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Chapter 16: I’m Not Pushing You Away

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The oncoming cars were rapidly swerving around whilst blaring their horns. Then, there was a sudden and loud bang as the Land Rover darted off the other lane, only to crash straight into a tree. Thus, the car finally came to a stop.

1Looking at the airbag that had just been activated, Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

“Chi Yang, do you feel unwell?”

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang worriedly. She wanted to know how serious Chi Yang’s illness was.

“No.” Chi Yang’s voice was a little hoarse.

His anger was gone from the contact with Zhong Nuannuan’s hand.

Chi Yang felt like his heart was not his and he was looking at Zhong Nuannuan with excitement in his eyes.

“But... if you’re not feeling unwell, then why did you drive to the other lane and crashed your car?”

She wanted to help him turn the steering wheel just now, but his hand was it so tight heading toward the wrong side of the road. His arms were so stiff that she could not turn the steering wheel.

That was such a violent outburst, and he said he was fine?

“Chi Yang, now that we’re engaged, we’re one entity. If you feel unwell, you can tell me, and we’ll face it together, okay?”

Chi Yang’s lips were pressed together. The side of his handsome face was shone golden under the autumn sun. His strong features looked gentle and serene.


Zhong Nuannuan smiled and looked at Chi Yang with her sparkly eyes. She was waiting for him to tell her his condition so that she could heal him starting from tomorrow.

But Chi Yang was only looking at her with a smile on his face. He did not say anything.

Zhong Nuannuan waited for a long time and still did not get her answer. She asked again, “So... what happened just now? Can you tell me?”



“You... touched my hand.” And you were the one who took the initiative!

“You don’t actually hate me.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “...”

Were they talking about this?

Looking at Chi Yang’s smiling eyes on his solemn-looking face, Zhong Nuannuan’s brain stopped functioning momentarily.

How could someone be so law breakingly good looking?

4“You said before that you feel disgusted when you touch me. But today you hugged me and even touched my hand; which means you’re not repulsed by me or maybe you’re not sick anymore?”

2Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

So, he was deliriously happy for such a reason which caused him to drive into the wrong lane and crashed into a tree on the other side of the road?

Her gaze fell lightly on his hand that she touched. He was still holding tightly on the steering wheel, and his hand seemed to be trembling slightly.

Everything suddenly made sense to Zhong Nuannuan.

Before they died, he had told her this when they were running for their lives. He told her not only he had an affective psychiatric disorder, but he also had something called allodynia that came with his illness.

8This kind of illness would cause someone to be extremely sensitive to touch.

If he was touched by someone he did not like, he would be uncomfortable and if it was really bad, he would feel nauseous and puke.

2She, however, was the complete opposite.

She was the one that he liked and also the one that he chose. That was why he did not reject her touch, in fact, he enjoyed it. However, there would be a huge reaction in his body simultaneously.

Even though he could get used to this kind of sensitivity after a while, but his whole body had frozen from her touching him just now. That was why he had lost control of the steering wheel and headed straight into the opposite lane.

Suppressing her throbbing heart and worries, Zhong Nuannuan smiled brightly under Chi Yang’s heated gaze. “Yeah, I hugged you and even touched your hand. This means I don’t hate you anymore.”

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