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Chapter 3: Lil Sweetie Is Pregnant

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the other end of the phone, a resigned voice could be heard when Chi Yang did not reply after a long wait. “Alright, alright. I’ll continue talking. Cough cough... Well, big boss, you know that stray cat adopted by Sis-in-law Qin is now pregnant?”

3“Chi Yang, I miss you.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s head was on Chi Yang’s chest. Her hands hugged tightly around his waist. Her heart was bursting with happiness as she said this from her heart.

“Hello? Hello? Big boss, are you still listening? Do you need me to continue talking?”

“Chi Yang, nothing is going on between me and Zhou Jinhui.

“When Zhon Jinhui had fallen to his death and you asked me what the relationship between us was, I told you we were together because I was mad at you.

“It was wrong of me to do so! I’ll never say anything to hurt you again. Please don’t be mad at me!”

Chi Yang had always taken offense with the opposite sex who hung out around her.

It was an almost obsessive behavior of his that made him lost all sense of logic.

4That was why Zhong Nuannuan thought it necessary to draw the line between her and Zhong Jinhui, as well as between all her other male school mates. She needed Chi Yang to clearly understand that she, Zhong Nuannuan, had no other boyfriends. She was just the same as he was. All she wanted was him! Only him!


Zhong Nuannuan was caught off guard by his quick response and she looked at him in a daze. She was not sure if she had heard him wrong.

He looked at her slightly agape little cherry mouth, there was a slight watery glaze over her foxy eyes as they looked big and bright, her long eyelashes were blinking like little fans that seemed to be brushing on his heart gently over and over. It stirred his heartstrings. Chi Yang wished he could bend down to kiss that little thing ferociously on the mouth to console his eager heart that had missed her for the last month.

3However, he managed to resist the urge in the end.

He had pushed himself on her previously and had forcefully submitted his marriage report to the military base. She had treated him with deep animosity because of it. It took so long to get her to treat him slightly better and he was not about to step on her tail again.

Chi Yang held back the urge to hold her in his arms and said, “Zhou Jinhui had epilepsy. When he got into an argument with you, his epilepsy flared up, causing him to fall down the stairs and hit the back of his head leading to his death. The autopsy report had proved your innocence. Even Zhou Jinhui’s family had admitted to his medical condition. You are innocent and his death has nothing to do with you. Don’t blame yourself over it.”

“Okay,” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

The truth was, Zhong Qianqian had pushed him down the stairs when his epilepsy lapsed. She had witnessed Zhong Qianqian going into shock over her actions and thought that if she had taken the rap and got into prison, at the very least, Zhong Nuannuan would not be bullied. Even if she went to prison, she was capable of finding a way to get out, which was why she took the blame for Zhong Qianqian.

5She never had anything to do with Zhou Jinhui’s death, she was just finding fault in herself.

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