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For a few seconds, everyone at the dinner table stopped eating. They couldn"t believe what they just saw. How could someone get such a simple yet complicated superpower? And why is it so broken that he could very well be one of the most powerful superheroes in the world?

Tatsuki and Ayumu squinted their eyes, trying to figure out what their son"s superpower really was. Their gaze then landed on the window towards their left, overseeing the lawn where the White Lion, the Ball of Flame, and the Casket-looking Nailguns were idly spending their time together.

"So... it"s some sort of "upgrader" that improves a certain object?" Tatsuki verified. "Well, if it was only objects, then it would be a bit manageable... but to think that you can upgrade animals as well? How?"

"How many times can you use it in a day? And what"s the maximum amount of "upgraded items or animals" can you get all at once? Is there a limit to how you can control them or can you control them all at once? How about inventory? Can you store them in your mind or something like that?" Yukine asked, pulling out a piece of paper from his pockets. As a former reporter, he couldn"t stop the urge of getting into interview mode as soon as he sees something interesting.

"I... I don"t know. So far, I have about five of these "upgraded" ones. Right now, I don"t know if there"s a limit. So far, I could always activate the blue flames every time I want. And regarding my control over them, I could control the ones that came from objects or equipment. As for the White Lion, I could command it what to do, I don"t exactly have full control over it."

As Satoshi was trying his best to explain what he could do exactly, Tatsuki stood up and headed to the corner of the room. Was he angry at his son for some reason? Or maybe he needed some time to think? One could only wonder. Even Satoshi felt like something is wrong with his dad.

After getting to the corner of the room, he then stared at the switch and placed his hand underneath it. Suddenly, a green glow came from the wall underneath the wall switch. And then, the empty space that"s supposed to be the lounge part of the house suddenly disappeared, revealing a stairway that led further underground. Everything that happened was a surprise for Satoshi and the Yukino"s. The only one who wasn"t shocked was Ayumu, who probably frequented the underground with her husband.

"Satoshi, I was going to show this to you on your eighteenth birthday but I guess that could be pushed a little earlier," Tatsuki said. "First, can you command your familiars to go here underground with you? This is rather urgent."

"Don"t tell me, Tatsuki, you"re letting your son go to your lair?" Yukine asked, his eyes widened in surprise. "But that"s the one and only secret every superhero has! Even my daughter hasn"t been to my lair yet!"

"You have a lair, dad?!" Shiroi exclaimed.

Satoshi didn"t need telling twice. Everything that happened today seemed like a rollercoaster for him that he couldn"t help but shed a tear. He knew that a superhero showing you to his lair is nothing short of great honor, that"s why Satoshi willingly obliged, calling his "familiars" (or so that"s what his dad called them) down to the underground lair where he presumed his dad did most of his planning before he would confront a villain.

The staircase leading to the underground was pitch-black, but when they came to its lowermost step, the lights suddenly filled the entire space, leaving no corner unlit. To Satoshi"s surprise, it was more spacious than he"d thought.

"Why are you surprised, it"s not like you haven"t been here." Tatsuki chuckled as he patted Yukine on the back.

"What do you mean? This space changed a lot since I first came here. Of course, I"d be surprised." Yukine continued.

Shiroi also gazed in awe at the size of the underground lair, it must be at least three stories high. "But how come we only went down a couple of flights of stairs? This should only be one story, right?" She asked himself.

And that"s when she saw it. The staircase was actually a high-end escalator that worked with electromagnets. Even though they"re going down, everyone didn"t feel it because of how smooth the escalator was rolling down.

"Now, before we start, let me welcome everyone to me and my wife"s lair, once again.

p Tatsuki extended his hands. "As you can see, it"s just your regular lair with all our costumes displayed, the awards we received, as well as hero equipment that we"re working on. Once you become of age, you"re going to inherit everything in here, son."

With great awe, Satoshi looked around the lair. Ever since he became aware that his parents were superheroes, he dreamed of getting his exclusive lair where he can formulate plans and hire a guy in the chair. However, that dream was crushed when his superpowers never manifested.

But now, that dream was revived in his mind, making him somewhat emotional at the sight. "How could you hide something this big underneath our house?" He couldn"t help but ask. "This is nice."

"We"ve slowly worked on beautifying it. What do you think?" Ayumu said in a high-pitched tone. She wasn"t expecting her husband to show everyone their lair. Somehow, she felt like her son was finally living the dream like a superhero. She could tell, based on his expression, that is.

"In any case... " Tatsuki cleared his throat and motioned for everyone to gather around as he wore a serious face. "I"ve gathered all of you here because of one thing. I know you"re probably aware of it but son, your superpower is something that could tip the balance of the society, just like my and your mom"s superpower... "

"... I know you probably want to show it off to everyone... but right now, you have to hide it from everyone."

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