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My Sect System

Chapter 8 - Pure Flame Body

Hearing her scream he opened his eye to find that both are standing at the entrance of the village but instead of finding the village, he saw that the whole village has been destroyed and there is dried blood splattered everywhere.

As he was looking at the village there are only four to five bodies, the rest of the villagers have disappeared, he walked into the village and checked for people but every home is ruined and there is no sign of people. Then he moved towards dead bodies found that the bodies have become husks, their blood is missing. He was baffled and asked the system "are there vampires in this world"

"No host, this is work of martial art or cultivation techniques"

It was first for Jian to know that this was done by humans he had never seen this type of cruelty he was in deep thought. while he was checking the village Yu Yue had rushed towards the end of the village while tears streaming down her face. She didn"t check and directly went towards the end.

Jian saw that and shook his head and again he went to check, why there are no one is present in the village except five dead bodies. After for while he returned to where he was standing because he couldn"t find anything except dragging marks on the east side of the village.

He waited for Yu Yue to return, but twenty minutes have passed she had not returned so he also was about to rush at end of the village but stopped and saw that Yu Yue was rushing back but she was not crying anymore her eyes were bloodshot and there children"s following her but they were haggard and when they saw him they hid behind Yu Yue.

Jian stopped there as he was about to ask her she went on her knees and begged him.

"Senior please help me I will do anything for you, please help me" seeing that Yu Yue was pleading to Jian, the Children"s also followed her and went on their knees and begged him.

Jian was baffled that the proud girl who has shouted at him twice was now begging him. He went towards her and asked " What is going on and why do need my help"

Yu Yue looked at him and said " Senior my village has been attacked and villagers have been taken away."

Jian looked at her expressionlessly and replied " Why should I help you and explain it clear what is going on"

Seeing his expressionless face she began to explain "Senior it the work of Blood Sect, their young master has been pestering our village to join them and he wants me to his Dao partner I have rejected him many times but he was very persistent and said that if she doesn"t listen to him he kills the whole village"

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Jian asked " How do you know that it was his doing and where did these children come from "

before she could explain a young man between the children said " we saw him attacking the village and " before he could continue Yu Yue stopped him.

Jian furrowed his brows seeing this but said nothing and she continued " Senior, these were hiding on the backside of the village, underground it was secret spot if the village were to attacked."

Jian listened to her and frowned looked at the village, It was a huge village there should be a total of eighty to a hundred people living in it but there were only ten children in the village so instead of looking at her he looked toward the boy and said " boy come here"

Boy was hesitant but seeing that Yu Yue nodding he went towards him.

Jian asked " what is your name"

the boy replied "Su Xiaobo"

Jian said, "Xiaobo can you tell me what happened in the village".

Even though he got the gist of what happened to the village but he was hesitant he has just gotten out and there is already a huge mess in front of him and was not ready to get involved in it so he asked the person who was present in the village instead of Yu Yue.

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

Xiaobo started to tell " Senior after young miss left for the forest and village chief also went outside the village and after one-hour village chief returned with the young master of Blood Sect and five people were following them, after they came to village chief announced that village will be integrated with Blood Sect but as he announced that, the young master got in an argument with him and suddenly the five people attacked the elders and chief also attacked young master as they started fighting young master of Blood Sect said that not kill the villagers but to capture them as these five people started to kill the elders and capture the villagers, the young master stopped fighting the chief and he bought us behind the village to hide and then he went back." As Xiaobo finished telling the story he started to cry and every child also started to cry.

Jian hearing this looked at Yu Yue saw that her face was pale as she as has seen a ghost, from her look he got to know that she didn"t know what has happened and he asked her "Why are they calling you Miss and who is this young master they are talking about and Your villager betrayed you so why should I get involved in this I just wanted to go to the city "

She looked at him and said nothing for few minutes and replied "Young master they are talking about is my twin brother and please senior-only you can fight them and save the villagers "

He asked, "how".

she replied, " Although the Blood Sect is an ungraded sect their sect master"s cultivation is of Foundation Building level one, and only you can defeat him."

Jian was in deep thought because he has seen her fighting in the forest and if she was not injured she could have killed the beast who was at peak one-star grade easily but she has suddenly stopped in between the fight so he asked system "How does she know that I can defeat Foundation Building Cultivator at first level"

"Host when you pressured her in the forest your qi has been shown and from that, she got your cultivation level and another reason is that the robe you are wearing"

Jian asked, " Just what is this robe".

The system replied " you can use Star Gaze to find about it"

Jian thought how I can forget about it and activated the ability and concentrated on the robe he was wearing. The information appeared in his head.

Sect Master Robe Grade: One Star

Condition: Only One Star Sect Masters are allowed to wear

Jian asked the system "Why only one-star sect master"

The system replied " Host there are conditions to become one-star sect master and you will know about them if you established your sect"

Jian knew that system was talking about his cultivation level so he didn"t ask further then he was interrupted by Yu Yue, she begged "please senior they don"t have much time"

Hearing this he looked at her and activated Star Gaze when Yu Yue made eye contact with him she shuddered and lost in thoughts, while this was happening Yu Yue"s information had already appeared in his mind.

Name: Yu Yue

Qi Cultivation: Foundation Building Ninth Level (Dantian Damaged),

Body Cultivation: Middle stage one star

Techniques: Fiery Heart Technique and Iron Heart Body technique

Physique: Pure Flame Body (Earth) (Dormant)

Seeing this he knew she was hiding something from him and he was not ready to involve in it so just when he was about reply "No" to her system sounded


Reading this Jian cursed "Fuck"

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