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My Sect System

Chapter 4 - Grade: ???

Jian asked again " what is the name of the realm?"

"Ancient Sovereign Realm"


"What do mean host?"

"How?" Jian was shocked to know the name of the realm and then he understood why the system was saying that he knew it already. Still, he was shocked to know that the name of his Grandpa"s Sect and this Realm"s name was the same and then the system voice sounded

"Host I can only say that if a sect grade reaches higher in this realm where no one in the realm can surpass its then name of the sect will as the Realms name"

"But Grandpa said that his sect was history and it has been thousands of years so how can its name remain the same"

[Ding! Not enough Authority]

"Host you do not have enough authority to know about it because it concerns Heavenly Dao"

"Ok" Jian sighs and continues to ask " Then what can you tell me about this Realm"

"This realm is divided into five continents you know of Southern and Central continent there are other like Western, Eastern and Northern continent. And there are some islands and hidden secret realms which"s information can"t be provided due to not enough authority. As you know the name of the sect which is most powerful will be giving a name to the continent and you can find its name yourself. I can only explain the theocracy of the continents does host wishes to continue"

"yes continue"

"Northern Continent is filled with Ice-type cultivators, their cultivation affects their hearts. Then there is Eastern Continent which size is second to the Central continent is filled with forest and that continent is full of beasts and Alchemists. Then there is the western continent, this continent is full of volcanoes and it is famous for its body refining cultivators and weapons smiths. And the southern continent is one of the weakest continents which is not based on anything but in this continent mortals more than other continents and half of the area of the continent is covered in forests the last continent is Central Continent it is as known as Holy Continent as for you have to find it yourself. This was all about continents and this Realm"

Jian was thinking and digesting the given information after ten minutes he asks" What are Alchemist and Weapons Smith, I know what it means but why?"

"Host, as you in this world Cultivation is through Sects or forming Sects. Sects require resources to grow and the resources are weapons, Pills, and many more, rest you have to found out yourself and your grades are always the same 1 star being low while 9 stars being high. "

After digesting the information and thinking for while he asks about cultivation because it is only information he doesn"t have now "How is cultivation divided in this world?"

"Host Cultivation is done through cultivating Cultivation technique and Martial arts Techniques and these techniques are also graded Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and further classification is Mortal(1 to 3 Stars), Earth(4 to 6 stars), Heaven(7 to 9 stars). And Cultivation Realms is divided by Body tempering and Qi Sensing, Qi condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Void Integration, Void Tempering, and so on. Body tempering and Qi Sensing in not counted in as cultivation there are a total of six realms in it. Real Cultivation is counted from Qi condensation and so on And each has nine minor realms. There is also a cultivation requirement to upgrade sect token you can find out about it after completing the mission."

Jian was in deep thought after gaining this information he got to know that world is very large and without a system he wouldn"t able to survive. As his thoughts drifted System"s voice reminded him that one hour is up meat is ready. He was very happy now he will be able to complete the mission and start on his journey. He moved towards the fire and looked at glistening meat was smoke was coming out due to slightly being burnt, without further ado he extinguished the fire with soil and asked the system to open the mission.



Mission: As the bearer of Sect System how can hosts be talentless.

Description: The host has to become healthy so that talent can be Accepted.

0/10000 Calories.

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Time Limit:4/5 Days

Reward: Top Cultivation Talent

Till then no missions will be available.]

He looks at the mission sigh that he will be finally able to Cultivate and starts to take a bite of Hot meat after chewing and swallowing he checks at the mission.


He was shocked to know that one bite provided him with this many calories and asks "System what is going on?"

"Host you are eating the meat of Poison Fang Boar who at Peak One Star Grade just one step away from Grade Two Star beast as it has not formed its Demonic core its spiritual energy is present in all parts of the body if the host had brought its heart it would require only one bite from it "

"Why didn"t you say earlier?"

"You didn"t ask"?

Jian got annoyed and started arguing with the system as he argued he would take a bite



"why this is happening?"

"Host, the system knows about it suggests that host filled the calories and to go beyond required amount"

"ok" Jian starts to eat fast.

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.











"System is it enough," Jian asked as he picked up the third leg and started to eat systems announcement sounds.


[Mission Completed]


Mission: As the bearer of Sect System how can hosts be talentless.

Description: The host has to become healthy so that talent can be Accepted.

12000/10000 Calories.

Time Remaining: 12 Hours

Reward: Top Cultivation Talent


[Ding! The reward is generated]

"Does the host wishes to accept the rewards?"


[Ding! Processing...]

[Ding! Detected that host has bloodline]






"Host system has found bloodline within you and it is dormant I want your permission to devour it"

Jian was baffled to know that he possesses bloodline Asks "Why it is dormant and instead of waking it up why you want to devour it"

"Host there is seal place on the bloodline and if tried to wake it up you will suffer backlash and system has to know the way to dissolve this seal at this level, so host should I devour it"

"If you devour it what will happen to seal and why rewards are not given yet?"

"If I devour the bloodline, the seal will be dissolved because there will be no bloodline to seal and after devouring its rewards will be added"

when he heard this he sighs a relief and when the system finished the last part he shouted "Yes"

"Does host has given the permission"


system paused and said "ok"

[Ding! Devouring started, Host will become unconscious....]

Jian screamed "fu##"

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