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"Yes, that"s what we"re going to do this year. The school board opted for the decision due to the huge gap between our students and the students of other schools. If we kept on winning the inter-high tournament every year, people wouldn"t anticipate the fights anymore and that would be bad for all schools. And to add to that, the city invests a great deal for the inter-high tournaments unlike in the previous years." The principal adjusted his glasses as he explained.

"With this, the tournament would be more equal. The best students of every school, versus the first-years of our school. I"m sure a lot of people would watch that."

"But sir, the first years are not aware of the basics yet. The other schools would, for sure, win if they fight against beginners like them." Silencer spoke up with great worry. Just like any other superhero he had his own fair share of losses when it comes to the inter-high tournament. Just imagining the children experiencing a one-sided battle, he couldn"t help but get concerned. Injuries abound in the inter-high tournament after all.

The other teachers also had the same conviction— that it would be reckless for the first-year students to fight the best students of other schools. Even if they have better superpowers than them, they simply can"t overcome experience over talent.

"That"s why I"m leaving all of it in your hands. Train the first years for the next four weeks, I"d like all of you to guide your students accordingly and unlock their potential. With your experience, I", fairly certain that this would be a walk in the park. Meeting adjourned, please head over to your classes."Sai Tama dismissed while wearing a satisfied countenance. At the back of his mind, he couldn"t help but look forward to the upcoming inter-high tournament.

The teachers stared at each other for an indefinite amount of seconds before standing up and exiting the room. With no idea how to approach the situation, all of them grew silent as they headed back to their classrooms. Perfectly aware that the principal wouldn"t go back on his word, they had no choice but to do their part, otherwise, it might be their fault that the school might lose its well-established reputation. It wouldn"t be an understatement that there"s a huge chance they"ll lose their jobs at this rate.

And so, with great resolve, every teacher thought up a lesson plan on the spot using their teaching approach to hopefully mold their students into greater heroes. Most of them thought about combat training. But as for Knighthawk, he deviated from the generic approach and resourceful use the potential of the students to his advantage. His training days during his youth are now coming to play.

Meanwhile, Satoshi and the others were starting to contemplate whether the school would continue teaching them in an irregular manner Starting from completely missing out on the school orientation and combat training first thing in the morning, it was obvious that their school life would be full of surprises.

"Satoshi, what do you think would happen this afternoon. Do you think we"ll have a decent class for a change? Or maybe we"ll have another combat training? Honestly, this irregular learning system is better for me since I don"t really get to enjoy school nor anything else, They tend to get boring after a short period of time." Midori stated after sliding his desk nearer Satoshi"s.

"I hope we won"t have any more surprises. I"m tired for the day." Satoshi responded before leaning his head on his desk, gesturing to Midori that they"re done with the discussion. He badly wanted to lay low but right now, all eyes were on him. The only thing he could do was pretend to be asleep until the teacher walks in for the next class.

Little did they all know, they were all in for another surprise.

After a few minutes, Knighthawk entered the classroom with a pleasant smile on his face as if he just won the lottery. Right from the get-go, everyone knew that something was suspicious based on his expression.

p "Good morning, today, you"ll be having history. Professor Y will be your teacher for the aforementioned subject." Upon saying that, he packed up his things and exited the classroom without another word. Nevertheless, he still wore the same suspicious expression when he departed.

Satoshi could"ve sworn that for a split second right there, he detected Knighthawk glancing towards his general direction. "I must be seeing things. He said to himself before going back to his pretend-slumber.

A few minutes later, Professory Y entered the room, carrying heaps of thick history books in hand. The students quickly recognized him, due to his trademark white hair and beard, and semi-muscular build. Initially, they concluded that Knighthawk was messing with them but when the real deal really entered the room, they were genuinely surprised. After all, who wouldn"t be surprised? It"s the one and only Professory Y in the flesh!

"Today, we"re going to talk about the history of the world. Now, all of you got to this school because of your superpower, and mind you, these superpowers didn"t exist back in the day. Back then, people are used to living their daily lives normally." Professor Y began, ignoring the dreamy gazes of his students. "A famous quote once went like this— you can only look so far ahead in the future without knowing your past. Shiroi, can you give us an insight as to what this quote means?"

"Yes, sir." Shiroi stood up, getting her senses together. "It means that what we learned from the past will determine how much we can foresee the future."

"More or less, yes. And that"s why history is an important subject. With a better understanding of the past, we can look forward to the future and not repeat the same mistakes. There"s another quote that states "history repeateth itself". If we are not careful or aware of the past, there"s a good chance that we"ll repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors from the past. Hence, the importance of history classes. Today, we"re going to learn about the gravest mistake humanity has ever done. Who can tell me what major event happened in the year 2020 AD?"

"The coro— nah, I won"t even answer. I"ll just lay low for now." Satoshi inwardly said to himself. To his surprise, however, he was the only one who didn"t raise his hand.

"Satoshi, would you like to enlighten us?" Professor Y called him, much to his surprise.

"Here we go again..." Satoshi pulled himself out of the chair he was glued to and answered as quickly as he could.

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