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My Sect System

Chapter 5 - Rewards

" Why didn"t you tell me that I will become unconscious and how much time has passed?" Jian was groggy when he woke he felt pain all our body and cursed the system for not telling him about being unconscious.

"Host you didn"t ask about what will happen to you and you shouted yes before even hearing me and as for time only Half an hour has passed "

Jian cursed himself for being stupid and sigh a relief that only half-hour has been passed "why do I feel only pain why don"t I feel refreshed after getting my reward?"

"The seal is still present in your body and it is searching for Bloodline and due to devouring processes you have become mortal without a hint of any talent"

"Why it is still present in my body and why I have become mortal?"

"Host The seal is placed by powerful cultivator and it is checking to see if bloodline is present and it will require only two to three minutes to completely gone please wait for the host for to remove the seal and to accept the top talent your body has been made mortal"

Hearing this Jian calmed down and waited for the seal to be removed. After one minute passed suddenly he felt that his heart is grabbed by someone and he broke code sweat, his breathing becomes heavy and his eye became drowsy and just he was about to ask system, announcement sounded.



While this was happening in Ancient Sovereign Realm, Somewhere in two places a frown hung on both people but in other frown and tear and with the smile has been seen. In the first place, the person was sitting on the throne in the hall and if closely looked he has similar looks as Jian But frown can be seen on his face, after some times he calls someone says something and goes back to doing his business while this was happening similar to a person earlier this was an old man and tears and smile can be seen and if Jian was to his was he will be so shocked that he will die.

<Ancient Sovereign Realm>

[Ding! The seal is gone]

"Does host wishes to accept the rewards from the mission"

Instead of accepting the, he asks " NO! wait, Shows all rewards I have obtained, Since I have complete the mission I can see the rewards, right"

"Yes Host you can check, here"

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1)4000 SP

2)Shop is Available (1 Star)


4)Three Top Grade 1 Star Healing Pill

5)1 Star Guardian Formation

6)Top Grade Talent


"Now does host want accept the reward the rewards"

"Wait before that why there are only 4000 points instead of 5000?"

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

" Host -1000 For hosts behavior towards system"

Jian was shocked and asks "what bad behavior and why"

"Host has cursed system repeatedly when the system was trying to help"

Jian "Fu## What"

[ Watch your language host -100]

"what! Why is this much"

"First it was only 10 points but you continued and it increased "

Listening to this he was so angry "Fu.." But he swallowed the end because systems voice continued

"Host if continued you will lose rewards"

Hearing this he broke in a cold sweat and started to patch things up with a system. As he was going back and forth with the system he hears a Cluttering sound and looks toward it to find that girl who was unconscious has woken up and is trying to lift the sword. Seeing this his pupil sank and ask" What are you doing?".

However, the girl didn"t answer him and picked up the sword and ran towards him. seeing this he panicked as he was about to run, the girl crashed and started convulsing seeing this Jian stopped in his track and move towards the girl and looked at her before saying " why do you have to do that, I saved you and you tried to attack me"

The girl looked at him and said nothing. Seeing this Jian sighs and asks system "System what is happening to her what can I do to help her"

"She has internal injuries Host can feed her healing pills. It is stored in inventory, Due host having no cultivation host has to just think about it and it will appear in your hand"

Jian does as he is told and thinks about it and a pill at the size of 1 cm diameter appears in his hand and he looks closely at it, the pill is of pure white color and there is not a spot of black in it and a sweet smell is spreading in a cave due to its appearance he moves towards her to feed her pill but she doesn"t open her mouth, Seeing this he says "If I wanted to harm you I would have done it instead of feeding your pill I would have left"

Hearing this she hesitated but at last, she opens her mouth and swallows the pill as the pill touches her mouth it dissolves but still, her convulsing has not stopped seeing this Jian hesitates but takes out another pill feeds her. Seeing this her pupils dilate and she becomes unconscious and Jian asks "Why did she become unconscious?"

System sighs and replies "she is healing" Jain shook his head and sat down in the corner and the system continued " Does the host wants to assimilate the top talent reward"

Jian asks "What are the Rewards?"

"At First host was to given only Cultivation Technique and A Physique but due devouring host"s bloodline Bloodline was added in rewards "

"ooh! but What are Bloodlines and Physique"

"Bloodlines and Physique are which describe the talent of Beasts and Humans respectively. Bloodlines contain their respective inheritance and legacy the pure the bloodline the perfected inheritance is there. As for Physiques it is the gift from heaven and is divided into Mortal, Earth, Heaven. and as for more information host has to wait"

"Ok is it going to be painful "

"yes because the system is going to reform your body so it going to be very pain full so I suggest the host permits to keep you in a semi-conscious state till assimilation is over "

"How you will do that ?"

"Host take out the healing pill and sit in meditation position before the countdown starts host has to eat the pill and rest will be done by the system so does host want to start the process. "

Jian sits down and takes out the healing pill from inventory and replies "yes."


[Ding! Assimilation countdown Is starting....]

Hearing this Jian swallowed the pill and readied himself for the process.

[3....2......1] And Jian went semi Conscious.

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