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My Sect System

Chapter 9 - Blood Sect

In a hall two persons were talking, one person was sitting on the chair and the other was sitting on his knees. The person sitting on the knees was the village chief whose name is Wu Zhong and the person sitting on a chair is Yuan Ye, he is a young master of the Blood sect.

Wu Zhong said " Young master thank you for the opportunity to join the Blood Sect, I would have Joined earlier but due to that bitch Yu Yue I couldn"t convince others"

Yuan Ye said "You have done a great deal to us you can go and officially start your cultivation as the member of the Blood Sect,"

Wu Zhong said, "No need to worry young master I will go and seclude myself to cultivation and when I come out, I will personally go and kill that bitch".

Hearing this Yuan narrowed his eye and said" You do that" while waving at him to go.

As he left the hall a person came behind the shadow and asked "Young master he getting arrogant, why don"t we kill him"

Yuan Ye replied "No let him cultivate a bit" and asked "Does he answered where is it"

The person replied, " No young master he didn"t answer any of them and is already on the verge of dying so why are we keeping him alive."

Yuan Ye glared at him and said " You do as I say, don"t need to ask questions"

The person went on his knees and begged "Sorry young master sorry, But If she came back we can"t handle her with our strength"

Yuan Ye replied " You don"t need to worry about that master is coming out of seclusion so why do think we capture nearby villages and also I sent someone to check" the person"s eye sparkled but little did they know that storm is heading towards them.

While this was happening in Blood Sect, In the village Jian was reading through the system announce and cursed "Fuck"

Everyone present there looked at him and after some hesitation, he replied " I will help you but you have to do something for me".

Hearing this everybody was happy but Yu Yue looked at him hesitantly, seeing this he continued " You don"t need to worry I will not ask anything improper".

Hearing this she was relieved and said " let"s go"

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Jian stopped her and said, "what about these children."

Yu Yue replied " They will hide here till we come back "

Looking at her he shook his head and said "what if they come here again, so will bring them with us and hide them there."

she hesitantly nodded and Jian asked " Do you know where is the blood Sect"

she replied "yes"

Jian continued " How much time will require to reach there "

she replied, " Senior before we would have reached in the half-hour by flying but due to bringing these children"s we will be able to reach in one hour."

Hearing her Jian asked the system " What did she mean by flying"

The System replied " Cultivators above Foundation Building can fly "

Jian replied " why didn"t you say earlier "

the system replied "you didn"t ask"

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

Jian was annoyed hearing systems reply, Yu Yue interrupted him and said " I will bring them with me and you can follow us "

Hearing this he panicked and asked the system " how can I fly "

The system replied " feel the air and jump"

Hearing this he was baffled as he was about to ask he saw Yu Yue jumping carrying children in the air as she was disappearing in the sky he hurriedly followed her and closed his eyes and jumped as hard as he could, little did he know that he has used his qi unconsciously and as jumped doubled the height Yu Yue was flying.

After he reached the peak of his jump he opened his eyes and saw Yu Yue was flying very low than him as he looked at her he started to fall and panicked and asked the system "Do something"

the system replied " Host you jumped so hard but forgot to feel the air, so let the air flow through you" As he heard this and started to feel the air, and little by little he started to gain control.

He stood up in the air looked down and saw that he was standing in the air, he was very happy this was his first flying experience but when he saw that Yu Yue was going ahead, and moved towards her at full speed.

When Yu Yue heard that something was coming at her at full speed she stopped and looked behind and saw that it was Jian she sighs a relief but was interrupted when she saw that he was not stopping and is coming at her at full speed so she closed her eyes and thought she was going to crash with him.

Jian moved towards her and directly stood in front of her and saw that she has closed her eyes and asked "Why are you stopping and why are your eyes closed"

She opened her eyes and saw that he was standing face to face to her and hearing him say she rolled her eyes at him. seeing this he thought that carrying eight people was very difficult for her so she stopped so he picked Xiaobo and the other three children and said to her " Move"

Yu Yue said nothing and they started to move towards the Blood Sect. While they were flying Jian asked the system "How can she fly"

The system replied "Even though her dantian is damaged she still has the cultivation of Foundation Building"

Hearing this Jian said "ah so that"s why" and started recalling the encounter he has had from when he woke up and concentrated on her name Yu Yue and thought "Her name is Yu Yue and "Yue" means moon so her twin brother will be" he thought a name and shook his head and thought this was not possible.

Then he looked at Xiaobo and asked "Xiaobo I am going to ask you a question and answer it truthfully "

Xiaobo blinked his innocent eyes and said "ok "

Jian asked " Does Yu Yue"s brother means Your young master name is Yu Yang"

Xiaobo"s eyes lit up and replied " How do you that senior "

Jian "Fuckkk"

Yu Yue looked at him when she heard him curse but said nothing and continued to lead the way. Seeing Yu Yue look at him he shook his head and asked system " System if I am going to save them do I have to fight"

system replied " yes host "

Jian continued " So I don"t have any fighting techniques "

system replied " you can Buy basic of every fighting style from the shop for 100 SP"

Hearing this he was hesitant but told system" Buy basics of fist and sword fighting and can I learn it as cultivation technique"

System replied " Yes host "

Jian said " Then no need to ask for confirmation directly buy it and sent it to me"

system said "ok" and after some time information about fists and sword fight started to appear his mind.

They both have been flying for more than thirty minutes and Jian has also digested the information. As they were flying the was a shadow of ancient-looking buildings came into the view and Yu Yue said "we have reached the Blood Sect and to go unnoticed we should get down"

As both reached the ground they heard someone moving towards them and both got ready to fight. The person who was moving toward them was sent by the Yuan Ye to check on Yu Yue and the village and when he emerged from the tree and saw Yu Yue he screamed " How are you here"

* SP=Sect Points

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