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Chapter 2: Tensed Up

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It was because she had witnessed Zhong Qianqian’s possessiveness over Chi Yang, coupled with the sisterly love that she had and her mum’s incessant persuasion in the last life, Zhong Nuannuan considered to divorce Chi Yang.

2However, it was her continuous act of giving in to her sister and hurting Chi Yang that had ended up with her earning a wave of madness to destroy her rather than her family’s love and understanding.

Not only did they destroy her, but they had also destroyed Chi Yang.

1That was why in this life, her family was nothing to her but a passing cloud.

4Zhong Nuannuan kept her gaze steadily at Chi Yang. Chi Yang’s gaze fell onto Zhong Nuannuan’s bare feet now and then. His conversational tone turned cold at the same time.

Zhong Qianqian walked up purposefully toward Zhong Nuannuan with the mannerism of a concerned older sister. She blocked Zhong Nuannuan’s view of Chi Yang and suddenly broke into a smile as she said, “Nuannuan, I’ve been so worried about you since you got arrested. I’ve even gone looking for Big Brother Chi Yang so many times to help you get released from prison earlier.”

1She gave a side glance at Chi Yang, who was still on the phone. She made sure that he was not paying attention to Zhong Nuannuan before saying in a quiet voice, “The words you said to Big Brother Chi Yang previously had been especially hurtful. He decided to let go of everything about you but could not reject my continuous requests, which was why he finally agreed to get you out of prison.”

Zhong Qianqian did not notice that the moment she was done with her whispering, Chi Yang had subtly frowned. He had heard Zhong Qianqian’s words.

After her whisper, Zhong Qianqian suddenly declared aloud, “Big Brother Chi Yang is a good person. You really must remember to thank him. Without him, Zhou Jinhui’s mother would not have withdrawn the lawsuit and you wouldn’t be able to get out of prison so quickly.”

What Zhou Qianqian meant to say was that it was to her credit that Zhou Nuannuan was able to get out of prison.

1Chi Yang had given Zhou Qianqian face upon her request to help out this fiancé of his.

Zhou Qianqian had also wanted to let Zhou Nuannuan know that during her month-long imprisonment, the relationship between her and Chi Yang had gotten closer. Zhong Nuannuan was just his fiancé by name for now.

For the old Zhou Nuannuan, these words from Zhou Qianqian would have annoyed her enough to feel resentful toward Chi Yang.

But now...

Zhong Nuannuan gave Zhong Qianqian a sweet smile. “I thought that it was mum and dad who had bailed me out. I had not expected it to be Chi Yang. Sis, you are right. Chi Yang is a good man. I really should thank him.”

Zhong Nuannuan pulled her hands away from Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan, and pushed Zhong Qianqian away who was in front of her. She ran straight toward Chi Yang.

He had been busy pretending to be on the phone, but in fact, Chi Yang had been giving Zhong Nuannuan his full attention all this while. He suddenly felt a slight sway and a fuzzy ball of softness rammed into his arms.

3Even though his expression looked cold and elegantly distant, as if undisturbed by what happened, but his fair-looking right hand that was holding the phone, as well as his tensed up chest that had hurt Zhong Nuannuan’s ears when she ran into him, had completely betrayed his currently nervous emotions.

“Big boss, I really have no idea how to say this! You haven’t seen your beloved for a month, so why don’t you take the time to have a good chat with her?! What good is there for you to keep pulling me into conversation over the phone? How about this, why don’t I hang up right now? ...”

3Zhong Nuannuan could hear the voice clearly from the other end of the phone.

Zhong Nuannuan buried her face into Chi Yang’s chest. Her lips could not help but curve up into a smile.

He obviously cared a lot about her. Even though she had never really treated him nice for a full six years, he would still be the first one to appear before her whenever she was in trouble or in danger. He would stop the sky from falling onto her.

5Even when facing death, he used his body as a human shield, protecting her fully within his arms.

This man had a love for her that was just like the deep ocean. It may look still and peaceful, but it was deep and vast.

Even though... He had not seen her for a whole month and just gave her some casual glances when she appeared, even pretending to be on the phone all these while.

He wanted to hide that awkwardness in his heart. He was worried that she would find his presence repulsive, so he attempted to keep as low a profile as possible around her.

Zhong Nuannuan felt a slight sadness for him at that moment.


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