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My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

Chapter 22 An Unorthodox Orientation Day

When Knighthawk finally arrived at the classroom just before the third ring of the bell stopped resounding, he was severely exhausted to the point that he was breathing heavily. "Just in time!" He painfully said, approaching the lectern.

Although he seemed cheerful in front of the camera, he looked extremely gloomy when it"s not pointed at him. That"s why when the students saw him for the second time, he seemed bedraggled, like a corpse who just walked out of its coffin.

"Today, we"ll have a fitness test." He simply said as he returned back to his usual arrogant self. "And I don"t want to hear excuses like "we"ll miss the orientation" or "what about the principal"s speech?" nothing of the sort! I know you don"t like those boring blah-blah-blahs anyways."

It was obvious that he was expecting a violent reaction from the students. However, the students" responses were kind of different. Of course, they were expecting something so unorthodox when it comes to the top school in Japan. Their eyes told him that they were actually looking forward to this moment.

"Heh," Hiroshi smirked, clenching his fists and cracking his neck as he laser-eyed everyone in the room.

"Just watch out, I may look weak, but I"m not one to get defeated in such simple contests." Midori was the second one to react.

"Satoshi, let"s do our best!" Shiroi whispered, making Satoshi blush a little bit.

The other students in the room started showing off their superpowers even though they didn"t get permission to do so. They thought that it was fitting to do it a little bit in order to intimidate those who were inferior to them.

"Silence." Knighthawk calmly said, letting out a yawn soon after. Once the noise finally died down, he headed towards the classroom entrance and walked out. "Your desk number corresponds to your locker number at the back of the classroom. Once you don your super suits, you can proceed to the field right in front of the school"s main entrance."

When Knighthawk closed the door behind him as he left the classroom, a series of cheers erupted from the classroom. Everyone was too excited for the fitness test since they could finally use their superpowers to their full potential, no holds barred. Of course, the supervision of a teacher is still present, but it"s not like they"d get reprimanded if they use their superpower. They"re in a superhero school after all.

Satoshi didn"t need to go to the locker room since he didn"t give a super-suit design to the school. The reason was that he wasn"t expecting to pass, and so he gave up all hope to apply for a super suit. Instead, he got a hand-me-down from his dad back when he was still a teenager. His dad was a second-generation superhero, just like everyone else their age. And that means his super suit is not that outdated, and the materials used on it are quite durable, material-wise.

His dad"s super suit is a tight-fit black sweater with a shirt worn on top of it. The shirt had blue and white as its design and a red cap goes along with it. From a distance, his outfit resembled a certain fictional character"s outfit with the same name as him but he didn"t mind the fact at all. He was grateful enough that he had a super-suit, to begin with. As for his lower body, he just wore pants and his brand-new red shoes for the school phys ed. His dad specifically bought it for him since it"s a semi-indestructible pair of shoes for superheroes.

Because of that, all of Satoshi"s classmates didn"t even notice the iconic super suit he was wearing. What they noticed was the famous pair of shoes he was wearing. They were completely in awe, especially Hiroshi who actually came from a poor family.

"Isn"t that the MX3000?! Dude! That"s so cool! Its fibers are made by none other than Silk Girl, the one and only superhero who produces her own silk! I heard that there are only three MX3000 in the world! How did you even get your hands on that?!" Of course, it was Midori who spoke first, as expected. "I heard that its tensile strength is unheard of, utilizing six types of silk produced by Silk Girl. And then, the fact that it doesn"t get burned, dirty, and is waterproof makes it one of the most indestructible shoes in the world!"

"My parents mentored her." Satoshi simply answered.

"Didn"t you know? Silk Girl is part of the Midoriyama Agency." Shiroi backed him up.

"Really? That"s super cool! I didn"t know." Midori said.

After wearing what seemed like a onesie that looked like a certain frog from a children"s book, Midori walked out of the classroom along with the others. By the time Shiroi was done putting on his super-suit, only Shiroi was left in the classroom. She was wearing a white gown with a cape made out of transparent silk. Satoshi made a mental note that if she were to sing "Let it Go" (a famous fairy tale song in ancient times) right then and there, he wouldn"t be surprised.

"Let"s go," Shiroi said.



Sai Tama, the principal of the school, excitedly wore his suit and tie as he hummed to an old song. He felt rather ecstatic because he would be giving the orientation speech once again to inspire the new generation of superheroes. The school had only existed for thirty years, but it had already become one of the most prominent superhero schools to ever exist in Japan. He was quite proud of it. "Another school year, hopefully, another successful year!" He told himself, acting out a glass of wine in his hand as he raised it in mid-air. His bald head glinted as the sun rays bounced from it.

"Good morning, principal."

"A great morning, principal."

"Good day, principal."

Just like any other day, the greetings of the school staff and teachers were like music to his ears. He enthusiastically returned all of them while humming the old tune that continuously played in his mind. It was a good day...

... well almost.

And that"s because as soon as he got to the auditorium wherein the orientation was supposed to be held, no one was there.

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