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Back to the Present

"Try me," Satoshi waved his hand as he assumed combat position.

Last night, Satoshi realized two things— First, that his superpower is nothing short of a farce and second, it was unbelievably useless. Of course, he still is a bit unsure as to what specifically his superpower is, but he knows it was useless

At least, when it comes to combat, it"s useless.

Before the werewolf could realize what was going on, a bunch of concrete was thrown at him at high speeds, temporarily blinding him and confusing him. While all that was happening, a mechanical hand grabbed Satoshi by his arms and flew him away. At a closer inspection, one would see that it was the retro computer with a propeller on top of it. For some odd reason, it grew a mechanical arm and rotors, giving it the ability to rescue him.

That"s right when it comes to combat, it"s useless, but when it comes to escape, it is an entirely different subject. However, Satoshi knows that his superpower has untapped potential, he just doesn"t know how to utilize it yet.

"Thanks a bunch, um, Doraemo— er I mean, System!" Satoshi called out, thinking about a certain anime character that flies with a propeller on its head.

And just like that, his first encounter with a villain is over. Satoshi heaved a sigh of disappointment as he realized that his debut was probably one of the lamest when it comes to superheroes. But then again, he concluded that he did extremely well getting out of danger when it was necessary. The only thing to be happy about is that he didn"t die at an early age after finally realizing what his superpower is. It might sound unsatisfactory, but it was all he could do... judging from the fact that his superpower is something he just discovered that night.

"Wait, am I going to head to school like this?" Satoshi asked himself as dust invaded his eyes, making him flinch. He was too high up the ground that he couldn"t see where he already was. "Well, I shouldn"t. That would just cause an unwanted ruckus."

And then, another idea came to Satoshi"s head as he was flying. He could feel a light bulb lighting on his head, making him grin from ear to ear. It was an incredible thought that he didn"t think about last night... and yet it was one of his best ideas yet!

"System! Bring me to the nearest hardware shop!"


The first day of high school is probably one of the biggest events any child could get in the hero age. Not only will they finally get the exposure they truly deserve, but they could also beat the living daylights/ bully those who don"t belong to the Hero Age— in other words, those who have little to useless superpowers. That"s because one of the main events of the first day of school, aside from testing out every students" capabilities, is the one-on-one battles. These are official "friendly" matches that would actually determine the future of a high school student.

After all, every major agency and high-ranking superheroes are going to watch the event!

Of course, that includes Satoshi"s parents, the famous Midoriyama duo.

? That"s why Satoshi made up his mind to not lose face this time. Every year, his parents never failed to attend every first day of school of his, and every time they did, they"re only met with disappointment... or at least, that"s what Satoshi thought. But what he didn"t know was that his mom and dad are actually quite proud of him already. Even without using any superpowers, he always gets to the top 50— that in and of itself is already a spectacular feat.

But to Satoshi, it was nothing short of a fluke. That"s why, now that he got a superpower, he decided that he would redeem himself once and for all. It"s a fitting gesture since he"s practically "debuting" as a high school student.

"Mr. and Mrs. Midoriyama, how are you two faring?" One of the interviewers stepped in front of the two as they tried to enter the coliseum just beside the school. This is where the testing for the new students will transpire. And just like any other years, Satoshi"s parents never failed to attend his "first day of school".

"We"re doing rather well, thank you." Midoriyama Tatsuki, Satoshi"s father, responded as he softly bowed towards the interviewer. His wife followed.

"We"ve gotten an inside scoop that your son applied to the United Superheroes Academy. Is it true? Are you going to watch him? Or are you finally scouting a student for your agency?"

Satoshi"s mom was a bit offended by how the interview worded his question but her husband squeezed her hands, signaling that it wasn"t the time to lose her cool. After heaving a sigh that made her regain her composure, she smiled and addressed the interviewer as politely as she could. "Please look forward to it." She simply said before turning around.

Tatsuki sighed in relief. He didn"t want to imagine his wife going berserk in a school. That"s the last thing he could ask for. "Thanks for not losing it back there, Ayumu."

"What is that interviewer on about? We"ve got formidable superheroes in our agency, and by that, I mean a lot of them. Why do we need to scout a student?"

"Because that"s what everybody does, honey. A few years from now, we should be scouting students as well. If not, then the public will view us in a bad light. Honestly, I"m worried. High school students with superpowers? That"s probably worse than the end of the world, don"t you think?"

"You"re right. As the top superheroes, we should be guiding those students on a better path so they won"t end up as villain"s lapdogs. But... I don"t know how our son will take it."

"He"ll be fine. You"ve seen how strong he is. If you take a superhero"s superpowers away from him, he"s no different from an ordinary human. At least our son"s got something in him more than what superheroes have— the unwavering determination to get stronger."

As the two entered the Coliseum, thundering cheers and confetti greeted them. And just like any other day, the two got to their "publicity mode", smiling and waving their hands as they made their way to their seats.

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