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Another day of training, another day of school.

Waking up, Satoshi could tell that the day would be like a routine just like usual and so he didn"t really expect anything to happen. Since he was still sleepy, he didn"t spare any effort to get up since it was still too early in the morning. But before he could go back to sleep, he felt his stomach churn as nature called out to him. And so, lazily, he trudged down the stairs, thinking that if he were to fall downwards, it would be much faster for him to get to the bathroom which was downstairs.

Suddenly, every hair on his body stood as if he felt something weird. "Was it an intruder? Are we being robbed? Where"s mom and dad?" Satoshi asked himself even though he knew that their house had a maximum-security system and that no one would dare break-in into it. He darted his head around the house, hoping to find something amiss so he could rush straight to his parents " bedroom and wake them up. After seeing none, however, he still felt suspicious, as if his gut instinct was telling him that something was wrong.

He thought long and hard about whether he should wake his parents or not in the middle of their sleep. Since he didn"t know what to do nor what he was feeling, he decided to do it. Whatever it is, he was fairly certain that his parents would be able to handle it. As for him, he didn"t know what to expect so there"s a slight chance that he would freeze up in front of a super-powerful intruder or something along those lines. And to top it all off, he doesn"t have his Familiars with him. They were all chilling in the basement, which was a failure on his part. After all, without them, he"s just a sitting duck.

With little to no choice, Satoshi retraced his footsteps upstairs and headed towards his parents" room, only to see that the door to their room was slightly ajar. Without sparing any thoughts, he slammed the door open for fear that his parents might"ve been ambushed.

There was no one in the room.

"Haah?"Satoshi exclaimed,

Entering the room, he saw a certain note on top of the bed. At first, Satoshi thought that maybe it was left by the superheroes who abducted his parents but from afar, he immediately recognized his dad"s handwriting and so he went forward to take and read it. On it were three words that made him sigh in relief.

"Summons from SAO"

"So that"s what it was." Satoshi sighed yet another time, smiling at himself since he didn"t even think about the possibility. This has happened multiple times in the past and yet he still wasn"t used to it. "I guess I"ll be home alone for today," Satoshi said.

The first thing Satoshi did was to go to the bathroom and turn on his dad"s shaver. After watching it for a few seconds, he turned it off and finally responded to the call of nature. Once that was dealt with, Satoshi headed back to the basement and petted all of his familiars before starting his training. He didn"t want to miss a day just because his father wasn"t there. "Still, why were they summoned in the middle of the night? Is everything all right?" He asked himself.

"Wait, that shouldn"t be my problem. For now, I need to be able to bring my familiars with me wherever and whenever I want. If something were to happen and I didn"t have any of them with me, then I"ll just be a sitting duck. And if I were to use my superpower on another object, there"s a small chance that it would be useless, so it"s better if I have all of them at teh ready rather than walking on eggshells."

Worst-case scenario, Satoshi knew that he can always depend on Dex, his very first familiar which also has the system function that records a few important things for him. It also tells him a few things just like a personal AI.

"Right, that is that and this is this. I should focus on my training for now." He continued.

p At around the same time, unbeknownst to Satoshi, the Slimes from outer space were already on the verge of invading the world and the superheroes from around the world were trying to keep them out of the earth while fighting them in outer space. If only Satoshi had turned the television on that early in the morning, he would"ve been aware of those things. But then again, Satoshi doesn"t really watch tv that much. He"d rather train his body than loaf around on the couch and do nothing.

Pretty soon, the basement floor was already soaked in sweat as Satoshi was done with his workout. He increased the intensity of his workout and he was surprised he managed to finish the whole thing. And even after all that, he still resolved himself to work even harder. His habit of working out throughout the years has been ingrained in his brain that it has become a part o his lifestyle. Even though he doesn"t really need to work out that much because he already had a superpower, he still did so without excuse.

"Now, time to deal with you guys," Satoshi said to himself, smiling while looking at the Familiars who were on the corner of teh basement. Upon calling them through his mind, his Familiars immediately ran towards him and gathered around in a circle.

"All of you are pretty strong, and with my help, you can outgrow your potential... but as of now, I still don"t know a lot about you. And I don"t know how to go through with knowing all of your skills and capabilities... that"s why, if it"s possible, would you help me out and demonstrate everything that you could do?" Satoshi continued.

[Allow me to assist you, Satoshi]

[If you want to know anything about them, you need only ask] Dex continued as if he was the most reliable being around... well, he probably was and Satoshi just didn"t realize it.

"Sure! I"ll be in your care, Dex!" Satoshi cheerily said, giving a thumbs up at Dex who was casually floating around with a rotor on its head.

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