. In the end, the two of them won, there was no need to fret over small details and minor mistakes done during the match. For now, what they should be worried about was the coming fourth round which was going to happen the next day.

As they were heading back to their respective waiting rooms, Satoshi caught a familiar face pass by, causing him to whirl around in surprise. At the same time, the person passing by also recognized Satoshi and he turned his head as well. "It's you! Kim Jin Seok, right? So you're participating in the Official Beast Tournament too!" Satoshi greeted.

"Ah, if it isn't Midoriyama Satoshi. That was quite a spectacle you showed up there, eh? Who was the girl who assumed the dragon form? Is she a Black Winged Dragon? From what I know, Black Winged Dragons are supposed to have black scales right... unless of course, they were chosen... well, never mind, you know all that stuff anyways. In any case, good luck with getting into the fourth round. I can't wait to fight you."

Satoshi nodded his head, extending his hand towards Kim Jin Seok to which he obliged with a handshake. There was no uncertainty in Kim Jin Seok's eyes, that's why Satoshi knew that he was confident he'd be able to easily snag a win during this third round.

"I wonder what kind of tamed beasts Kim Jin Seok has..." Satoshi trailed off. The moment he got back to the waiting room, Yun Zhe greeted him with another bowl of ramen. As usual, Shiroi was already there, eating another bowl while waiting for Satoshi to come back.

Seeing Satoshi almost made her choke on a noodle. With embarrassment written on her face, she turned away and silently coughed.

"By the way, that guy, do you know him?" Out of nowhere, Yun Zhe asked a question while pointing at the live stream which was being broadcasted on the television. He was pointing toward Kim Jin Seok, and his expression wasn't really that pleasant.

"Isn't that— " Shiroi's eyes widened as she recognized the person on the live stream. His striking black hair, sharp jawline, and prepossessing face were easily identifiable, that's why Shiroi immediately recognized him as well.

"Yes, he's the guide who lead us around the Beast Dimension when it was our first time there. I never would've thought that he'd fly all the way from Japan... or was it Korea... to America just to join the Official Beast Tournament" This time, it was Satoshi's turn to purse his lips. "Seeing that he's a guide back then... I can't underestimate him. He may be stronger than me when it comes to control... but my energy reserved and buffs are much better than him."

"You should be careful of that guy. He's strong. I think he's a Disciple... and not only that. I do think that he is under one of the most powerful Managers out there." Yun Zhe explained before sipping a mouthful of noodles.

"Now, let's see..." Satoshi mumbled as the referee who'll be officiating the match had already taken his position.

Without further ado, the referee raised his hand. Simultaneously, the crowd fell silent as they awaited for the fight to unfold. No one cheered except when they first showed up. As the referee brought down his hand, he raised his voice and screamed. "Begin,"

"Oh, who would've thought that I'll be on the same team as you? Two Disciples together against two lowly beast tamers. What do you think? Isn't this pretty awesome? You should save this happening in your mind so you won't forget how much fun you're having right now." Link said, patting Kim Jin Seok on the back.

"Now that I thought about it... what kind of beast tamers are you going to use? I'm going to support you from the sidelines." Link asked. It should be mentioned once again that Link couldn't use his representative at the moment due to the condition that Luke Skyrunner set before him (refer to chapter 337)

I'm banning you from using the Beholder in your future battles. If you don't want to accept this term, then you can kiss that first place goodbye. What I mean is... either you give up on using the Beholder, or I disqualify you right here, right now— these were Luke Skyrunners words during that emergency meeting. Because of that, Link was given a handicap that cannot be reversed. After all, he'd receive an instant disqualification if he rejected that ruling.

"You know what, you can just do your thing. I can handle myself just fine. Be it two, or three, or a dozen, I'll be able to cut them off so easily like melted peanut butter." Kim Jin Seok was already aware that Link wouldn't be able to take on their opponent alone. "Still, I'm quite disappointed with you. To think that you're a Disciple? I can't even notice. Not only can't you control your own tamed beast... you also can't control your energy expenditure properly, making you lose control, physically."

"You can do whatever you want, all right? Just don't get in my way. If you can do at least that much, then I can guarantee you a nice spot in the fourth round." Kim Jin Seok teased.

"Oh please, I can take them on just fine. you don't have to worry about me." Link wore a smirk as he balanced a Gren in his hand. "In fact, you can just rest easy. I'll handle everything from here. Just so you know, you're not the only one who can fight two beast tamers at once."

"I'll show you." Link licked his lips as their third-round match finally began.

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