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My Super Pet Dragon

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Warriormate

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It took 800,000 Wu to buy a suitable weapon. Yang Tian finally understood; becoming a Warrior was also an occupation that required a lot of money to build up.

Fortunately, Warriors could keep hunting Monsters to obtain Beast Cores in exchange for monetary reward so that they could buy what they need, plus be able to send some to their family to live a good life.

Of the remaining 200,000 Wu, Yang Tian was planning to wire 50,000 to his parents while keeping 150,000 for his own use.

What else to buy?

Yang Tian knew very well that money was redundant. It was only useful if you turned them into gear as they may be of incredible help during extraordinary situations.

As Yang Tian pondered, the short-haired guy guessed what he was thinking. He leaned over and asked, “Bro, are you still looking to buy more stuff?”

Yang Tian nodded.

Rubbing his chin, the guy scanned through everything Yang Tian was carrying and nodded. “Bro, you’ll need a Warriormate,” he said.

“Warriormate?” Yang Tian asked in perplexity. Never in his life had he heard of such a thing.

The short-haired guy smiled and said, “Although the YS outbreak happened when technology was developing rapidly and humans had no choice but to focus on fighting Monsters instead, some technologies have still been progressing at full speed. For example, telecommunications and electronic engineering. Warriormate is a piece of multi-purpose equipment specially designed for Warriors. It looks just like a wristwatch and has many functions that would assist you. Just a minute, let me show you.”

As he was speaking, he went behind the counter. When he bent down, he casually touched the beautiful woman’s thigh, and then pulled out another case as she rolled her eyes.

Placing a case the size of a handbag onto the counter, he pressed on the lock to open it, lifted the cover, and took out a beautifully packaged card box.

The card box was blue, and printed on it was something that looked very much like a wristwatch together with the words ‘Warriormate’.

He then opened the card box and took out a black colored wristwatch. “Warriormate was developed based on an individual contact system. It has magnificent functions such as sensing and calculating temperature, humidity, and oxygen level of your surroundings. It also works as a guidance system. It projects very strong comm signals so that you can stay connected even in very rural areas. And these, my friend, are only the basic functions.”

Seeing that Yang Tian was not very psyched about it, he knew that his introduction had not yet attracted his attention. Hence, he paused, and continued with a chuckle, “Bro, Warriormate is connected real-time with the Warriors Alliance websites around the globe! There are many Combat Skills you can purchase. Upon your purchase, with its magnificent real-time transfer ability, it’ll download the Combat Skills method into the Warriormate so the user can watch and learn any time he wants.”

Yang Tian’s eyes were shining as he heard what the short-haired guy said. He understood this was what Yang Tian was really interested in.

It was true. Yang Tian had no interest whatsoever toward real-time communication, direction guides, or temperature sensors; but Combat Skills? That was the most attractive thing to him.

Currently, Yang Tian was only considered a Transhuman but not yet a true Warrior.

Transhumans, after being transmutated by Beast Core, had physical abilities that were better than normal folks. Even so, truth be told, a physical state like that meant that the power of Beast Core had not been completely digested and absorbed.

Warriors were Transhumans who practiced Combat Skills. Through special training methods, they learned how to utilize their transmutated potential to the maximum. Combat Skills could also help unleash one’s power more efficiently.

It was similar to the difference between normal people and martial artists. The two had similar physiques, but martial artists could easily defeat a normal person who did not study it.

“How much is a Warriormate like this?” After some thoughts, Yang Tian decided to get one so he asked anxiously.

The short-haired guy did not tell him the price right away, and instead he said, “Bro, don’t be hasty. I’m not done yet! Other than the ability to buy various Combat Skills, you can also obtain the latest info updates on Monsters. You know, Monsters evolve by the minute. Every once in a while, a new species would turn up. This helps the user to have more confidence if they ever run into those Monsters.

“Oh, and when a Warrior turns on his Warriormate while encountering a Monster, it’ll quickly remind the user the battle grading of the particular creature so that he’s mentally prepared...”

He spat out a bunch of info at him as if he was really afraid that Yang Tian would stop his sales pitch.

The more Yang Tian listened, the more he thought having this gear was a great advantage. If he could train with this high tech gadget, it would be a lot more convenient for his journey.

“80% of the Warriors these days are using this high tech gear. The price? Only 50,000 Wu!” The short-haired guy finally revealed. 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

“Why so cheap?” Yang Tian asked in disbelief. In his mind, a piece of gadget as high tech as this had to cost an arm and a leg. He simply did not expect to hear that.

The guy smiled and said, “50,000 Wu is not even close to the cost of this baby. The reason it’s so cheap is because just like your cell phone, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee which is a minimum of 10,000 Wu. By the way, when you purchase anything with it, you’ll have to pay a 10% processing fee.”

Yang Tian understood right away. This thing was the combination of a cell phone and an online marketplace. Not only did it have a high monthly fee, but it also charged a percentage when buying stuff off it. It was literally tying a high-end group of users-the Warriors-tightly onto Warriormate’s online marketplace.

A piece of high tech electronic product like that would not cost more than a few hundred thousand Wu. Even if they gave it to the Warriors for free, they could break even their production cost within a year. This was a business with guaranteed returns.

However, Yang Tian was not interested in finding out how much money an electronic developer like this could make. He quickly took out his bank card and passed it to the woman behind the counter and said with a smile, “Hey miss, I’m taking the Warriormate.”

After he paid, Yang Tian got his Warriormate.

Inside the box was a manual which Yang Tian read through. He wore the watch-like Warriormate around his wrist and pressed down the on-off button.

The little screen on it lit up. A soothing female sounding voice spoke, “First time user. Please press the ‘input’ button. The Mate will record your voice pattern. From now on, you are the only user. Please input your name and ID number.”

“Yang Tian, ID number TX78645***.” Yang Tian quickly stated his ID info, then lifted his finger from the button.

Then, the Warriormate started speaking again, “Information input, success. Thank you for supporting Galaxytech. Please do spend more time setting up your voice command.”

Warriormate was completely voice controlled so it took a while to set up the voice command. Yang Tian kept the box into his backpack and said to the short-haired guy, “I guess that’s all for now, bye!”

The guy nodded with a smile and saw Yang Tian out. He waved at him and said, “Please come again!”

After leaving the big tent, Yang Tian fired up the car engine.

He did not leave the High Alert Area right away because he still had to pick up some other stuff. For example, some clothes to change and some canned food that were easy to carry and nutritious.

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