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Somehow, Satoshi felt weird since the one pressing the chainsaw on his neck looked like him. He knew for a fact that Copycat is a female based on what Dex had specifically told him... and now that he thought about that fact, he felt even weirder.

In his mind, he concluded that a girl that looks like him was pressing a chainsaw on his neck. She was about to behead him, but he wasn't the least bit afraid of being beheaded. Even though the gnarly teeth of the chainsaw caused his neck to blood, he still maintained his composure, looking up at Copycat to see if she was going to follow through or not.

In the end, he had already lost, and he was just waiting for Copycat to finish the job so they both can get over it already.

Satoshi closed his eyes. Being beheaded by a girl wasn't that bad... or so that's what he told himself since he didn't want to accept that he just lost to a girl. For a moment, he felt at peace, waiting for the moment when Copycat would kill her. i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

Well, he wouldn't die though since he was integrated with Sera. His head would simply just reconnect and regenerate... but then again, he'd feel the pain when the cut is executed.


Dumbfounded, Satoshi turned around to see that Copycat had dropped the chainsaws she was holding. She also reverted to her normal form as she stared at Satoshi's blue flames. She didn't go through with the killing and instead knelt behind Satoshi, poking the blue flames as if it was a curious object.

"Wha... why?" Satoshi asked in utter confusion as he turned around, staring at Copycat who already assumed her true form.

Copycat had the figure of a lady, with the delicate right proportions here and there... however, her whole body was made up of a gelatinous goo that made her look like a jelly sculpture more than anything. Her eyes were large, and Satoshi felt as if his soul would get sucked right into it if he were to stare too much. Satoshi blushed when he averted his gaze, but he didn't say anything.

"You pass," Copycat softly spoke, her voice was as mesmerizing as her gaze. She stood up and extended her hand, palms up, towards Satoshi. "I swear loyalty to you, master."

Satoshi was still just as confused, but he didn't want to keep Copycat waiting. After grabbing the blue flames from behind him, Satoshi decided to put more energy into it before handing it to Copycat.

Copycat felt a great surge of power overcoming her as soon as the blue flames touched her skin. She closed her eyes, and she could feel her mind being connected to Satoshi. In just a single moment, she felt as if she'd known Satoshi ever since he was born. It was an odd yet pleasurable feeling. There was no regret in Copycat's mind... she could tell that she had chosen a fitting master for her.

A pleasant smile appeared on Copycat's face before she bowed down toward Satoshi. The greeting compelled Satoshi to bow down as well, and together they greeted each other, not as enemies, but as allies.

"I was just going through the motions but..." Satoshi decided to sit down so he and Copycat could talk to each other. "What do you mean I passed? Were you just testing? I thought you were going to kill me."

[That's where you're wrong, Satoshi, Copycat never intended to kill you.]

"What do you mean?" Satoshi asked. He was still perplexed at the overall situation. Furthermore, Dex hadn't been talking while he and Copycat were in the middle of the fight. He found it a bit weird that Dex would choose to talk now.

Before Satoshi could repeat his question, Dex appeared right beside him. "I didn't want to interrupt, Satoshi... and had I interrupted your test, Copycat might've killed me instead... But don't misunderstand, Satoshi, I knew for sure that Copycat never intended to kill you... even the Statue of Captivity will vouch for me."

"That is correct, master... I never intended to kill you. There were a lot more others who wanted to capture me... but they all didn't pass the test." Copycat answered, backing up Dex's statement as if they talked about it.

"So... you mean to tell me that our fight just now... you never intended to kill me?" Satoshi confirmed. Even though he felt an ominous bloodlust directed at him, Copycat denied that she intended to kill him. There was only one explanation for that— Satoshi concluded that Copycat was actually a lot stronger than he thought.

"Either way, welcome to the team," Satoshi said, nodding his head. At first, he wanted to offer his hand to Copycat but he decided not to since she was a girl.

In response, Copycat nodded back at Satoshi.


XXXXX years ago,

Before Copycat came to the Beast Dimension, she belonged to a race called the Copies. They are a race in another dimension that can copy any superpower they encounter. Because of how powerful they were, only those who have great potential were given an education. And once they pass a test, they would then be sent to another dimension where they could freely get stronger. This was the process of how a Copy could become a full-fledged citizen of their planet.

And Copycat was no different. Born from a royal family as the first princess in line for the throne, she had her life set ahead of her. She was also extremely talented when it comes to replicating skills, and that's why only the best teachers were given to her. With the advantage of her status and her great talent, she soon became one of the most powerful Copies to ever exist.

But that all came down to nothing when she met a certain Copy. His name was Fhruller, one of the most powerful Copies of their generation. Not only was he able to defeat Copycat one-on-one, but he was also born royalty, first in line to the throne of his kingdom. Just like Copycat, he was also extremely talented with great wealth backing him up.

However, the reason why Copycat lost against him was not because of his great talent... but because of his great skill when it comes to wooing women. Copycat who had never experienced real love before immediately fell for Fhruller. Copycat was lovestruck, and it didn't take long before she decided to take Fhruller's hand in marriage.

As soon as the marriage was over, though, Fhruller showed his true colors. He never loved Copycat... but instead, he love someone else and he was already married to her. After throwing Copycat into the dungeon, he took over Copycat's kingdom, and he ruled over it with an iron will.

For a few days, Copycat cried her heart out for being betrayed... but what she wanted the most was revenge. Even though her love was pure, she was tricked, and there was nothing she wanted than for Fhruller to die. Rage born within her heart plagued her, and she turned into a Copy who only wanted destruction.

But what could she do? She was locked in the dungeon with no hope of escape.

That's when she constructed a devious plan of playing with the heart of the guards stationed for her. She seduced them, and in turn, they were more than willing to set her free. The plan didn't work for a few days... it took weeks before Copycat was finally set free.

And as soon as she was free, she contacted an underground contact to smuggle her into one of the Dimensions wherein she could get stronger. She couldn't just take on Fhruller alone... not when she was still weak. That's why she had to get stronger by copying more powers from another dimension.

However, the contact had a little mishap, and the teleportation went a little haywire. Nothing was supposed to go wrong... but now everything went sideways once again. With one last scream, Copycat was sucked into the portal.

A split second later, she found herself in a very unfamiliar dimension. It was a room, and in front of him was a man dressed in black with a flowy wide-brimmed hat on his head. His hands were clasped together, and he cleared his throat before he spoke. "You want to get stronger... correct?"

Copycat nodded.

"Well then, I have a disciple... he's plenty strong... and I guarantee that you're going to get plenty strong when you're with him. I'm going to send you over to the Beast Dimension." The mysterious man said.

"Beast Dimension? Who are you? Your disciple?" Copycat had a lot of questions... but the man had promised her certain power. Steeling her resolve, she decided to ask him the only question that needed to be asked. "But... how do I find him? Your disciple, I mean."

"He's the chosen one... you'll know when you meet him." The man then pointed at his heart, then towards Copycat's chest.

And in a blink of an eye, Copycat found herself in the Beast Dimension with only that vague clue as her hint.


Back to the present,

"I'm glad I finally found you..." Copycat whispered to herself as she stole a glance towards Satoshi. She grabbed her heart, and a warm smile appeared on her face.

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