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A fist almost connected with Satoshi"s face with a gust of wind exploding right at his face. In an attempt to dodge the next attack, he jumped backward, performing a double somersault before landing on all-fours. Although he cleanly dodged the strike that almost planted itself on his face, its power still affected the area around it, leaving him with a graze on his lips. As a drop of blood thickened and slowly flowed through Satoshi"s lips, he raised his hand, gesturing that he needed a break.

"You"re exceptionally sluggish today, son? Did something happen at school?" Tatsuki half-heartedly asked since he didn"t want to come off as a doting father. He was concerned about his son"s school life just like how he always was, but right now, everything"s different. His son already has a superpower. Somehow, he wanted him to rely on that said superpower instead of relying on his parents… well, not that he ever relied on his parents in the past.

"Just… dad, would the school be suspicious of me if I didn"t put anything on this form tomorrow?" Satoshi asked, grabbing a paper from his pocket which clearly showed the form every high schooler had to fill up.

Tatsuki knew in an instant what the form was all about and he immediately grew silent. In the past, he never did write anything, not even a single letter, on that form. That"s why he had a hard time making a name for himself once he entered the industry of superheroes. Just like his wife, they both had a hard time being recognized by the masses even when they took care of a lot of threats.

But it didn"t last that long. When the media finally recognized their heroic feats, they were given the spotlight and they"ve been living in it since then. However, even after all that, Tatsuki didn"t want his son to experience being shunned… he didn"t know how to go about it though, since his son"s superpower is much much better than his.

"Satoshi, you"re well aware of your mom and my past, right? If it hadn"t been for our hard work and a considerable amount of luck, we wouldn"t have reached the spot where we are right now. In the past, we experienced a plethora of hardships from both superheroes and villains alike, all because we didn"t sign anything on the SAO back when we were still in high school. Do you know why we have our very own agency? Because no one else wanted to trust us, they didn"t want mysterious superheroes to enter their agency, let alone be a part of it."

"Therefore, I don"t want you to experience the same thing. We want you to have an easy life, Satoshi, just leave it to us!" Tatsuki confidently puffed his chest as he thumped on it with his hands twice. "Now let me see," He continued, using his teleportation superpower to appear right in front of Satoshi in an instant and then getting the paper from his hands.

As if that would make a difference at all.

Just like he had expected, the form had two sections— one asking for the name, and one asking for the superpower and its description. There are a lot of lines on the superpower section just in case a certain someone"s got two superpowers. Tatsuki heaved a huge sigh of relief when he realized that the form that the school still hands out today hasn"t changed a bit since their time. With this, his plan could finally come to fruition.

Unlike in the past, more and more high school students have started to manifest at least two superpowers, giving them an edge against the previous generation of superheroes. Take for example Hiroshi, who could control both fire and earth at the same time, giving him the power to control lava and use it with his will. A lot more students are like him, some even more powerful than him. And that"s why these forms nowadays have more than one line on them.



"I"ve got an idea."


Meanwhile, back in the SAO Headquarters.

In the main building of the Sao Headquarters, a few people could be seen rushing through the hallways and clashing at each other, sending papers fluttering everywhere. This was the first time a red alert came off, resounding all throughout the main building and giving everyone an unexpected panic.

"What is it this time?!" Fury screamed at the room upon seeing the mess everyone"s in. As soon as he shouted, everyone stopped moving and for the first time that night, decency and order could be witnessed.

With a slow and purposeful gait, Fury descended down the stairs to the center of the conference room, overlooking each and every person who is behind their own respective screens. All of them impulsively gulped and ducked when they noticed the calm demeanor and the innate fury in Fury"s eyes. There was something about him that made them calm down and ignore the current blaring that resonated in the whole building.

"I thought I have real people in this room but turns out, you"re all babies. You were all trained in the highest-rated military facility in case of situations like this and this is how you act? What a disappointment. I walk in here to do my job— and that is, to mobilize every superhero we have as efficient as we can. There is no time to waste, you hear me? This incident might cost us the entire country but if we panic right now, we"ll just be bringing the inevitable right at our doorstep! Now you know why you"re all behind those computer screens, I want updates now!"

There was a pause as Fury turned around, awaiting everyone"s response to his request. Finally, everyone got back to their senses and they started firing off each and every update they received.

"Two minutes until touchdown, sir."

"We got the Rank 6-10 Superheroes at the ready sir, awaiting your orders."

"A few more superheroes are coming at the scene, sir. They are in the 20"s rank."

"Sir, entities have been detected coming off the suspicious falling object!"

"Now we"re talking! NOW WE"RE TALKING!" Fury screamed once more, this time, wearing the earpiece handed to him. Although he was the most nervous person in the room, he continued maintaining his outward composure as he forced a smile on his face. "As long as I successfully carry out my purpose, I know we can get out of this." He said to himself before firing off orders to everyone like a submachine gun.

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