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It was the start of another school year and Knighthawk could tell that he would be receiving another batch of students for one of his subjects. But when the memo came in on the first day of school, telling him that he would be assigned as a homeroom teacher for the new arrivals, he was furious.

Because of that, he stormed the principal"s office. "Principal! What"s the meaning of this?! I already told you that I"d be willing to teach students in terms of physical education, but why am I being assigned to the new arrivals? Is this some sort of a joke? Perhaps a prank?" Deep within Knighthawk was the feeling of frustration and irritation welling up, but he didn"t show any of it through his expression. He knew just how powerful the principal was, and he didn"t want to offend him.

"I"m so sorry for the late notice, Knighthawk, but you know how it is in our line of work. When opportunities arise, we must step up and take over. That"s what superheroes are, and you know you are a superhero, right?"

"Yes, but I didn"t sign up for thi— "

"Knighthawk, you know very well the difference between those with superpowers and those without... and that"s why I tasked you to do this. The new generation of superheroes are, let"s just say, scary. The Alpha gene is evolving in unexpected ways, and superheroes are getting stronger. If we don"t guide them properly, who knows what would happen to us a few years from now."

p "That"s right... I could kind of get where you"re getting onto... but that"s all the more reason why you should assign formidable superheroes. If they rebel against me, what can I do against them? You know I"m at an age where my body is declining."

"Please, Knighthawk, grant me this favor. Just this one time. If something goes wrong, I"ll pull you out, no questions asked." The principal calmly asked as he pressed his hands against each other.

"Sigh... fine."

Back to the present, Knigthawk uneasily paced through the teacher"s office, trying to figure out how to go about his first class. After going through the list of students he will be handling (there were 12 of them), he realized that all of them meant business. And out of all the students, there is, he was most weary the teenager who just debuted as a superhero yesterday— Midoriyama Satoshi.

After all, not only did Satoshi achieve a surprise superpower debut during his first day of school, he also debuted as a legitimate superhero when he fought against a world-class villain yesterday. It"s only a matter of time before he becomes the talk of the town.

"Whatever, let"s do this, " Knighthawk told himself as he shook his head in frustration.


The school bus arrived at the main entrance of the USA and out came Satoshi and the others. One glance and Satoshi knew that he wasn"t dreaming. He really did pass the test yesterday and right now is the technical first day of school. But after recalling that Knighthawk would be their homeroom teacher, he couldn"t help but gulp.

" But then my father said, son— "

And yes, Midori hasn"t really stopped talking. In fact, he talked too much that Satoshi learned a new skill— ignoring someone while trying to act interested. And that"s because he didn"t want to offend Midori, who genuinely thought that he was his friend.

"I"ll be going on ahead," Hiroshi said, waving a paper that seemed to be a letter from his parents to a certain teacher. It"s just about time that he left, the atmosphere was growing more awkward the longer he stayed with Satoshi, after all.

Shiroi and Satoshi glanced towards each other from time to time but both were too self-conscious to talk about anything. It was a bit understandable for Satoshi since he had an insane crush on Shiroi ever since they were kids. But right now, even Shiroi was acting differently— and that"s because he didn"t know how to treat Satoshi properly. She wasn"t sure if the Satoshi he knew of back then was the same Satoshi that"s beside him right now. The sole reason for that was probably his debut as a superhero.

In other words, Shiroi began seeing him in a new light that she found it quite hard to normally interact with him.

"Are you going to act all embarrassed in front of each other, or are you going to head to the classroom?" A voice suddenly erupted right behind the two of them.

"Who was that?!" Midori was the first one to shout. At that point, Satoshi and Shiroi immediately remembered that Midori was still with them.

Instinctively, all of them turned around, only to find out that a famous blogger was right behind them. Shiroi was the first one to realize who the person was and she immediately pulled out a pen and a paper from her bag. With a brimming smile on his face, she extended her hands. "May I have your autograph, online hero blogger!" Shiroi exclaimed.

"Oh, it"s online hero blogger!"

"Kyaa~ I want his autograph!"

"Is this for real, are we dreaming right now?"

"Bro, isn"t that— "

"Ssh, don"t you see what"s going on here?! this is our time to ask him anything!"

"Right right, we should calm down for now... but I can"t! He looks more handsome in real life!"

"You"re right! Kyaaa~"

While everyone was flocking the new face and asking for his autograph, Satoshi went on his way towards the classroom since they only had three minutes left before homeroom commences. He didn"t want to bother about the famous youtube that"s popular with girls since he couldn"t care less about him. As far as he knows, he"s just a blogger, nothing less nothing more.

"Hey, kid!" The online hero blogger called out, catching up to him. "Why are you ignoring me?" He said with such an offended tone that Satoshi couldn"t help but act surprised.

"Um... I"m going to be late for my classes so— I mean, if you want it that much, I can just ask for your autograph. Would that make you feel better?" His biting remark was enough to trigger everyone, but none of them spoke. They were waiting for professionalism to come out of the online hero blogger"s mouth before they"d react.

"You seem to be sitting on your high horse today, Midoriyama Satoshi of Class 3-1. Is that how you address your homeroom teacher?" The online hero blogger said as a smile plastered on his face.

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