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My Sect System

Chapter 586 Hhh

So Fang Chen thought for a while and immediately made a specific demand that he wishes to see item which are not appraisable by the moon Palace at first the elder was confused but when he saw that Fang Chen was serious he immediately led Fang Chen.

Even though it would be quiet risky for him to directly demand such thing because they will find out that he is able to appraise this item that's why he is buying them but he didn't want to spend spirit stones and he wanted to make a deal with the moon Palace as some of the items will not be appraisable by them so he believe that he can use items for his Auction.

The elder led him to a room and when the entered Fang Chen was shocked because whole room was filled with multiple items and many people were checking each item and were arranging them.

He couldn't understand why there were such items in the kingdom and nobody knows about them and he was able to see that people who are arranging the item where using appraisal technique to apprais the item and then list them.

As they went around the room the elder immediately started to explain even though they don't allow many customer to come to this room there is a special rule about this room if you select few items and if we are able to appraise the item then you will need to pay the same price of the item and if we are not able is the item and still you wish to buy then the price of the item can be discussed.

Fang Chen and already expected this but he didn't like that the if the price of the item has been fixed by the appraisal master then he would need to pay the same amount meaning he can't discuss the price.

Fang Chen nodded and started to go through the items he directly approached the weapons section of the room where huge amount of weapons were there but instead of going to the perfectly fine weapon he went to the damage weapons he wanted to find some damage Grade One spirit weapons or grade 2 damaged spirit weapons.

Elder was following Fang so he was shocked and questioned Fang Chen why he was focusing on the damaged weapons Fang Chen said that his disciple is practicing the creating of weapons and he need damage weapon to practice so he is here to buy them. Elder was confused but immediately become happy and told Fang Chen to wait and he immediately rushed somewhere.

After while the elder came back and asked Fang Chen about how many weapons he is going to buy Fang Chen told him that it depends on the price of a single weapon.

The elder understood that if the price is right then Fang Chen will be able to buy more weapon and these damage spirit weapons will be taking the space in the room they will not be able to sell them so it would be good if Fang Chen buys them.

The elder thought for while started to explain as you know that the spirit weapons are sometimes refined by demand and are find in huge bulk so that their price is not fixed but this the price of a spirit weapon is determined by the person who refines them so mainly ranges between 800 spirit stones to 1000 spirit stones.

So according to the price of a perfectly find spirit weapon this damage weapon will go for higher price.

Fang Chen had already expected that the people from the Moon Palace will try to increase the price even if the there is no need for the item but he had already came to a decision and he immediately told the elder that he doesn't wish to buy these weapons as they are pricing unreasonable.

Immediately the elder got displeased and ask how their price is not reasonable because what elder said was right it depends on the person who refines them and Fang Chen has heard that a spirit weapon can be sold for a thousand spirit stone.

So Fang immediately explain that he has heard that there is a shop that sales spirit weapon for 500 spirit stones but even if the shop is selling is no problem with him accepting as spirit weapon at 1000 spirit stones if the weapon is perfectly fine but these weapon are damaged and you have no use of them and I am willing to spend spirit stones to buy this from your hand and you are still saying that is this will be price higher and do you believe that anyone in the right mind will buy then from you.

Listen if you give me a right price then I will be able to buy all the damage Grade One spirit weapons from the Moon Palace but you would need to provide with the right price.

Elder was shocked and sceptical he had not expected that Fang Chen would make huge demand and immediately told Fang Chen to wait while he once again rushed somewhere.

After few minutes the elder came back and inform Fang Chen that they have already decided on the price of the damage spirit weapon but they want to hear Fang Chen's price.

Fang Chen had already expected that they would ask for his price so without hesitation he told that he would buy a damage spirit weapon for 100 spirit stones.

The elder was shocked because he had not expected that Fang Chen would price the weapon and he thought for a while and immediately accepted the price Fang Chen accepted the price because the elder should have checked that Tian Cai has sold his damage spirit weapons for 80 spirit stones and if the moon Palace is able to sell them for 100 spirits stones then they are earning 20 more spirit stones and seeing that Fang Chen is demanding every damage spirit weapon in the moon Palace so they will be able to earn huge amount of spirit stones.

The elder immediately bought out the weapons and Fang Chen immediately activated Yin and Yang Divine eyes see the weapons if they are repairable or not.

When Fang Chen saw the weapons he was happy to find that there were some other type of weapons aside from spear, Saber and swords meaning that he will need to start learning a new type of weapon and will increase the customer in his shop.

It took Half an hour to select a particular amount of weapons which can be perfectly repaired and he had to leave some of the weapon because they were a damage beyond repair and they have been kept for sometime that's why he didn't take them as it would be just waste of spirit stone and finally the total number of weapons he had selected where 117 weapon.

Even the elder was shocked he had not expected that Fang Chen would really buy Sach huge amount of damage spirit weapons and he became sceptical if his disciple is really going to use this many weapons to practice.

Fang Chen also saw through that the elder was thinking and there was no need for him to explain because even if there think about other thing they will not be able to find that he is able to repair a damaged spirit weapon and sell.

The elder immediately got excited and handed him a token before they made a deal the elder explained that this token is specifically for a people who had made huge contributions to the moon Palace and with this token he can get 10% discount for any item to buy.

The elder was very happy with the deal and Fang Chen immediately asked the elders if he can select some items from this unappraised items.

the elder was able to convert all damaged weapons into profit so he was very happy and told that Fang Chen can select 5 items and hearing this Fang Chen smirked and immediately after choosing five items he took the weapons and the items and stored them in inventory and immediately took out spirit stone to pay.

The Total amount of spirit stone Fang Chen had to pay where 11700 spirit stones even though it was not that much but compared to the economy in the kingdom and amount of spirit stones go through the kingdom the amount was very huge and that's why Fang Chen was made VIP member of the Moon Palace.

So after making the deal Fang Chen and the elder started to return to the main gate while they were returning multiple doubts came to Fang Chen's mind and seeing the elders happy expression he asked him without hesitation cause he also wanted to know why he just paid small amount of spirit stone and he was made VIP member of such a large auction house.

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