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Chapter 20: Hello Officer

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The young traffic policeman was about to shove Chi Yang.

It was then he saw Chi Yang’s military uniform and his epaulet with four moons sewn on it. His eyes opened wide and looked like they were about to fall out from his sockets. As he took a closer look on the specific insignia, his arms froze in mid-air and he did not dare to make another move.

When he came to his senses, he immediately stood at attention and gave Chi Yang a proper military salute.

“Good day, sir!”

The young traffic policeman’s heart trembled when his eyes met with Chi Yang’s unfriendly gaze.

Oh no, what did you do?

He just tried to intimidate a captain!

In a military base, a captain’s rank held a position akin to deputy chief of staff!

Was there such a young deputy chief in Camino’s military base?

Perhaps... Had he run into a fraud?

1At this moment, the traffic policeman felt a pang of contradiction in his heart. One of his hands was giving a salute, and the other hand was holding onto the breathalyzer as he contemplated what to do next.

Chi Yang’s facial expression grew dark. He looked at the traffic officer’s appearance from top to bottom.

After determining this person’s strength and appearance that had zero potential, the nefarious fire that was burning in his chest gradually dissipated.

He walked a few steps toward the traffic policeman. Just as the policeman retreated two steps from him out of fear, he reached out and took the breathalyzer from the other party’s hand and blew into it.

The reading indicated that there was no consumption of alcohol.

By then, Zheng Nuannuan had exited from the car and saw how frightened the traffic policeman was by Chi Yang. She immediately held onto Chi Yang’s hand.

The moments her fingers interlocked with Chi Yang’s fingers, his ferocious and stern gaze transformed like a tree turning into spring and spurting water after a heavy rain. The slightly unkind and hostile glare that he gave to the traffic policeman disappeared instantly. Moreover, he plastered on a spring-like expression on his face as he explained nicely,

“Comrade, I wasn’t drinking. I had poor maneuvering and got absent-minded earlier and ended up crashing the car into the big tree. Here’s my ID, I’ll take full responsibility for the penalty given.”

The traffic policeman was stupefied by this chief officer’s 180-degree change in attitude. He blinked his eyes and did not respond for a short while.

Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang’s hands were intertwined together tightly. She would pinch his hand from time to time to help soothe his emotions.

Chi Yang behaved like a lion that had been soothed and his mane combed. Despite the unpleasant atmosphere around him, he was able to act like they were all invisible to his eyes.

After seeing that he was emotionally stabilized and was letting out a somewhat indolent sigh, she added, “Comrade officer, I disturbed my fiance earlier when he was driving. He was distracted and that’s how the accident happened. I’m truly sorry.”

1Upon hearing Zhong Nuannuan admitting to the traffic policeman that he was her fiance, Chiyang’s heart jumped ecstatically as if it was suddenly filled with flowers.

He liked the feeling of being acknowledged by her!

He liked how she held his hand and recognized him as her own in front of others, as it manifested the feeling of attribution.

However, the traffic policeman failed to notice the smug and proud expression in the chief officer’s eyes.

When he opened up his military identification card earlier, not only did it state that he was the Jiang District’s military base captain, there were also the five words ‘Department of Special Forces Team’ written on top of it. The traffic policeman immediately felt sick, and instantly regretted that he had been rude to his idol.

This was the Commanding Officer of the Department of Special Forces Team that he admired the most!

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