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In a certain neighborhood by the outskirts of Tokyo, where the houses were a bit more expensive compared to normal, a certain two-story house stood by the edge of it, with a spacious lawn and a pristine white wall of a fence surrounding it. Ironically, it may be one of the more expensive houses therein but compared to the nearby houses, it didn"t look that grand at all. Nevertheless, its aesthetic look definitely made it earn its place in that neighborhood.

The house was a modern one, with two slats of thick bricked roofs. From a distance, the house could be seen as having an L-Shape, but from another angle, it"s just a rectangle with a bigger first floor.

A black sedan was parked in front of the car and five people came out. After admiring the house for a few seconds, the driver talked to the one seating by the front seat and he immediately opened the gates. With a hospitable gesture, he welcomed the two visitors to his lovely abode, then he accompanied them inside.

Before he did so, he looked at the White Lion that seemed to be following them ever since they left the location of the incident. This White Lion stared at him, then proceeded to lick its paws. Left with no choice, he decided to lead the White Lion to their lawn, hoping that it won"t destroy anything. Unexpectedly, the White Lion was surprisingly obedient to him, going to one side of the lawn and lying down there. On top of the White Lion, there were two whitish-blue balls of flames while four small caskets filled with nails floated up and down on top of it as well.

"You got a nice house here, huh, and it"s not even that far from school," Yukine commented as his eyes wandered off around the house. He was eyeing the White Lion and the mysterious entities floating on its back but he didn"t address them since Satoshi would just explain everything to them later. After all, that"s what they came here for.

"Oh please, as if you"re house is not that nice." Tatsuki chuckled pointing far off into the distance since Yukino"s place is just a five minutes walk from theirs. "Please come in!"

"I"ll go prepare the second round of dinner then," Ayumu cheerily excused herself as she headed straight to the kitchen.

"I"ll help!" Shiroi offered.


Sometime later,

Satoshi gulped a cupful of water as he nervously helped himself with the cornucopia of food in front of him. Although everyone was being quiet, staring right into his soul, he decided to not mind them for now. He wanted to explain it as clearly as possible but there was no way he could do that since his mind was out of sorts. Adding to that, the constant pressure in his mind, telling him that he had to explain everything to them, worsened his thought process until it short-circuited.

"P-p-please stop staring, I"m trying to figure out how to explain everything." Satoshi spluttered, pushing down the chicken he ate with another cupful of water.

After "licking" his plates clean, he slapped his thighs and thought of what to say. Steeling his resolve, he looked at both his parents and looked down again as he felt guilty. He only ever hid his superpower in one day, but for some reason, he felt like he lied to his parents for years. "I need to tell them now, you can do it!"


"I found out how my superpower works last night. And I didn"t want to tell you anything since I still don"t know the full extent of my powers." Satoshi finally admitted. "That"s why when I first used it, I had a hard time adjusting, you might"ve noticed how sloppily I floated during my fight with Hiroshi."


"Um," Because of the deafening silence that filled the entire room, Satoshi grew a bit concerned. His parents and the Yukino"s were all staring hard at him. "

"So— " Yukino Yukine finally broke the silence after heaving a sigh. "What"s your superpower, really? Wait, let me rephrase that... what do you think is your superpower right now?"

Everyone nodded as he asked that. They were probably waiting for Satoshi to explain it, hence the awkward silence In response, Yuuta scratched his head as he looked up at the wooden ceiling fan whirling around, performing 70 rotations a second... and then Satoshi had an idea.

"I think it"d be best if I just show it," Satoshi called out as he stood on his chair and extended his hands towards the ceiling fan. "Um, Dad, is it all right if I get this ceiling for myself?"

"Um... sure, why not?" Tatsuki easily responded. Although the ceiling fan costs at least a hundred thousand yen, it wasn"t really that important and they could always replace it. That"s why he easily granted his son"s request without thinking twice.

Satoshi didn"t need another heads-up as he tried activating his superpowers. Once again, bluish flames formed on his hands and it started smoothly growing bigger. And just like before, Satoshi was doing this embarrassingly weird dance until the flames were to his liking. Everyone watched with keen interest, trying to figure out what would happen next— all except Shiroi since she had already witnessed the same thing twice.

One moment, he was swaying his arms and body around, the next moment, he shot the bluish flames towards the ceiling fan, enveloping it with the flames. Just like before, the flame somewhat consumed the ceiling fan before it turned into something rather different.

When the ceiling fan reappeared, it didn"t look like a ceiling fan at all, but rather, a small rotor as big as the palm of Yuuta"s hand. Compared to the expensive-looking ceiling fan, the "upgrade" looked lackluster, as if the ceiling fan downgraded into a kid"s toy.

"What"s that?" Ayumu asked before realizing that it was just a small rotor.

But before she could say anything, the small rotor floated up and pointed itself at the bulletproof glass that acted as windows in their house. With one rotation, a strong gust of wind shot through the dining area, puncturing the bulletproof walls with ease. And then, before anyone else could recover from shock, the rotor grew big and started blowing warm air around the room, then it started blowing cold air next. For its last trick, it performed a mini-blizzard that almost froze one part of the dining room before it settled down.

After realizing how overpowered the ceiling fan turned out to be, Satoshi swallowed his dry saliva, drank a mouthful of water, and continued eating away at his steak. "It"s pretty much like that... I don"t know what it is either... " He continued

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