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Chapter 7: Coccyx Detachment

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“Zhong Nuannuan, you can’t simply spout words like this. Do you think that saying his coccyx is detached, we will allow him to go on medical parole and be treated outside?”

Doctor Lee felt this whole situation was one big ploy!

Zhong Nuanuan must have been hired by Xu Feiyang and his subordinates. If he was allowed medical parole, Xu Feiyang’s contacts on the outside would be able to rescue him easily. Then it would be difficult to get him back in.

“He is just a suspect and not a criminal. Even if he did commit a crime, he still has the right to seek medical parole. I’m not lying. You can bring him to the hospital to check if his coccyx is detached. All he needs is to be scanned by the CT and you would immediately know his condition.”

Doctor Lee laughed at Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

“Do you think you can apply for medical parole whenever you feel like it? This place would not be called a detention center if the prisoners had that much freedom.”

“But he needs to be immediately operated on where he’s hurt at the waist. Any delay would cause him to be paralyzed. If he ends up paralyzed while in the detention center, you would be in a difficult situation.”

Right then, both of Xu Feiyang’s subordinates’ expressions turned completely cold. Their big boss was an important figure who was both wise and brilliant. If a minor detention center in Jiang District caused him to be paralyzed, their fellow triad brothers would definitely call it quits.

As a prison doctor, Doctor Lee knew a little about Xu Feiyang’s background. When he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s words, his face turned grim.

“If his coccyx is really detached, he would need to be operated on immediately. However, he would still need to follow proper procedures to apply for medical parole. Even normal prisoners would need at least two days to get permission through the procedure. Moreover, he’s not really a normal prisoner. He won’t be able to get medical treatment without waiting for at least 5 to 7 days.”

“Then what should we do? If something really did happen to our big boss in this detention center, every one of you will have a hard time here!”

The subordinates next to Xu Feiyang flew into a rage and immediately took to giving out threats.

Doctor Lee was not one to be bullied either. He immediately retorted, “Stop with your damn shouting! This is a detention center. You should be behaving yourself even if you’re a dragon! How dare you threaten me... Do you think I won’t report this? If he really is paralyzed, all you can do is blame it on his bad luck!”

The subordinates were taken aback by the sudden outburst from Doctor Lee. Their eyes turned red.

“What... What should we do?”

One of the subordinates made an extreme decision. “If all else fails, I’ll contact someone from the outside to conduct a prison break. We’ll blow up this prison and big boss will be able to get out then. Even if he fails to escape, this will attract the attention of those in upper management and convince them to give big boss the operation!”

3“You really are too...” Doctor Lee was enraged by the conduct of this group of triad members.

As she witnessed the two subordinates almost crying out of anxiousness, Zhong Nuannuan asked, “Doctor Lee, do you have any silver needles here?”

4“Silver needles? Yes, we do. What do you need with the silver needles? Are you trying to say that his coccyx detachment can be reattached with the help of acupuncture?”

1“I can use a special technique to help him to move the coccyx back into position and use the silver needles to secure his acupoint so that his coccyx won’t detach again. You will need to find a way to get a doctor to operate on him here.”

1Doctor Lee gave it some thought. “Sure, that won’t be a problem. I’ll work on contacting my superiors immediately and get them to send us a specialist to give him the operation.”

2“Sure, no problem. In that case, let’s get the silver needles and sterilize them.”

Doctore Lee looked at Zhong Nuannuan and blurted a question, “Do you really know how to reposition it for him? Zhong Nuannuan, this is the coccyx. If you mishandle it, he will be paralyzed.”

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