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My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

Chapter 320 Disciple Dream, Initial Selection

At first, the young girl was shaking in her boots when she sheepishly approached the door. And when she finally found the courage to knock on the door, she closed her eyes.

Knock knock.

Her eyes shot wide open in shock when she heard a couple of knocks. "But I didn't even knock yet..." She muttered to herself as her eyes shifted to the side.

That's when she noticed a man dressed in all-black standing beside her. He was the one who knocked on the door instead of her.

For a couple of seconds, the young girl just stared at the man as if it was already the end of the world. She was perfectly aware that behind those doors were two beast tamers who could instantly pin her on the ground. And they have every right to be angry— or so that's what the young girl told herself. After all, the management was the one t fault for mistakably assigning two beast tamers in one waiting room.

And what's worse, there were no vacant waiting rooms anymore. Either one of them would give the other party the waiting room, or a fight would ensue. Quite frankly, the young girl didn't want any part in this. She would've avoided the situation if she were to seen it coming.

Unfortunately, she was just new to the job, and the higher-ups decided to assign such a difficult service to her. It's not like she could complain since she hasn't proven herself as an employee of the American Dome. That's why she was given such a difficult task.

Of course, she has her superpower, but she could more or less guess that it won't be enough to deal with the beast tamers behind the door. She's just a regular employee while these guys are competing in the Official Beast Tournament.

When the door creaked open, the girl just stood there. She wasn't ready to face the two beast tamers. Deep inside, she wanted to kick the living daylights out of the guy who knocked on the door. But as it turned out, he was actually an assistant for one of the beast tamers. When she came to realize that, she felt a little bit empathic toward him. The two of them were both employees, after all, working under ridiculous bosses.

"Sir, I'm sorry. There's been a mix-up with the waiting rooms; I'm afraid we assigned two people to one room. We're really sorry." The girl explained, also bowing down towards Yun Zhe. She couldn't help but bite her lips, fearing that she'd get a beating as soon as she said what he had to.

Seeing that he was also part of the concern, Satoshi stood up and approached both Yun Zhe and the girl. "That's all right. You can just assign one of us to another room. Things happen. We don't mind." Satoshi answered.

The girl heaved a sigh of relief since the two participants were friendly. She was still a bit nervous, though, since she had only told them the first half of the problem. "But kind sir... the thing is... there were no more waiting rooms available."

"That's all right. The two of us can stay together in one room. It won't be a problem. We just have one request, though."

"Yes sir, please say it." The girl asked.

"Can we call housekeeping? We kind of left a mess in this room." Yun Zhe pointed at the room where he and Satoshi had their light scuffle.


With the place cleaned up and with another layer of apologies from the management itself, Satoshi and Kazuichi were finally left to their own devices. Satoshi returned to his seat on the couch, waiting for the announcement of the brackets for the Official Beast Tournament. As for Yun Zhe, he decided to grab a bite first, assuming his position behind the counter.

"Do you want to eat anything? I only have ramen." Yun Zhe asked casually, to which Satoshi nodded in response.

A couple of minutes later, Yun Zhe sat beside Satoshi with two bowls of cooked instant ramen in hand. He handed one bowl to Satoshi before giving him chopsticks. "When did you start? Being a beast tamer, I mean."

"This year, you?" Satoshi casually answered. The two of them were like good old friends who hadn't seen each other for quite some time. Despite the fact that they had just met today, their light scuffle a moment ago brought them closer together.

"This year? And you're already this strong?!" Yun Zhe exclaimed, almost spilling the bowl of ramen he was balancing with one hand. "But then again... if you were this late, then that means you can't be a disciple."

"A disciple?" Every time Yun Zhe would bring up the word, Satoshi couldn't help but ask him about it. He had no idea what Yun Zhe meant about being a disciple, but it seemed somewhat related to his innate strength as a beast tamer. Hence, Satoshi's curiosity was piqued.

"Yes, so a couple of years ago... sixteen years ago? A strange phenomenon happened to a few superheroes out there. It wouldn't have been brought to light, but there were many superheroes who experienced the same phenomenon. This phenomenon is called the Disciple Dream, and only those who were chosen were given this dream." Yun Zhe started his explanation.


"The funny thing is, those who received this dream weren't given anything. In fact, they don't gain anything from the dream itself." Yun Zhe continued. "The dreams varied. Some mentioned their relative becoming a disciple. As for me, my adoptive grandfather received the dream, telling him to get a disciple and he'll become powerful."

"So it's like an inheritance, huh?" Satoshi asked.

"That's right." Yun Zhe ate a mouthful of ramen before proceeding. "The phenomenon died down, but a few years back, it rose up once again. When the Dimensional Portal to the Beast Dimension first opened on Earth, those who were granted the disciple title were more attuned to taming beasts."

"As for me, though, I've already found what my talent was ever since I was a kid. That's why I was able to grow at such insane speeds even without the guidance of a beast tamer."

"And these people are joining the Official Beast Tournament right now?" Satoshi asked. The underlying fact in Yun Zhe's explanation sent chills down his spine. If what Yun Zhe said was true, then there should be more beast tamers who are as strong as him in this tournament.

"That, I am not sure. When the link between the Disciple Dreams and Beast Tamers surfaced, those who were granted the title disappeared from the scene. It seemed like they decided to hide their true abilities instead of showing the world just how strong they were. Or maybe... I was so detached from the world that I didn't know where they were. In any case, these people might even be stronger than me."

"So there's a good chance that they're going to debut here in the Official Beast Tournament, huh? But why now? You're also going to debut, right?" Satoshi asked. Somehow, the two of them had the same mindset about debuting in the Official Beast Tournament.

"I think it's because... the Initial Selection is bound to happen soon. I've only been told about it by my grandfather, so I don't know the details but apparently... there will be a tournament where the Disciples would duke it out." Yun Zhe continued. "There are many disciples, so I'm sure not all of them would join the Initial Selection... but the price for the Initial Selection is pretty good... or so that's what my grandfather told me. I'm going to join."

"I see, so you're trying to get as much experience as possible before the actual thing. That's nice." Satoshi commented. "This is my first Official Beast Tournament, and I wanted to debut by winning first place. Then again, I'm not sure if I'd be able to do it... seeing that there are a lot more beast tamers who could be as strong as you."

"You're already plenty strong... and your tamed beasts could even rival Representatives, so I think you have a clear shot at winning this. I won't be surprised if you encounter some beast tamers with Representatives with them, though. As far as I'm concerned, having a Representative as a tamed beast is a clear indication that that person is a Disciple... or at least, there's a huge chance that that person's a disciple."

"As for you, are you really sure that you're not a disciple? Can you summon your Representative? I want to see it." Yun Zhe continued.

"I have two... but the other one won't fit in here, so I'll just show you the other one," Satoshi said. "He's actually in this room all this time."

In an instant, Dex appeared out of thin air. This time he assumed the appearance of a modern computer.

"A System-Type?! WHAT?! Are you really sure you're not a Disciple?!" Yun Zhe almost screamed his lungs out in utter astonishment.

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