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Satoshi was ready to say "rest in peace" to the white cat which just disappeared into thin air. He didn"t know what happened to it but he assumed that it was already dead. After all, it was consumed by a huge fire, which came out of his own hands. Does that mean he killed the cat? Maybe so, but he didn"t want to think about it.

"What was that?" Shiroi was beyond shock as she stared at Satoshi, open-mouthedly. She saw everything unfold right before her eyes and she didn"t want to believe that Satoshi just killed a cute innocent cat.

"I don"t know, this has never happened before." Satoshi didn"t want to panic but his voice got rather shaky after the event started sinking in his mind. The cat was gone, vanished into thin air.

However, Satoshi didn"t need to be concerned of the white cat that disappeared. A few seconds later, the white cate reappeared, but it looked a tad bit different. In other words, just like the equipment that Satoshi "upgraded" using his superpower, the cat underwent a drastic change as well, much to their surprise.

A blue bolt of lightning descended from the sky, striking exactly where the white cat disappeared. Satoshi and Shiroi flinched as the bright light temporarily blinded them and when they opened their eyes, they saw that something else was there— a White Lion, towering over five feet tall and eight feet in length. The White Lion had clear blue eyes just like Shiroi and lightning coursed through its body as if it was the very manifestation of it. Its mane swayed in the slightest of breeze and its softness almost tempted Satoshi to touch it. He suppressed that urge though since he knew that lions could be dangerous when bothered by humans.

"Um, Satoshi... " Shiroi didn"t know how to explain the situation. The only thing she knew was that she was genuinely frightened of the lion. The only thing shielding her from a potential attack was Satoshi, who was standing between her and the lion.

The White Lion and Satoshi stared at each other as if they were at a standstill, with both sides not eager to move. Satoshi was the first one to break from his shell however, as he slowly reached his hand to pet the White Lion. A few moments ago, he was suppressing himself from touching the White Lion"s mane but right now, his hands were moving on its own. He badly wanted to retract his extended hands but it just wouldn"t stop. It"s as if his mind was telling him to get done with it.

On the other hand, the White Lion indifferently stood there while licking its paws, probably totally oblivious to the menacing hands that got nearer and nearer. When Satoshi"s right hand finally grazed the lion"s mane, it flinched, then slowly landed its gaze on Satoshi, who was closing his eyes in pure fright.

"Rargh~" The White Lion lightly roared before turning around and sitting on its behind. It stole a glance towards Satoshi, signaling that it"s all right to ride on its back.

Upon seeing that the White Lion was as calm and gentle as it looked, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief. "Hold on," Satoshi was the first one to break the ice and he did so when he directed another blue ball of flame towards the Lighter.

This time, the blue flame didn"t deviate anywhere else, it softly landed on the lighter and consumed it with fire. It took exactly five seconds before the Lighter completely disappear, only to appear as a large ball of whitish blue flame. That whitish blue flame then floated and stayed in mid-air just, just above Satoshi"s shoulders. Although the flame was a feet and a half away from his shoulder, Satoshi could feel the incredible hotness on the flame.

"What was that?" Shiroi interrupted him. "Is that your superpower?"

"Um, I"ll tell you everything later. For now, we have to go help your dad and my parents." Since there was no time to test his newfound powers or rather, upgraded lighter and cat, Satoshi just rode on the White Lion, disregarding its scary size.

At that moment, something in Satoshi"s mind clicked. The feeling was close to having unlocked a sixth or seventh element and it was an odd feeling. In an instant, Satoshi could feel that his mind is connected to the White Lion as well as the Whitish Blue Ball of Flame that floated right above his shoulders. Somehow, his mind immediately gained command over the White Lion and the Ball of Flame. At first, the feeling was kind of awkward, like developing a new pair of legs or arms, but after a few seconds of light controls in his mind, Satoshi was already an expert at them. This is the same when he first acquired the nailgun which turned into small metal caskets that shoots out nails.

The White Lion slowly ran towards the scene where the Slime was fighting Satoshi"s parents and Shiroi"s dad. But once Satoshi gained the confidence to tell the White Lion what to do, he started ordering it to run even faster. Before they knew it, the White Lion was running so fast that some people thought it was a streak of lightning flashing parallel to the ground. Satoshi and Shiroi were only safe because the White Lion was purposefully shielding them from particles in the air using its soft mane.

Before they knew it, they were already near the train station by the city of Chiyoda. It wasn"t that far but Satoshi could tell that they arrived here a little earlier than normal. Once Satoshi and Shiroi saw the location, they realized that what was shown in television was just a small portion of it.

The rail line, no, the entire train station was laid waste. Houses nearby were flattened to the ground while countless debris with varying sizes littered the entire place. On one side was a huge Slime Monster, waving its tentacles as if it were brandishing a sword. On the other side were three superheroes, all of them trying to engage with the Slime but they get pushed back every time. Unlike a few minutes ago were there were civilians screaming all over the place, it was already more or less deserted, and all that one could hear is the occasional exhales that came from the Midoriyama Duo and Yukino-san.

"Dad!" Satoshi called out of the blue as he approached his parents while riding the White Lion with Shiroi with her.

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