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My Super Pet Dragon

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Perimeter Attack!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In terms of species and population, aerial Monsters were a minority compared to the terrestrials. There were less than a hundred types of them, mostly consisting of hawks, some other birds of prey, and mammals such as bats.

Red Hawk had the largest population among them. The ‘dark clouds’ that were moving toward the city were formed by tens of thousands of Red Hawks.

The out of the ordinary sight about the current Monster Wave was that they had both terrestrial and aerial attack coordinated.

Tch tch tch...

Before the Red Hawks arrived above Tianxiong City, the laser cannons in the city had already started attacking. Large beams aiming at the gigantic flock shot down many of the birds that possessed six to seven meters’ wingspan, causing them to fall like raindrops.

Very soon after, these ruthless beasts scattered themselves and charged at the city wall from above.

The terrestrials had reached the top of the wall at the same time, and it was also the busiest time for the Warriors at the wall. The Red Hawks’ attack on the city wall simply made things more difficult for them.

Fortunately, the Warriors who received the notification kept rushing toward the wall, while civilians shut their doors and windows tightly to avoid the fatal attacks from the Hawks.

Yang Tian ran 30 kilometers swiftly and stood on high-ground to glance over at Tianxiong City.

He could see countless Monsters charging at the city wall nonstop. There were also a number of them receiving orders from the higher graded Monsters to run back and forth as if they were hyping up the atmosphere. Many of them clawed their way up along the leaning wall, and quite a few reached the top but were cut down by the Warriors.

The rapid cannons on top tirelessly fired shots at the beasts, blowing some of them into the air, or dismembering them to pieces, causing a rain of blood.

Some bombs exploded with a strong electrical current that turned the creatures into a crisp, and fire bombs that blew up with fiery rain shrouded them, turning them into balls of flame, running and charging aimlessly with painful squeals.

Other than those on the ground, the sky was covered with hovering gigantic hawks. They took turns to charge downward from time to time and were welcomed with bullets from large gauge machine guns. The laser cannons in the city adjusted their angles as well, shooting down the birds one by one.


That was the very first time that Yang Tian witnessed such a huge battle-it was more brutal than he could imagine!

Up to that point, it was still humans who had the chance to do the slaying because they had the advantage of having a high city wall and the Warriors fighting on it. The Monsters could not get in easily.

Yang Tian could only imagine the infernal sight if these frenzied creatures made their way behind the city wall.

It was not that humans had not seen Monsters breaking into their cities in the past decades. However, in those cases, no one other than the Warriors could survive.

Under normal circumstances, the Monsters would have retreated in chaos with that number of casualties.

This time, however, as soon as there were traces of a breakdown, there were higher grade Monsters that howled at them and put them back to their places to continue their attack.

The Monsters attacked without fear of death, and their numbers grew larger and larger on the wall.

Yang Tian raised his wrist and saw that it was 8:20 am on the Warriormate display. It had been more than four hours since the beginning of the assault.

As soon as he lowered his arm, the Warriormate received a notification from the city management pleading for all Warriors in the city to take action and for those who were outside the city to surround the Monsters and hunt so that they could stir confusion within the enemies.

It seemed like the situation had escalated.

Once the order was made, the weapons on top of the wall stopped.

Weapons like bombs, electric grenades, lasers, and large gauge machine guns consumed massive amounts of energy, and it was not easy to refill. If the consumption was too high, it would affect the city defense.

Seeing the number of Monsters growing higher on top of the wall, Yang Tian began worrying for his parents. Qin Fei, his girlfriend, had a high-class Warrior grandfather so she was well protected, but what about his parents? They had no means to protect themselves when facing the beasts.

The Warriors on top had not come down from the wall because the ground was too crowded with Monsters. Under the leadership of high-grade Monsters, they attacked in strict order, causing a great momentum. If only someone could do something at that moment to muddy the waters, the Warriors could reach the ground easier...

The city management realized this fact.

When the Monster Wave started, there were many Warriors-probably more than a thousand of them-outside the city as well. Hence, Yang Tian was not the only one observing the situation from the outer perimeter.

He looked around and saw many people with weapons in the distance. There had to be a good number of Warriors among them.

As long as they received orders from the city, the Warriors could not disobey as disobedience brought grave consequences.

“Drago, let’s do this!” With a chuckle, Yang Tian held his saber and took the lead to charge at the Monsters below the wall.

Many saw Yang Tian making his move and without hesitation, they followed suit with their weapons.

Looking from above, one could see almost no one walking the streets in Tianxiong City. On the contrary, the top of the wall was crowded with people, especially the side where the Monsters attacked; all one could see were black dots moving around.

Under the wall, one could see nothing but darkness caused by densely populated Monsters within a 10 kilometers range. That was a Monster Pack-even though many were dead or wounded, the number of them still standing was terrifyingly high. i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

Outside the Monster Pack, there were scattered black dots that were running full speed toward it. These black dots were Warriors from outside the city.

A true Warrior should not only care about his own security, he had to care for his family as well as protecting the weak. That was the true Warrior Spirit.

It might not mean much for a lot of Warriors, but Yang Tian was in full agreement with it. If he could not care for his family and bully the weak, what difference was there between him and the Monsters?

Driven by the spirit, Yang Tian became the first person to charge at the Monster Pack.

He was very fast and had arrived at the area where the Monsters gathered in the blink of an eye.

More than ten Black-backed Wolves saw Yang Tian. Following a howl, they pounced at him.

Even before studying Combat Skills, Yang Tian could kill a Grade One Silver-fanged Wolf without a YT alloy saber, let alone now.

“Shadow Break!”

Facing the Wolves, Yang Tian growled deeply as his saber turned into a ball of light, directing it at a big one coming at him.


In an instant, the sharp blade cut the creature into half.

Right after the kill, Yang Tian stomped the ground and turned around, letting an attacking Wolf pass by and sending his saber outward. With another thud, the weapon went straight into its waist. With a light twitch, it got cut open, releasing various organs and innards.

Yang Tian managed to kill two Monsters in just the blink of an eye.

The Monsters around were stunned by his action, and they surrounded him one after another.

Yang Tian knew there was no time to hesitate-he had to move nonstop. He had to move like the Monsters so that he would not be surrounded.

Many of these Monsters did not even have a grade. The largest number of them all were Black-blacked Wolves who had not evolved into Silver-fanged Wolves. Other than that, there were also a sizable number of Silver Boars, Red-clawed Cats, Red Flame Panthers...


Yang Tian did not direct his attack route at the city wall because that area was most densely populated with Monsters-it would be suicide to go there. On principle, he stayed on the outskirts of the Monster Pack and backed off swiftly if there were some closing in on him. The Monsters directly in front of him would all be cut down by him.

Within a few minutes, Yang Tian slew more than 20 of the creatures, and his body was covered in the enemies’ blood.

He was on high alert at that point and was observing his surroundings while dealing with the Monsters that were pouncing at him. A little negligence would give the beasts a chance to surround him. He could easily die if nobody was around to help.

Not far from him, the other Warriors were using the same strategy of hunting on the outer rim of the pack. The air filled with battle cries from the Warriors and squeals from the Monsters...

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