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Chapter 22: Starting Afresh

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She gave Chi Yang an inexplicable glance before getting inside the car, not understanding what was the difference of getting in from the left side or the right.

As she was pulling her hand away, she felt a surge of force in the area where their fingers intertwined. It was clasping her fingers tightly to prevent her from pulling away.

Zhong Nuannuan was startled for a moment as she turned and looked at their interlocked hands.

At that particular moment, Chi Yang seized the chance to get into the car and snuggled close to her, before closing the door with his free left hand.


It was at that moment, Zhong Nuannuan finally understood.

It turned out that this man was unwilling to let go of the hand that she took the initiative to hold. So, he changed the method of entering the car.

She wanted to laugh but felt stifled in her heart as well.

Was he afraid that if she took her hand away, she would no longer take the initiative to hold hands with him again?

How terrified was he to lose her, that he was so reluctant to let go of her hand?

Ning Wenhao’s attention was fixated on his boss whilst he dealt with the traffic accident. He felt his eyeballs were about to pop out.

His boss...

Did a great job!!!

1He efficiently handled the accident matter and waited for someone from the insurance company to tow away the Land Rover. After that, Ning Wenhao got back inside the car.

Zhong Nuannuan was talking in the car, and once Ning Wenhao came in, she stopped.

Ning Wenhao felt that he was a superior leveled light bulb. (TN: A light bulb is slang for an unwanted third wheel.)

“This is my brother Ning Wenhao, and also my subordinate. If you can’t find me in the future, you can look for him.”

“Hello, sister-in-law! We’ll be family in the future, so if you need any help, just let me know.”

Initially, all the brothers were not fond of Zhong Nuannuan. Owing to her unpleasant attitude toward their boss, and that was enough for them to be rubbed the wrong way.

2But now that she was able to take good care of his boss’ state of mind and made him so happy, Ning Wenhao’s mood turned good and he treated Zhong Nuannuan warmly.

Zhong Nuannuan was slightly stunned by Ning Wenhao’s reaction.

For the past six years in her last life that she was with Chi Yang, she and Ning Wenhao never had a proper conversation.

Every time Ning Wenhao saw her, he would always give her a disgusted look as if she was unpleasant to the eyes. Hence, she never bothered anything about him.

She would never have guessed that in this lifetime, he would be this enthusiastic to her during their first encounter.

Zhong Nuannuan knew who Ning Wenhao was. One should not look at him as a mere subordinate of Chi Yang; his identity was, in fact, not that simple.

He was the eldest grandson of the Ning family, one of the Four Dominant Families in the Emperor District. He could have been one of those adequate and overbearing presidents, but he worshipped Chi Yang from an early age and joined the military with him. Wherever Chi Yang battled, he followed suit. He had also received numerous military achievements and should have been first lieutenant by now.

It was said that Chi Yang had saved Ning Wenhao’s life before. Since then, Ning Wenhao had been faithful and loyal to Chi Yang and regarded his life to be more important than his own life.

Looking at Ning Wenhao giving her a friendly smile with his dashing face, Zhong Nuannuan smiled at him as well and replied, “Yes, we’re family now, so I won’t be polite. Next time, if you need anything from me, don’t hold yourself back as well.”

“Hahaha, alright, alright. I certainly won’t hold myself back.”

Even if she said it, Ning Wenhao did not feel that he would need any help from Zhong Nuannuan. He only hoped for Zhong Nuannuan to treat his big boss well and stay dedicated to him. That was enough to satisfy him. However, he did not expect to receive such a promise from Zhong Nuannuan today that would greatly benefit him and his family in the future.

2Seeing his wife showing such a good-looking smile to another man, Chi Yang felt jealous in his heart. He said with a gloomy expression, “Drive your car.”

Ning Wenhao laughed, “Alright, big boss. Where are we heading to?”

“Zhong Family’s house.”


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