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My Sect System

Chapter 588 Jjj

Jian has passed the two star Alchemist Examination. He took the token and checked it to find that there was cauldron on the token with Two star also present with it.

It showed that Jian has become Two star Alchemist. Now that he has gotten the token he didn't waste time and and immediately left the room.

As he came out of the room, this time no one was waiting outside. So he knew what he needs to do so he went to the reception desk on the this floor.

As expected Su Ming was at the reception desk. Su Ming was shocked seeing Jian. Because he thought that Jian would not leave the exam room early.

He came forward and asked.

"Jian, what is the result?"

Jian said nothing and just handed him the token. Su Ming was shocked seeing the token. Because even though he believed that Jian was a very talented Alchemist he didn't believe that Jian would be able to pass the Two Star Exam.

Because even if you are talented it not possible to become two star Alchemist when only one year has passed since you gave the one star exam.

But Su Ming kept this in his mind and and congratulated Jian.

"Congratulations Jian for becoming the two star Alchemist. Now let's get you registered"

Su Ming led Jian back to the reception desk were he started to register the new two star token under Jian's name.

"Now Jian, you need to give me the one star token since there is no use if it."

Jian nodded and also handed the one star token. Su Ming took the one star and translated the remaining information to the two star Token and then handed it back to Jian.

"Jian now you are allowed to take apprentice Alchemist Examination of others. You will be given three Apprentice token.

But let me remind you if it is found that you have misused the token then you the consequences will he huge.

Every token you should give out should be give to right person who has earned it. You can't give the token to anyone. Because later the Alchemy Tower can check to verify."

Jian already knew that as he has also git three Apprentice Weapon token after he passed the Weaponsmith examination.

So he took the tokens and kept them. He was just about to say goodbye to Su Ming and leave the Alchemy Tower but Su Ming stopped him.

"Jian if you don't mind I want to discuss something with you. So can you spare your time."

Jian was confused because he didn't know what Su Ming wanted to discuss. But since he has nothing to do he nodded. Su Ming became happy and then he led Jian to a private room.

After reaching the room Su Ming closed the room and sealed it with his Qi before getting straight to the point.

"Jian I will not waste time and will go straight to the point. When I took you to the exam I went to my master to inform about you.

He wants to meet with but there was a emergency so he gave me the task to discuss with you.

You see I want your help with something. No let me correct if you don't mind can you ask your master to help us."

Jian was shocked when Su Ming closed off the room. He didn't understand what he wanted to discuss in such secrecy. But he was speechless when he heard that Su Ming and Master wanted the help of his master.

But Jian was confused because he doesn't have any master. But the people of the city believe that Jian's background is very strong. But before today no one has come and directly asked about his master.

Su Ming saw Jian's confused expression so he thought that he explain further.

"Jian the help we want is related to a pill formula. My Master went to explore a tomb left by an high level Alchemist.

No one knew what level that Alchemist has reached. So while exploring the tomb no oen made any careless moves. So they had to explore the tomb very slowly.

So when my master reached the main section of the tomb where it's inheritance is kept. He was shocked to find that someone had already explored the tomb and has taken away the inheritance.

My master was not happy ans he wanted to return but as he was returning he found a ripped out scroll near the same place as inheritance.

So after experimenting multiple time my master found out that the scroll contains a pill formula but it is incomplete.

So my master has tried to complete the formula but he has failed every time. So I wanted to ask you Masters help to complete the formula.

Because it is very important to master I hope that you will help us."

Jian was shocked when he found out about the the incomplete pill formula. Now he was in dilemma of he should accept Su Ming's request or not.

After thinking for a while he decided to accept his request but he had to made several arguments which would show that it is also hard for Jian.

"Listen Su Ming, I will be more than happy to help you and your master but let me tell you that it is not garden that My master will be able to complete the pill formula.

I don't know where did you heard it but my master is not that knowledgeable. If the pull formula were to be higher grade then it will impossible for my master to complete it.

Also let me tell you that my master doesn't stay at one place for longer so no one knows when he will be back and how long he will stay.

So I hope that you don't only focus on my master but you can also reach out to others for help. So after hearing this of you feel that you still want my masters help then I am more than happy to help."

Su Ming already under what Jian was trying to say. But he was happy that Jian was going to help them so he became excited. He immediately waved an hand and a scroll appeared.

"This is the copy of the incomplete pill formula. If the copy is not enough then you can come to ask about the original.

And once again Thank You Jian for your help."

Jian took the scroll and kept it in the inventory. But he still warned Su Ming.

"Su Ming, don't get yoir hopes up became it possible that it would take months or years for master to come back so it is not guaranteed that I will be able to complete the pill formula."

Su Ming's mood fell when he heard Jian talk about Month or years. But he also understood because the way Jian was talking about his master. Su Ming understood the Jian's master is type if master which leaves everything on the disciple after teaching the basic.

But he still thanked Jian and he walked Jian out of the Alchemy tower. He once again congratulated and thanked Jian before Jian said Goodbye to him.

After Jian left the Alchemy Tower Su Ming went inside and his master appeared beside him.

"Master you should have met with him."

"I also wanted meet him but the way he is moving his master should have given him a task. So if I were to meet him then his master wouldn't like that.

But ik your situation it is different. If I were meet him then it can cause his master to think less of me and if his master is powerful as we think then we would be huge trouble.

But since you asked him then a friend is asking for help so no need to worry and let hop that his master is able to return in one year."

Su Ming nodded and followed hi mater back to the top floor of the Alchemy tower. While Su Ming and his master were discussing Jian was also discussing with the system.

After Jian left the Alchemy tower he immediately called out the system and told it to start devising the pill formula.

Jian didn't had to worry about it because the system would be able to complete the pill formula and when Jian flet that the time is right he can give it to Su Ming.

It just that Jian was worried about how much SP will be required to buy the formula from the system. The system has started to complete the formula.

Now that every task related to sect upgrade are completed he can focus on cultivation and helping disciples reach Foundation Building realm.

But before returning to the sect he decided to go to the Recruitment office since it has been two days since he came to the city with Yu Yang.π’Ύπ—»π‘›π™§π™šπ™–π˜₯.cπš˜π’Ž

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