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Chapter 26: Degrading Family’s Principles

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Nuannuan, mom asked Aunty Zhao to make your favorite dish today. I even helped her out! Oh, and to celebrate your release from prison, I went ahead and bought a set of super expensive skincare products yesterday. Come to my room later, I’ll hand them to you.”

Zhong Qianqian approached them and continued talking. While she was dominating the conversation, she attempted to pull Chi Yang’s arm apart from Zhong Nuannuan’s hand as she wanted to seize the chance to separate the two.

Even if it was a hypocritical show of affection to win her favor, she was unable to put up with Chi Yang’s affection toward Zhong Nuannuan.

Who would have thought that Chi Yang would intentionally exert a slight force to pull Zhong Nuannuan into his arms when Zhong Qianqian was about to pull her sister’s hand off him.

He speedily took Zhong Nuannuan’s hand that was in his right hand and changed it to his left hand, accomplishing a seamless joint between the two. He then extended his right hand to seize Zhong Nuannuan’s waist.

He had the same glare as a tiger that was staring down its’ enemy. He looked like he had malicious intentions toward the person in his embrace. It was as if he was a lion protecting his meal.

Zhong Qianqian thought, ‘She only wanted to pull Zhong Nuannuan, so why did Big Brother Chi Yang glare at her as if he was looking at his rival in love?’

Zhong Nuannuan was fully embraced by Chi Yang, her back pressed up against his chest.

Feeling Chi Yang’s hot temperature, she could faintly hear the strong heartbeat in his chest. The very intimate position reminded her that the man was still alive and strong. Zhong Nuannuan felt relieved. At this moment, she felt that her life was complete.

Zhong Qianqian and whoever else were all automatically screened out to the outside world.

The boiling hot body temperature lingering around her was the source of all the warmth in her life.

Upon seeing Zhong Nuannuan’s expression that was hard to make out and Chi Yang’s eyes that so clearly showed a blissed emotion, Zhong Qianqian felt like she turned into a f*cking dog that ate all of its food in one go. Her mouth and heart tasted like dog food. She almost threw up from disgust.

3However, the magnetic field between these two people made it feel like they were in another world of their own. Even if she were to stir up a row under these circumstances, they would easily disregard her existence. It made the flame that Zhong Qianqian had tried to restrain earlier soar uncontrollably in just a flash.

“Nuannuan, you’re still just a senior in high school. Isn’t it bad for you to be hugging a man in public before you even graduate from senior high? You were abducted by a trafficker when you were three years old and spent so many years in the farming area. You barely received a good education, and since your return, mom and dad have pampered you so much because they felt sorry for you. You should know that the Zhong Family’s blood is flowing in your veins. Our dad’s in the military, and mom is the lady of the Cloud Group. We’re aristocrats in Jiang District, and as the young lady of an aristocratic family, you should have the mannerism that properly reflects the daughter of an affluential family. Don’t do things that would degrade our family’s principles.”

1Zhong Qianqian’s words snapped Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang back into reality.

“Degrading family’s principles?” Zhong Nuannuan frowned slightly. “Big sis, you must’ve forgotten. Chi Yang has already made it clear to all of us earlier. He is my fiance now. Although we have yet to hold our wedding, our marriage has been approved by the military base. It’s been acknowledged by the organization.

Right now, I’m embracing my fiance in my own family yard. How is that degrading our family’s principles? Could it be that the Zhong Family and Jiang Family have their own set of rules that states unmarried husband and wife aren’t allowed to hug? If embracing one another is deemed as a degrading act, how about the time big sis tried to drug Chi Yang? Stripping Chi Yang naked in an attempt to seduce him, what’s that called?”


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