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Chapter 10: Explaining Clearly

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Zhong Qianqian was so mad she stomped her feet as her face turned crimson. “But I’m Nuannuan’s biological sister! Does that mean I’m an outsider? If not for Nuannuan’s sudden appearance, we would have been together!”

1Zhong Qianqian finally realized that Zhong Nuannuan was trying to go against her.

She broke her promise and betrayed the relationship between the two sisters.

She no longer placed her hope on Zhong Nuannuan. If she did not take the opportunity to fight for Chi Yang, this extremely outstanding man would soon be completely out of her reach.

“Zhong Qianqian, you might have misunderstood this from before. Since your parents are present, I think it’s best to lay things out clearly.

“Please stop using your father’s initial intentions as a reason to continue doing this. His intentions are not mine. I can’t associate myself with you just because of his initial attempt at introducing us.

“I’ve forgiven you because of Nuannuan and your father when you drugged the water I took with my medicine. Having said that, there are limitations to how far you can go. I hope you will be smart enough to understand that if you cross the line, I won’t let off that easily, even if you are a woman.”

2Chi Yang’s expression was grim, his voice reminiscent of a cold, sharp knife. Zhong Qianqian turned pale at Chi Yang’s frosty warning. After this, Chi Yang’s stern expression moved from her to Zhong Kuijun.

Zhong Kuijun was much older than Chi Yang, but there was something about Chi Yang’s mannerism that displayed his alpha-male characteristics. There was a nobleman’s aura to him that was hard to ignore. When Zhong Kuijun’s eyes met Chi Yang’s, he could not help but feel that he was somehow inferior.

1In the military base, the higher the rank, the more powerful one was. Needless to say, it did not help that the military base Chi Yang belonged to was the special forces team. Thus, it was difficult for him to use his status as an elder when facing Chi Yang.

“Commander Zhong, Zhong Qianqian is your daughter, and so is Nuannuan. Now that Nuannuan is my fiancée, I hope that you won’t be a biased father and put Nuannuan in a difficult position.”

2In public, Chi Yang had always referred to Zhong Kuijun as Uncle Zhong. Yet, this time, he did not refer to him as such and simply addressed him by rank.

Zhong Kuijun found this hard to take, but could only force himself to accept it by smiling awkwardly. He then turned towards Zhong Qianqian angrily.

“Qianqian, what you are doing still standing in front of Chi Yang’s car? Come over here right now and stop embarrassing yourself!”

Zhong Qianqian was already embarrassed enough from being berated by the man she liked. Now, even Zhong Kuijun was roaring at her. Her tears immediately streamed down as she ran towards the Maserati crying. Then, she climbed into the car and closed the car door.

“Nuannuan, this is all Qianqian’s fault. I’ll make sure to give her a good scolding. But she is still your older sister after all, and the poor thing has lost her mother. Please don’t get mad at your sister later!”

9The smile on Jiang Shuwan looked like it was about to crack, but she still managed to salvage the situation with a smile.

4“Don’t worry mum, I won’t get mad at her,” Zhong Nuannuan smiled.

Jiang Shuwan tussled Zhong Nuannuan’s hair and said, “That’s my good girl. Chi Yang, do be careful on the road later. Safety first.”

“Don’t worry, aunty. I will drive carefully.”

After this, the Maserati slowly drove off. When Zhong Qianqian spotted the couple standing together through the rearview mirror, she cried even more furiously.

When she saw her daughter crying her eyes out, Jiang Shuwan transformed from a loving mother into a woman with a fiercely unforgiving expression. She lashed out, “Who does she think she is?! If not for us bringing her up, then would she have been able to survive until now? She isn’t even eighteen years old yet and she thinks she can do anything she wants because she has a man? Here she is, seducing her sister’s man!!! She’s a vixen, just like that mother of hers. None of them are good people!”


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