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The smug look on the online hero blogger"s face was enough proof that he was really their homeroom teacher. Everyone gasped in disbelief but the online hero blogger didn"t even retract a single word from his statement. He just stood there, proudly, as he admired everyone"s reaction.

When it comes to online celebrities, especially those who don"t really reveal their identities, usually they do a face reveal after much anticipation, to further add hype on his or her channel. But the online hero blogger, who had been hiding his face for quite a long time, did it differently. Not only did he reveal his face at the official opening of the USA school year, he even did so as a homeroom teacher of one of the classes!

And not only that, the online hero blogger was in fact the one and only Knighthawk, one of the most famous superheroes to ever exist. It was a bomb that was dropped in front of everyone.

To add to the context, the online hero blogger owns one of the most successful youtube channels with his fifty-four-plus million subscribers. And that"s because he was always the first one to release a video covering the latest fight against superheroes and villains. Some people even believed that the online hero blogger is actually an organization that is scattered all throughout the country. But they thought wrong. The online hero blogger is just Knighthawk.

But how could the people not recognize a conspicuous superhero even though he wasn"t hiding his face? That"s because the online hero blogger actually had long hair that covered his entire face. Some people thought that it was some sort of wig but it was actually genuinely his hair. And underneath that hair is the face of the world-famous superhero called Knighthawk.

The students and parents alike who flocked the online hero blogger thought that it was their time to shine. They immediately pulled out their smartphones and started a live feed that soon spread all throughout the world. Finally! The online hero blogger has revealed his face! Who would"ve thought that it was Knighthawk?!

"Let"s go." Satoshi softly said to Shiroi as he headed to the classroom. There were too many flashes and attention in front of him that he felt nauseated. Just like before, life in front of the camera was not good for him.

"Um, excuse me!" Someone called out from behind Satoshi, making him impulsively turn around, only to see that it was a girl, who looked like she was younger than him.

p "Yes?" Satoshi asked, but as soon as he said that, he heard a series of gasps coming from Hiroshi and Midori. Even Shiroi joined in on the gasping.

"What is wrong with you guys?" Satoshi couldn"t help but think.

"Are you, perhaps, Midoriyama Satoshi, son of the Midoriyama duo?" The girl asked, she then rummaged through her pockets and handed Satoshi a piece of paper.

Disinterested, Satoshi received the piece of paper, and that"s when he realized that the piece of paper handed to him was in fact a business card. Just when he was wondering what sort of prank the girl was trying to pull off, he noticed an all-too-familiar logo on the top left corner of the business card— an "H" with the middle line going downwards rather sideways.

"Heimdall Agency?! Eye-Goddess?! You"re the superhero Eye-Goddess?" Satoshi exclaimed, finally recognizing the girl in front of him. Now that he thought about it, he could see that the girl in front of him had the same built as the Eye-Goddess, the only difference was she was wearing her real face instead of her mask.

"How could you not recognize her, Satoshi? Are you out of your mind? Not only is she the most powerful superhero with the gift of foresight, she also owns the second-largest agency in the whole of Japan! Seriously, why didn"t you recognize her sooner?! Man, if I were you, I wouldn"t hesitate to accept her offer to have an internship at her agency. Seriously dude wha— " Midori started rambling off once again. Unlike what he did back when they were riding the bus, he only whispered all those things in Satoshi"s ears, making him shake his head in annoyance.

"Ssh! Not a lot of people recognize me." the Eye-Goddess replied, looking around as she wore a charming smile on her face. Her pink hair and bright yellowy pinkish eyes gave off an allure that mesmerized everyone in the group. "You must be Midori, Hiroshi and Shiroi. I"ve met your parents in the field, they"re all awesome! All the best on your first year of high school!"

After saying that, the Eye-Goddess turned around and ran in the opposite direction. But after taking a few steps, she retraced her footsteps and stared at Satoshi. "Also, don"t tell your parents I tried to scout you! They might wring my neck or something hehe~ ... If you did want to go through your internship over at my agency, please feel free to give me a call, or perhaps go straight to the agency. Just mention your name and I"ll be personally guiding you. Hope to hear from you soon!" She then ran off, leaving Satoshi and the others a bit confused.

"Wow!" Hiroshi was the one to break the silence. "Did you get a thing she said?"

"No, I was staring really hard at her face that I didn"t even notice she was speaking. What did she say?" Midori answered, even though the question was directed at Satoshi.

"Satoshi, whatever your decisions are, you can at least remember that I"m your childhood friend, right? Right?!" Shiroi teasingly said, nudging at Satoshi"s side, which in turn made him blush a little bit.

While everyone was trying to get Knighthawk"s attention (he completely forgot about Satoshi and the others), Satoshi was unexpectedly approached by one of the leading figures of SAO— the superhero with the overpowered ability of foresight, the Eye Goddess.

"Let"s go," Satoshi repeated one more time, securing the business card in his hand after taking a mental note to look at it later.

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