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My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

Chapter 29 Space Battles— Commencement

At the same time Satoshi and the others were starting their journey on their way home, an emergency summon was issued out by none other than Fury himself, one of the most prominent personnel manning the SAO. As of now, no one knows what superpower he has but when it comes to gathering heroes and strategizing with them, no one can hold a candle to him. That"s also the reason why a lot of superheroes greatly respect him. Although they"ve never challenged him to any form of fight, they didn"t need any proof that he deserved his spot to lead them. His reputation was off the charts, simply speaking.

And then the Space Battles followed suit... revealing the novel strategies that Fury came up with just to combat the new threats that were about to enter into the atmosphere. Needless to say, the current threat right now is actually quite... well, it"s world-threatening, to say the least. But sadly enough, the entire world couldn"t react to it in time since the satellites detected the threat a little too late. And since the current threat is having a touchdown in the soils of Japan, Fury had no choice but to take things into his hands and hold off until rescue arrives. He"s confident that the other surrounding countries wouldn"t waste any time in the subjugation of the threat but he had to buy as much time as he could in order to protect Japan from getting destroyed.

Hence, the Space Battles commenced, and it was by far one of the best strategies that Fury could concoct in that effective brain of his.

With the help of three high-ranking superheroes, namely Oxgn, Energizer, and Plataforma, the strategy came into fruition and that very strategy was what made Space Battles possible. In order for the strategy to work, there were three things to consider— One, an endless supply of oxygen. Two, someone who could create temporary "floors" so other superheroes could spacewalk and properly themselves wherever they want. And Three, a superhero who could support both of those. Hence, Oxgn, Energizer, and Plataforma were the main members of the team, they"d be the people in the backlines, supporting everyone with their superpowers. If it wasn"t made clear yet, Oxgn had the power to freely make oxygen out of nothing and make someone breathe it (pretty useful for underwater quests, to say the least), Energizer has the power to buff a certain superhero so he or she would be able to use her superpower for a longer time (easily the top-ranking support-type superhero in SAO), and lastly, Plataforma can make temporary platforms out of nothing, giving superheroes better mobility by creating platforms everywhere.

These are the three superheroes who led the subjugation of the threats. Simply put, the threats were none other than Slimes who are obviously more powerful than any other superheroes in existence. Well, all except Satoshi who has proven to stand up against one.

Not only did these Slimes infiltrate the Solar System without warning, they also are trying to invade the earth. The Slime that Satoshi defeated was one of the handful of scouts the Slimes sent to see if the people of this world is much powerful than them. After seeing that they were weak, the Slimes gained a confidence boost and they decided to wreak havoc before taking over the entire world.

Fury had no intention of that ever happening.

Without further ado, he immediately called over the very best superheroes with teleport skills and they have them teleport the superheroes just on the edge of earth"s atmosphere. There, Oxgn was waiting for them, and he immediately encapsulated everyone"s head with oxygen, all thanks to his ability. As for Plataforma, he didn"t get tired of drinking as many energy drinks as he could. He will probably be part of the few superheroes who would greatly contribute to the fight so he prepared himself as much as he could. No one paid attention to him since each and every one of the superheroes who were on the edge of the planet was too focused on themselves. They were trying to figure out why they were sent into outer space when they could just easily bomb a "derailing" meteor from the ground. Little did they know that the meteor was in fact a giant ship that housed a couple of invaders who were out for blood.

In an instant, Slimes came out of the ship as soon as a hatch was opened. One after the other, the Slimes started charging towards the superheroes who were too shocked to act. Here they were, thinking that there was some sort of emergency that they could handle, not realizing that they were sent in the crossfire of a looming alien invasion. Fortunately, they immediately regained their composure, the superheroes they were, and they braced themselves for the fight. At the same time, Plataforma started scattering temporary platforms all over the place so the superheroes would have footholds in their zero-gravity environment. Every superhero in the scene was trained mainly for emergencies, and that emergency includes fighting in zero gravity. If they were in a calm state of mind, they wouldn"t have a hard time fighting the Slimes who were literally raining down on them.

"Get your gears together! You"re the only ones standing between these overpowerful aliens and the citizens of Japan! Onward and give it your all! For the glory of Japan!" They suddenly heard Fury"s booming voice through their earpieces. Somehow, that jolt made them get their bearings together, and most of them started clinging onto some of the platforms that Plataforma made.

The Slimes were closing in, and Plataforma continue creating more and more immovable platforms for the superheroes to step on or hold onto. He was getting quite exhausted, but the war is just starting. He knew he couldn"t afford to take a break, not when everyone"s dependent on him.

"Don"t worry, I got your back," Energizer said, giving him a reassuring smile as she transferred some of her energy to him. "Don"t you dare give up on me, partner." She continued.

"You got it," Plataforma responded, straining a smile on his face.

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