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My Sect System

Chapter 6 - Yu Yue

Jian woke up after forty minutes and finds that stench is spreading in the cave and he is covered in black gunk, his clothes are dirty, and asks system "What is this?"

"Congratulation host for getting that top talent, the black gunk is the impurities thrown out of your body when you accepted the talent, the host shouldn"t breathe this first you should go and wash"

"She should be fine as long as she is not near it"

Jian hears this stops his breathing for a time and drags her near the cave entrance and hides her behind the tree and runs outside to wash in the river near the cave.

After five minutes he reaches the river and he takes out his clothes, without thinking jumps in it. He slowly washes till the stench and black gunk are gone. After ten minutes after bathing, he comes out of the river and finds that river water has turned dark and fishes are floating in it and other fishes are avoiding that area in the river. Jian asks " What is going on system why are the fish dead"

"Host impurities are poison and are deadly to anyone, so I suggested that host should not breathe it in or drink that water"

After hearing this he was shocked that black gunk was poison. he then moved towards the river where water is clean and washes again for safety as he jumps in the river he looks at the reflection of himself and finds that his height has been increased by three to four-inch and his body has become chiseled, although his muscles are lean they are hiding power that is ready to burst.

He looks closely at his face and finds that he has become more handsome, his looks are of Nobel who is not tainted by anything and his eye are so dark that they can swallow the whole universe if look closely at them.

He was very fascinated, he continued to look at himself in the reflection found that he has no clothes to wear due to old clothes being dirty, and asks system " System I don"t have anything to wear, do you have anything."

"Host watch your language system is Sect System not clothing store website where you can order"

Just as he was about retort system continues "host can get robes from the shop"

Jian mumbled "why did you say that you are not a clothing store" and asks "what is the price and how do you know about clothing stores"

"Host I have read your mind and its price1000 SP"

"What! you can read my mind and for only one robe and the price is this much what is special about it"

"Host I am present inside you so.. anyway do want to buy it or not and even if there is something special about it you can find it yourself"

Jian was reluctant to buy it because the price was huge but after some hesitation, he said "yes"

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[Grade one Robe

Price: 900(-10% for the first buy only)



A blue screen appeared in front of him he clicks on the buy option in mind. Then the blue screen disappeared.

[Ding! congratulation for using the shop for the first time]

[Confirmed buying Grade one robe]

[It is stored in inventory]

Jian suddenly asks "Is it a defensive weapon that"s why it is costly "


Jian got annoyed and asks" Why there is no information about it, if I have to find it myself why would I need you"

"Host system is to be upgraded to get the information and if the system were not with you then you would have died a long time ago"

Hearing this Jian had no way to retort and thought about the robe and robe floated in front of him. He wore a robe and tied his hair in ancient style and the system continued " Host has accepted the rewards and hosts status has changed does host wishes to see it"

Jian was annoyed with the system so he said "No after I reach the cave then we can talk about it"

Saying this he started to walk toward the cave, after five minutes he Reaches to cave was shocked to see that there was a beast laid dead at the entrance of the cave, So hurriedly walked toward the entrance, for some reason he was not afraid of the beast even though it was dead but for some reason hesitation was gone in his steps.

He reached the entrance of the cave and saw that girl was meditating while the sword lay on top of her lap. As he reached the entrance and girl also opened her eye and was ready to attack but she saw him she stopped and shouted at him "how dare you to leave me outside the cave when I was unconscious don"t you know there are beasts outside"

Jian was shocked when he heard this "first he saved her life and for her good, he left her outside the cave" and replied " I left you outside because there is poison in the cave and I hid you behind the tree before I went outside"

She was shocked that there was poison inside the cave and also glad that she sat outside instead of going in. She stands up just as she was about to say something she noticed that he was different from before but then she shook"s her head due to the darkness in the cave she must have mistaken it.

She checks him when she tries to sense his cultivation she was not able to determine his cultivation, she was shocked when her eyes suddenly fell on his robe and her pupil dilated and she kowtowed and said "Sorry senior it was my mistake"

While she was checking him he was also checking her but when he heard her apologizing he was baffled because from the tone of hers he knew she was the type of person who looks down on others but suddenly she was apologizing to him and calling him senior. Even though he didn"t know why he went with the flow.

"First you were shouting at me now you want to apologize huh" while he was talking to her he pressured her and squinted his eyes to look like he was angry but he was shocked that she was shivering when his and her eye met, to confirm this

he asks the system " Is it because of me"

the system replied "yes host"

but when he was about to ask more girl suddenly kowtowed once again " sorry senior sorry"

Hearing this Jian calm downed and pressure was also lifted from the girl and asked " why did you call me senior suddenly "

Hearing this she was also lost in thought because when you look closely both age difference is about one or two years and she also thought why he was wearing that robe even though both ages are same.

she thought he was testing her while she was lost in thoughts and so she has not answered his question he became really angry and suddenly the pressure was spreading toward the girl he suddenly got information to appear and he was shocked then when he was about to ask the system, she answered while seating " senior is wearing One-star robe how can I not recognize the senior"

Jian stopped his question to the system and asked her "What do you mean one-star robe".

she thought he was testing her and replied that " only who are qualified to be sect master are allowed to wear this type of clothes "

Hearing this Jian sigh finally got to know why this robe was highly-priced and ask the system "Is it true "

the system replied "yes "

when he was going to ask about the information that appeared in his mind he was interrupted by a girl "Senior" he looked at her she continued

"Thank you senior for helping me and if I can do anything to repay this debt please tell me if we meet again, till then bye" after saying this she started to walk. seeing this Jian was baffled and angry.

"where are you going" He shouted and unknowingly he had emitted the pressure and the girl suddenly took a fighting stance.

Seeing this Jian corrected himself and said " you wanted to repay me right so tell me the way to the city and your debt can be paid"

Hearing this she sighs relief and hesitated before answering " if you want to go to the city you can come with me to my village from there you can go to the city"

Hearing this Jian was happy because he was finally going outside this damn forest and start his journey, said " lead the way"

She started to lead him outside the forest. Both were moving fast because only two hours remain till the sun goes down. As both moving Jian suddenly asked " what is your name"

she hesitated but replied "senior my name is Yu Yue"

Hearing her name Jian was shocked had confirmed one thing because the information that suddenly appeared in his mind was,

Name: Yu Yue

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