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Chapter 19: Get Down and Blow!


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Chi Yang was extremely reluctant with the sudden emptiness in his arms and he was not paying attention to what Zhong Nuannuan was talking about.

“We opened our mouths at the same time. You let me asked my question first, what about you? What did you want to say?”

“I just wanted to know the name of the guard that bullied you in prison. Aside from punishing you to repent for ten hours, what else did she do? Did you see any inmates who were close to her?”

She was Chi Yang’s woman. How could he let other people bully her? He wanted to investigate who was this person.

There was a knock on the car window when Zhong Nuannuan was about to speak.

Knock knock knock.

Chi Yang turned his head in frustration and gave the person outside the car a cold stare. When he saw that it was the traffic policeman, he rolled down the window a little.

When the traffic policeman arrived, he saw a Land Rover that had crashed into an old tree on the opposite side of the road. He was fuming.

When he was about to scold the driver that caused the ruckus, he was met with a glare as sharp as a knife. It caused shivers to run down his spine.

1When their eyes met, the traffic policeman was startled by his gaze.

The traffic policeman calmed himself down, puffed up his chest and ordered.

“Come down, blow!”

2It was obvious that this man was an experienced driver.

Who would believe that an experienced driver would drive like this without being under the influence of alcohol?

Zhong Nuannuan noticed that her demon had glared at the policeman. She felt embarrassed and put out her head from the side of the window and apologized sincerely.

2“I’m sorry, Mr. Policeman. I was talking to him just now, that’s why he wasn’t paying attention to the road and crashed into the tree. We didn’t drink.”

The traffic policeman saw Zhong Nuannuan through the crack in the window that Chi Yang had rolled down.

The young traffic policeman was startled by her beauty. His gaze lingered on her. He did not move his eyes away from her and he forgot what he wanted to say.

1When Chi Yang saw that his wife was being coveted, he was like a lion whose territory had been taken over. He was furious.

The traffic policeman did not even have time to react when Chi Yang swung open the car door with a loud bang.

The traffic policeman was standing right outside the car. He did not have time to react to the sudden rudeness, so his arm was slammed by the car door and he staggered and almost fell.

When Chi Yang opened the car door, he rolled up the car window at the same time. He got out of the car hurriedly and slammed the car door shut, blocking the traffic policeman’s view to his wife completely.

Zhong Nuannuan got out of the car immediately after Chi Yang when she saw how angry he was. She was afraid that he would beat up the traffic policeman.

When the policeman finally stood firmly, he got angry as well.

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