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My Sect System

Chapter 585 Hkk

Jian has started to ask the system about the third trial of the mortal grade competition.

"System did you know that the third trial would be to clearing the forest and don't you think it is very easy for the disciples to successfully pass the third trial and go further in the competition."

"Host, your thinking is wrong because even though from the description the trial looks easy it is not that simple as you think. Let may explain you in details."

Jian was very happy that finally the system is going to tell him about the trials and he understood that if disciples will inform him then only he can ask the about the trials.

"Host, as you heard the trial consists of only one part and that is to clear the forest but as you know that inside the forest there are many different things. So this trial is to check the perception of the disciples and how much they are compatible with physique and how they can use their physique to overcome the different situations.

Inside the forest there will be multiple traps and the traps would be so dangerous that they can kill the disciples and aside from traps there will be multiple stronger beasts and these beast are all spiritual type beast. Meaning that they would attack the mind instead of physical attack.

So if disciples were in thought of preparing to have a physical fight then they are wrong. Inside the forest they will be fighting mentally and they would be tested in every difficult situation.

Even though the announcement said that they had to find the end point of the forest and they will be able to clear the third trial but it is not easy for them to find the point as you will also think that at the end of the forest there will be the end. But it is wrong, the position of the end point will switch inside the forest and they had to find a particular point then only they will be able to clear the forest."

Hearing this Jian was shocked because he had not expected that the third trial would be like this and he also understood that even if some was not trying to finding the end point they would be teleported outside the trial and successfully clear the trial as the position is shifting and it will be up to luck.

"Yes host your thinking is right as you know that the mortal grade physique is gift from the heaven meaning that the disciples who has successfully awaken the physique are specially selected by the heavens means their luck will be huge.

So to determine the ranking what is the level of their understanding would be also found during this trial meaning if someone who entered the trial and directly teleported outside the trial is highly likely to have level higher level mortal grade physique meaning that their luck is higher as compared to others."

It's finally click to Jian and he was able to put everything together and couldn't help but sigh because he had not expected that they would consider every small thing and check every detail about the disciples and then rank their physique but he was very happy that with this he will be able to find disciples who are able to survive different situations.

"And host now I will also tell you about the 4th and the fifth trial as you had already expected that they would be connected since there perception and everything will be checked. In 4th and 5th trial they will have to fight with each other to survive and move further in the competition as you will see when you go to the sect tower."

Jian had not expected that the system would explain about the both trials and it will be about fighting with each other to survive in the competition but he was still happy because he has already trained his disciples to fight and they have perfect knowledge about their strength and how to utilise it.

So he was looking forward to the fourth and the fifth trial. Now that he has learnt everything about the competition he was not thinking anything about it and was very relax. After questioning the system multiple Times he got all the information he needed and was very happy with it.

Aside from the trial he was thinking about what will be the reward they will get after clearing the third trial.

If in the first two trials they got huge boost in their cultivation and assimilation of their physique means third would be able to help them understand their physique more clearly and there abilities. It was his hypothesis but the system immediately confirm it for him that the third reward will be as he is thinking. π™žπ—»π‘›rπ™šΞ±π’….π‘π’πš–

He was very happy and he was hoping to see the result of his disciples as only 5 or 4 disciples were able to awaken there ability of the physique while rest of them have not awaken there abilities.

Jian asked question to them about the forest and after asking few other questions and giving them instruction then told the disciples to go to their residence and consolidate the cultivation break through.

He also gave them pills and told them that after they have consolidated there cultivation realm they had to take this pill under the instruction of Ye Fang or Yu Yang.

He didn't told them what were the pills but seeing the medicinal strength coming out of the pills disciples understood that this will be very helpful for them so they immediately thank Jian and left the recruitment hall.

Jian has given them the pills which he has already refined for the disciples who have not awakened their physique and this will help them consolidate there knowledge they have gotten from the secret realms in the trials and with this they will be able to awaken their physique completely.

Now all Jian was doing was practicing drawing the taliaman which he has selected for the examination and was waiting for the third trial to be over and slowly 2 days passed and the third trial came to an end.

Now it was time for him to go to the city to the sect tower to see the fourth and fifth trial and outs out of the disciples he has sent in the competition only 10 disciples are remaining and all these disciples are the top 10 rankers of the war ranking of the sect.

More disciples were kicked out of the trial on the last minute as he had already expected that because if they have not able to do anything about their physique they will be kicked out of the trial meaning there comprehension was less as compared to other.

But he was very happy that top 10 disciples were able to go last level in the competition and he hoped that they would be able to get a high ranking.

Now Jian had to go to the sect tower to watch the last two trials of the competition and he can even take disciples but it is not possible as there are more than 1000 disciples in the sect. It is not possible for him to take them. So he decided that he would take only a single elder while others will look after the sect so he called everyone in the sect hall and asked them if anyone of them is interested to go with him to watch the trial.

Ye Fang and Yu Yang showed the interest to go to the trial but Yu Yue told Jian that she would not go to the trial instead she would focus on refining the weapon while Zhou You also said that he would be focusing on becoming a two star Alchemist so both of them directly left sect hall to do their thing.

Ye Qiao was not interested and she said that she has no interest to watch child's play then she just looked at Jian and left the sect hall.

Now Jian looked at Yu Yang and Ye Fang and smiled. It is up to him to choose any one of them and it was easier for him to choose as he has already decided that he would be taking Ye Fang because Ye Fang was the one who had trained the disciples on the war ranking so it should be him who should see the result of his training. When Jian announced this Yu Yang was disappointed.

"I know you also wanted to see the competition but if I take both of you then no one would be here to look after the sect. so when I am not here it is your task look after the sect so don't worry and there will be many competition where you can see. It is just a start so you don't have to worry."

Ye Fang also understood what Jian was trying to say and he also nodded. Yu Yang was less mature as compared to Ye Fang so it took him longer to understand and he immediately apologized to Jain and left the sect hall to look after the disciples.

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