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Chapter 7: Consuming a Grade One Beast Core

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yang Tian woke up foggily and felt something licking his face. It was sticky and itchy, and there was also the metallic smell of blood. He opened his eyes and turned over.

The little green dragon jumped onto his chest and buried its head in his face. It also stuck out its tongue to lick Yang Tian’s chin.

Yang Tian felt that the smell of blood grew stronger.

It turned out that the smell was coming from the little green dragon’s body. Yang Tian picked up the little green dragon’s slender body to figure out what the pipsqueak was up to in the middle of the night while he was asleep to be covered in such a strong stench of blood.

The little green dragon’s body was sticky, but that was not important. The point was that in its claws it held a white orb.

A Beast Core!

When he saw this white, bird egg-like object that was no bigger than the tip of his pinky finger, Yang Tian’s eyes widened.

The little green dragon offered the Beast Core to Yang Tian as though it were offering tribute, and squeaks came out of its mouth as it did so.

Yang Tian reached out his hand and the little green dragon placed the Beast Core in the palm of his hand. 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

“Where did you get this Beast Core?”

Yang Tian asked curiously.

“Squeak squeak squeak...”

The little green dragon let out a chain of squeaks but Yang Tian could not understand. However, from the blood that covered its body, it seems that it had gone and battled some Monsters. It was unclear how it could defeat a Grade One Monster with its minute size.

This was a safe place. Yang Tian put the little green dragon down and used his sleeve to rub the Beast Core. He immediately placed it in his mouth and swallowed it into his belly.

As soon as it saw Yang Tian swallow the Beast Core, the little green dragon jumped to one side and looked at Yang Tian with wide eyes.

Yang Tian looked at the pipsqueak’s eyes and suddenly realized that it was very intelligent. After scolding it last night, it had gone and found another Grade One Beast Core in the night as compensation. It was just too mischievous!

Ten minutes after swallowing the Beast Core, Yang Tian felt warmth brewing in his belly and spreading to his entire body.

This feeling was similar to the feeling he got when he drank the water that the Dragon Pearl was soaked in.

Half an hour later, the warmth had enveloped his entire body, and he felt extremely comfortable as though he were soaking himself in a hot bath. At this moment, a strong feeling of heaviness came to him, and he unknowingly closed his eyes.

When Yang Tian woke up, he felt that his strength had increased significantly once more.

Yang Tian glanced at his wristwatch and found out that it was nearly 3 pm.

The little green dragon was lying by the bed, curled up and seemingly asleep.

Yang Tian pulled the curtains open and looked outside. It was a season where the weather constantly changed. The sun was out and shining the day before, and it was currently dark and gloomy and looked like it was about to rain.

This weather was not good for going out. However, if he did not go out to hunt, he would starve. Yang Tian used his finger to stroke the little green dragon, waking it up.

“Come on, let’s go out and find something to eat.” Yang Tian smiled at it after it woke up.

The little green dragon squeaked and happily jumped onto Yang Tian’s chest. As usual, it hung off Yang Tian’s chest.

In a world where Monsters existed, one had to constantly hunt down Monsters in order to be strong. Then, one would obtain Beast Cores and could strengthen their bodies after consuming them.

After he had strengthened his own body, his Combat Skills had improved as well-he could obtain even more resources.

This was the natural order of things.

After leaving, Yang Tian quickly headed to the creek where he water from the day before. There was a bridge not far downstream, and after crossing it, one could enter the Danger Zone a few kilometres away.

In the Danger Zone, there was always a chance that a Monster would appear out of the bushes, or woods, or out of a ruined building.

Yang Tian became extremely cautious after crossing the bridge, and he was constantly on guard. This time he did not intend to go too far. The objective was just to find some food.

After strengthening himself, Yang Tian found that he was very easily hungry.

After traveling for a short while, the little green dragon suddenly crawled out from Yang Tian’s embrace, jumped onto the ground, and rushed into a bush nearby. Immediately after, there was hissing sound.

“Squeak squeak!”

At that moment, the little green dragon could be heard as well.

Yang Tian heard the noise, and thinking the little green dragon to be in danger, he immediately ran over.


Yang Tian had not even gotten close to the bush when a massive green python slithered out of the bush and brought with it the sound of rushing wind.

This python was ten meters long and was as thick as a man’s thigh.

A mutated python.

The name of this python suddenly surfaced in Yang Tian’s mind. Yang Tian had memorized the information of every known Monster which was a mandatory subject in high school.

Because he knew the information of every Monster, when he met one he could accurately gauge its strength.

This was a Grade One Green Python.

The method to differentiate Monsters was primarily in feeling the strength of their breath. The stronger the Monster, the stronger the breath.

A normal person would find it very difficult to differentiate the Grade of Monsters based on its breathing. However, a Transhuman who had consumed a Beast Core could easily judge it. It was just like second nature.

The moment Yang Tian saw the giant snake, his mind had already decided.

This giant python that appeared from the bushes seemed to be in great pain as the little green dragon was lying on its diamond-shaped head. Its claws were constantly scratching at the Green Python’s head.

The little green dragon was extremely fast, and one could only see its shadow. In a few heartbeats, it had bored into the giant python’s skull and dispatched the beast.

“Squeak squeak!”

After dispatching the giant python, the little green dragon chirped happily and dug out a white Beast Core.

At that, Yang Tian finally realized how the little green dragon could defeat Grade One Monsters. Its claws were able to carve through even the most sturdy materials. It was noteworthy that the bones of a Grade One Monster were as hard as granite. ...

The little green dragon clasped the Beast Core and jumped onto Yang Tian’s body, offering it to him as though it were offering tribute.

Yang Tian took the Beast Core thinking that his luck was amazing! Within a day, he had obtained three Grade One Beast Cores.

The first one was by chance, but the second and third ones were thanks to the little green dragon.

After giving the Beast Core to Yang Tian, the little green dragon jumped onto the carcass of the python and squeaked a few times.

Yang Tian smiled, understanding the little green dragon’s meaning. It was hungry.

In this weather, meat would go bad after a while. Yang Tian put away the Beast Core and used his dagger to skin the python. He then cut out roughly 12 kilograms of meat and put it in the plastic bag he had on him before turning back to Huangqiu City.

Python meat tasted pretty good!

When he returned to the five-story building, Yang Tian cut the python meat into little cubes since he had time. He then seasoned it in a large pan before skewering it and roasting it over the fire.

As soon as one skewer was cooked, the little green dragon ate one.

Yang Tian had no complaints because the little green dragon had obtained a Grade One Beast Core for him. If he sold this in the black market in the High Alert Area, he could easily sell it for over 100,000 Wu.

After eating over six kilograms of meat, the little green dragon was finally satisfied.


Yang Tian still could not understand how this pipsqueak’s belly could hold so much meat. Could it be that there was a magical hole that defied the laws of space and time in its belly?

Just as the previous day, after Yang Tian ate his fill, he checked the doors and windows before using the bathroom to relieve himself. He then took a cold shower and changed his clothes.

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