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Chapter 14: Did Anyone Bully You?

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After more than ten minutes of driving on the small road, the car turned onto the highway. There were more cars on the highway, which eased the awkwardness in the car.

“How was life in there? Did anyone bully you?”

“Didn’t you hire someone to protect me? Officer Chen was there so no one dared to touch me.”

Chi Yang frowned. “That Chen Jia... I told her not to say anything.”

“Please don’t misunderstand. Officer Chen is a good officer. She didn’t tell me anything. I was the one who guessed that she was working for you.”

Afraid that he would not believe her and would cause problems for Officer Chen, Zhong Nuannuan said, “You know what my family members are like. They didn’t even bring extra clothes for me when I got out of prison. They didn’t even come to visit me for the whole month I was incarcerated. Of course, I wouldn’t expect them to pull any strings with the guard for me. So, it must have been you.”

Chi Yang frowned. “They didn’t visit you?”


Chi Yang tightened his grip on the steering wheel. He was trying to suppress his anger.

One month!

It was a whole month! He wanted to come to visit her so badly, but because of the rules of visitation, he could only visit her once a month. He was also afraid that he would get in the way of her time with her family. Moreover, he was afraid that she would find him too annoying.

If he knew Zhong Kuijun and his wife never intended to go to visit her, then he would have instantly been there.

“Chi Yang, thank you.” Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for everything you did over these past six years. Thank you for being willing to risk your life for me.

“You’re my fiance, and soon-to-be wife. You’re the closest person in this world to me. Anything that’s yours is mine as well.”

Right. Her problems were his problems. That is how a family should be.

Those people in the Zhong family were not her family.

When she got out of prison in her last life, her father took all the credit for himself.

She only realized this after she was killed.

Her family did not come to visit her for the whole month, so why would they have bothered wasting their time arranging all these things for her? Perhaps they would have even liked for her to die in prison.

“You said you didn’t get bullied in prison. Is that true?”

What Chi Yang said was based on the information given to him by Officer Chen.

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “After Officer Chen came, they stopped bullying me.”

Chi Yang narrowed his eyes. His gaze was as sharp as a knife. “So that means you were being bullied before she came?”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled nonchalantly. “Not really. Officer Chen came just in time. She came on the second day of my stay in the detention center.”

“Then what about the first day? Who bullied you?”

The corner of Zhong Nuannuan’s lips curved into a faint smile. “That’s in the past.”

“I want to know.” Chi Yang’s face turned dark. He insisted on knowing what had happened.

“When I first arrived in the detention center, I was knocked unconscious by the electric baton. The people in there threw rocks at my head which resulted in a small fracture. When I woke up, I hit them back. After this, the guard punished me by making me think about what I did next to the stump for ten hours. The next day, when Officer Chen arrived.”

4Her head got fractured!

Repenting next to the stump for ten hours!

The height of the stumps were below someone’s knees. In order to prevent any injuries to the inmates who were being punished, they would often be cuffed to the stumps.

However, since the stumps were so short, coupled with the fact that the inmates could not sit under the watchful eyes of the guards, the ones who were punished could only bend their waist or kneel on the ground.

This punishment would not cause too much harm if it lasted for a few minutes or even half an hour. However, if it lasted more than an hour, it would cause injury to the waist and the knees.

To think, his Nuannuan was cuffed there by that damn guard who did not bother to find out the truth for ten hours!

This kind of punishment was dealt with the intention of hurting someone.

He was fast. He had arranged for his people to go inside on the second day. The only thing he did not expect was for the others to be faster than him.

Who wanted to hurt his Nuannuan?

1The air around Chi Yang was frosty. A storm was seemingly brewing in the car.


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